The New Beginning..



As much as the name sounds exciting, am I as mankind ready for it?

The beginning is a very good place to start, as afresh, my page is clear.

Looking at what has happened, I know I am not being wishful.

This is a period of retrospection, understanding my follies as mankind, introspection, and resolving with resilience.


In continuation, I as mankind…..

Am into a lock down, one of its kind.

Could I call my now the start of a new beginning?

Flooded all around me by me are messages of awareness, of sensations, of humour, of tragedy of love and of compassion.

Mankind a bundle of memories and experiences,can I see beyond?

As I move away from the elements of my making, a part of me, stands out, to observe another part of me.

Two poles apart.

Suddenly it dawned on me that I as mankind, had within me, all of it.

The silent doers, and the loud doers.

The go-getters, the Samaritans and the no gooders.

But they all comprised within me.

Each of me had a part of them though the proportions differed.

I am under going the effects of a huge devastation, a catastrophe which is aimed to destruct that part of me, which destructs.

Destruct that part of me ,which is filled with guilt and despair, and so destructs.

Guilt at not conforming to the calls of a so called conditioned society, a society bent on bending you off your bend.

The extent you bend in, is the extent you have to go to bend out.

Then this guilt of not performing leads to despair.

Today as I sit in the close confines of my home, I am neither guilty or in despair,

As I grope inward, there is a whole new world there left unexplored.

Yes me, mankind, asking to go back home.

The home I came to,  Mother earth.

Not the world I made around me.

Love, compassion, wasn’t that what I was ?

The joy of living, I had lost, can it come again?

The artificial face of mine, made up all the time, as it slowly fades away,

I can see a beauty unsurpassed.

This beauty attracts all beauty, the beauty of coexisting with the rest, of me, and the rest of fellow living beings.

As I stay in,

I learn

The earth is still providing me with essentials to live on,

The plants, the trees , the birds and animals,  all clearly spelling

“Live and let live”.

They are now living in the space I vacated temporarily,

Yes flying high, in unpolluted surroundings, nostalgic pleasant smells all around.

Still they miss me, I feel it, as a few come on to my window sill, perching cosily as they pick up some food, I left there.

As one of them come closer, looking at me eye to eye,

There is a warmth a love I never felt earlier.

It seemed to be telling me, come out dear friend,

We miss you too.

Though , life seems more peaceful now, we need you too,

You are our most intelligent species, can you come back with a bang,

With the higher intelligence you once possessed?

Those days of co-existing were joyous, where each shared with the other,

Then you switched off, using your mind in things not meant to be.

You diversified into another, making beasts out of man.

Killed your very self, slowly and gradually till you came to this.

Now as you stare at me, and all around, you know as I know too,

You are back, and your strength is the two opposites within,

Whose roles may differ, but they are equal in stature,

And when you look at both with the same eye,

You are back then, mankind,

As then you will be kind to every kind.

So  saying it flew away,

I knew, now I was ready for my new journey,

The new beginning.

So as I begin my new journey, with gratitude to the creator,

I know for sure,

Your pain is mine, as I am the whole of mankind.

For you I am, and I am as I am, a lovely soul in a wonderful body, gifted to me to preserve, until the final call.

And as the call comes in, may I smile and say good bye to all you wonderful fellow men, and creatures of this lovely planet, and leave with a calm, of completing my journey which was living life to the hilt, and giving it all I came in for.

This to me is the new beginning, awarded to me one last time, so that I can lead a life accomplished.






I Pray to thee ….

I am mankind, well known as the most superior of all living beings.

I was given a higher intelligence, and sensitivity, unlike the other  beings on the surface of the earth.

I was far superior and I knew it.

But what I knew was just this.

I didn’t know or stop to think, that my higher intelligence was given to me for a reason,

For the evolution of the world.

Did I evolve?

Instead , I slowly transgressed, from the higher intelligence to a lower form.

As much as I want to deny so, I have to admit I have..

How may you ask?

It is so because, I was never in gratitude, never felt thankful for what I had.

Took for granted, the blessings I received,

For when I came on this earth, there were things I had earned.

I had earned the right to life, the access to all the essentials required to sustain it.

It was only as I grew, did I take them for granted,

and moved on to greener pastures,

where I was given access to much more, than was rightfully mine.

That was when I enjoyed eating that extra sweet, of my fellow man.

Yes  the art of intelligence , instead of using it to evolve, I used it to snatch what belonged to the other.

Then slowly it became a habit I couldn’t shed.

I always wanted more and more,

Sweetness shifted from the harmless sweet, as it was from money, fame and power did I now extract nectar.

To do so I plundered every sector.

I plundered mother earth, and extracted more from her than she could ever give.

The fruits from her trees , slowly diminished, and were contaminated by my regular pillaging,by chopping trees, and creating space for my devilish activities.

Yes I thought I was the master of the world,

I ruled it and could do as I wanted to it, in it.

None of the other species was spared,

and the ones that survived lived a life of low quality.

There were small messages sent to me by the earth and the sky,

“Let us be , and it is only then can you be, but I could not hear their cry, as I was smitten by my strength and power, and lost no time, in creating a gigantic world for mankind.

A gigantic world so I thought, as I could fly all over the globe without wings,

Sitting at one corner, of the earth, I knew what was happening at the opposite pole.

Was I a magician?

There were times, when I felt so important, and busy, that I had no time to stop and see what was happening all around.

My intelligence invented for me the latest technology,

And now as I flew high, I realised with a sigh,

That the wings that gave me flight, were chopped,

and from the soaring heights as I dropped,

for as I was attacked by none other than the angered nature,

Who bore my atrocities till it  firmly decided it was time for a full stop.

I knew that it was my turn now,

To make amends for the disaster done,to

all of existence.

Now has come the time,

I’m shown my place,

And here I sit still behind the window sill,

Of the fanciful house I built and watch outside, the trees and birds chirp happily in the fresh sunlight,

The sky is cleared of all its dust, and looking above, I can see the stars at night.

The clearing of fog outside, has cleared the fog within,

And as my vision clears up so I see,

A bright tomorrow for you and me,

Where all of life flourishes.

Hence I pray to thee, cleanse me of the dirt I accumulated,

And as I am cleansed,

Out emerges the true me,

Mankind, which is kind, and compassionate,

For everyone, and all kinds,

And as I pray with passionate compassion,

I see the sun emerging on to a new morning.

Yes it indeed is a new beginning.







A tribute…to the heroes of the world..

Addressed to:                                                                                                                              Doctors of the world,

Of all states, and countries,

All pin codes

The world over…


On behalf of

Citizens of the world,

Of all states and countries,

All pin codes,

The world over….


Dear Doctor,

A word of thanks, seems just too little,

For as we grope, for something to say,

we are speechless, as, we’ve lost our tongues,

Groping on , we found this page, to let you know,

What goes within..

Overwhelmed are we, as we watch the doctors today,

Caring are they, as they stand by all along, looking at Corona in the face.

As it attacks mankind,

With a kind word and a smile on their lips, they treat the frightened,

Scaring away thoughts which engulf their minds,

cause closest to the corona do they stand,

Undeterred  and undaunted are they,

As they fight the battle of the might,

They’ve proved it all along,

Come which one, Corona or Sars,

The virus can be at no par,

When they arrive  at the doctor’s bar.

Our doctors definitely have stood by many a crisis,

So stepping back never arises,

And as they combat the disease,

Without a fear, we feel at ease,

For what would we have done, without our brave soldiers,

Who are non other than our  doctors.

Well gentlemen, of the medical profession,

We have to make a  confession,

In our confusion,

We have often side stepped your decision,

But now we know for sure, that your prescription,

Is a health inscription,

For us to read and follow,

Never to wail and wallow.

When you instruct us to isolate and quarantine,

We will take it in like Corona quinine,

Sanitizing and washing hands,

We adhere to, as you say,

Hygiene and care,

We’ll do all in our share,

For we know , you dare

To combat that deadly enemy,

Which came from nowhere,

To threaten life everywhere

We are with you in your battle against the deadly virus and

As you strive , day and night,

The least we can do is stand by your side,

By following your every command.

Rest assured we will stand our ground,

And as you strive hard and firm,

We’ll soon be able to eradicate the deadly Corona, and end its term.









The Sunny side of Corona…

Governed by the side in you, which takes prominence in your life, is what makes us what we are.

No I am not theorising , but am telling you what I know.

The 13th of march, 2020, a day in my life, where Corona did manage to engage me for the longest period of time, creating a dark phase in the otherwise, light side of life,

The more I dwelt the more darker it became, until a time when the phone rang and from the other end sprang up a cheerful voice,

“Hello aunty, how are you?”

“Well whose this, is it Aarti?”

“Yes, aunty, just called to ask how are things with you?”

“Fine darling”, I replied. ( I was lying, I was far from it.)

Well, her bubbly voice, resonated with a tangy tingle from my within, which was associated, with childhood memories of our tangy snacky  chaat, comprising of sev puri, and bhel, India’s age old chaat, enjoyed with the evening chatter, the most sought after period of the day.

So my next very spontaneous  question to her was “Hey, would you like some chaat”?

Sure aunty,  I’ll be right there”, so she said.

Aarti, lit up my otherwise dark evening and as we chatted over chaat, she handed over to me a book by Sark ” Juicy Pens and Thirsty Paper”,

I was half way through the book, when I paused to write this to all of you, I was indeed thirsting to write.

Well here I am penning down all of this, which lay in the dark, within, and bringing it to light by toppling it upside down, so we have that side up which is sunny, that it indeed seems funny , that  a flip over is all you need to come out of a dark spell.

Guys ,as the night ended bringing in the promise of a new morning, so did these few revelations , bring in the sunlight of the day like never before.

Corona came in like a gust to bust the activities we’ve been performing with gusto.

Is it not true that we do not know who we are?

Or what we are doing ,in the world of a strong movement, where all of us whirl around like in a whirl wind?

Look around and you will see, that we have succeeded in creating a world of pollution, by the numerous activities we rush around performing from dawn to dusk, running around like mad hatters, and the more we rush and have no time, the more important we think we are .

Stupid mindless fools!

Its time nature took things in its hands.

Pause a while, get off the giant wheel swaying you back and forth, and round and round,

Look around and as you do so, you will realise you could do without the flamboyance you are living.

Now as panic sets in , you stock up your homes.

It will do you good to remember to pick up the essentials only, as now is not the time to splurge, but to save for the rainy days ahead.

Save  resources, and space out your sources,  enjoying your solitude like never before.

For soon will come the day when you will know the worth of actual living.

Live naturally, live well, eat sufficient and save energy for a better cause,

Cause right now you and me, and all around,

Have to keep still and lie low,

Till the tide passes and wisdom arises,

Where parties and social gatherings, will know their place,

and will occur when ” All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, and not where Jack makes jobs out of them, and so weary does he get, that he forgets, there is a day without them”

Yes, social commitments are so many, that your commitment to yourself  lies far behind.

Today  we all accept a social responsibility as the turn of events suggests we do.

Don’t you think like I do that someone out there, up above, is winking as he smiles at us from above  telling us” Sorry guys, you didn’t see sense , I tried all tricks but they didn’t work, as all of you thought it couldn’t be you.” Now you know it isn’t true,

As Corona can reach out to you and you and you…

So beware friend and learn fast the secret I want to share,

Life is at its best, when you are at rest.
Stress, commitments, competition, all of which the ego fancies, can you stop it all?

As status and power are defined by this madness, and if you dare to oppose so, you are not only looked down at but ridiculed and isolated.

Well most of us get into the band wagon of the mad hatters and the ones who don’t can have the last laugh now.

Corona has come with a bang ,

A calling to oust ridiculous operations, and negative actions.

Does not the corona spell just this?

As health is wealth, and you have come in to this fine earth , so make sure you are here, for as long as you learn,

The secret you came to learn.

Do not get waylaid and focus on  the core of our very existence.

So now dear friends, in the wake of the corona virus, instead of only looking at the fall and fear in it all, lets see the flip side, that in it  we are together, each equipping the other, some with a realisation that all is not about theatres and malls, and social activity, but is also about a society whose socialising is in its actual care to arrest the virus, and prevent it from spreading widespread.

In this society we call ours, in whose good books we will do anything to be in,  lets rush to its clarion call and arrest the virus each in our own ways.

We’ve heard it all,

“Create awareness among your neighbours,”

“Do not crowd and visit too many public places, to avoid contracting or spreading the same”.

For a change can we all sit back and put our energies into constructive use?

On the flip side this is the best time where we can all gather our energies together and positively join hands to safeguard the world from deadly events and virus.

So what if you can’t party, your party begins at home, when as you flip over, you realise there is a lot more on this lovely planet than the so called party, and abuse of resources, we’ve been continuously indulging into over the years.

As the signal turns red, lets stop and explore all possibilities on this side of life, the side unexplored.

The fusion of religion and science where religion is the gathering of energies to focus positively. Using the higher intellect, to study the structure of the physical and natural world,  is science .

Today is the time, when we gather together, cause we are all of one family, over the world over.

Let’s explore this side, the sunny side up, and as we do so , out pops up the special hidden pop up, there is a funny side here, until now  the division of the entire world was distinct, and today as you see it the unison is distinct. Yes, today we are all in unison, universally whole…

Did it take  a Corona Virus to get us all together the world over?



Women’s Day Special..

As much as I abhor this title, I felt the need to title this blog so.

I did not want to mention this, but the many videos and articles I received on Women’s day, describing the many grievances of women, and how they should fight back for their rights, incited me to write this.

What do you mean by Women’s day?

Is it  just the day you want to be coddled, cuddled pampered and appreciated for all the suffering you have taken, and do you also want to just have your back patted for being the martyr you have been?


is it that day in your life when realisation comes in as to what is the hidden meaning of a woman?

If you are in with the first option, and will be satisfied with all the freebies, and previliges being a woman you can receive for the many sacrifices you have made, in life, then go ahead and enjoy your so called Women’s Day.

And if you are in for the second option, where you feel a lot more is there to it than just the above, then do  read the letter below:

Dear Women,

This is an open letter to all of you, who are women of substance.

I love being a woman, the woman I am.

Female energy, is symbolised as Maa Durga,

The embodiment of Maa Saraswati, Maa Lakshmi, and Maa Kali.

Knowledge- Saraswati, Lakshmi- wealth, and Kali  the divine, though fierce is the goddess of creation, preservation and destruction.

Together is what we’ll define as a woman.

Women empowerment dear friends, Heard it but do we know it?

Well it stems from the correct use of all these powers.

Knowledge bountiful, stems from within, as wisdom does, which empowers the woman of those qualities, which only she can possess.

Cool, Calm, patient, she is the one who can top all when it comes to crisis management in the family.

Well, she can thus sustain the wealth in the family, by ensuring, health, happiness and love, the true wealth.

And to top it all she and she is the only one, who can create an environment of  peace and good will, empowering the younger woman to flower into a woman with a free will and free spirit, and create a haven on earth free from oppression, supression, and free from the mass screaming of women who shout and demand for their rights.

Women’s lib they call it.

Well how can they be liberated when sustaining their down trodden status are women suppressing them.

Women are the enemies of women, and they appear in the form of sadistic mother in laws, elder women, who happen to gain a status in life, after being suppressed all their life.

Now they take sadistic pleasure in suppressing the younger women, seeing that they wither before they bloom.

Come on women, whom are you trying to fool?

The world? or are you fooling yourself in believing that some one else is responsible for women being down trodden?

“We have suffered all our lives, and now we have a right to live on our terms”, say the women of many seasons.

Yes you  do , I agree, but as you grow you are wise enough to know, that you can live the years you lost,

In the lives of your little daughters, daughter in laws and all the young women who are about to bloom today.

Please use your position today, to help them bloom, realise your dream in theirs, isin’t it one and the same?

Think about it .

For eg: If you are a mother in law, then understand that your daughter in law needs the space and freedom, you never got, and give it to her, by offering her a helping hand with soothing compassion so that she can follow her dream, and in seeing her realising hers, you will ultimately know you have realised yours too.

Instead if you live with a vengeance feeling victimised all the time and so with a vengeance want to hit back by making her the punching bag, then sorry to say you have contributed in creating a society where women will continue to be down trodden, and suppressed because the beasts are not the men, but women of your kind.

It has happened earlier and will go on for time immemorial, as you do not want to be one of those who can step down, thus breaking the chain of a never ending cycle.

You can be a trend setter, step down and claim your true position, by being a  true women, a woman of substance,  and stand up for women, cause women in power can do wonders like the goddess Kali, only see that goddess Saraswati moves along with you, and then as goddess Lakshmi assists you in holding on to the wealth of your knowledge, that is when you can create a new world and destroy  evil from a society like the goddess of Kali.

Come on dear women wake up to the clarion call, our women need to bloom into the beauties they are.

Liberate yourselves from old conditioning and embrace the new generation with warmth and love, and then the passion that comes in with compassion will make the world spellbound as  it will be filled with blooming flowers of love and light everywhere.



Race and Chase away …. The Devil

Cheers is in the season ..

It is the season of cheers, and will always be.

“Do you think you can write anything and get away with it”, said a voice from within?

“Aw what had I done?” I asked myself.

Did I write anything random, or did it come from the feeling inside.

Well before I go further, specifying the voice from within, I have to admit,

They are dual, one proves to you he is real, and the other just watches on,

There is one constantly knocking at you, making his presence known, by making you act impulsively  while the other one, is the hidden intuition, which can be heard only when you silence the impulsive .

Life Is a Race with the Devil

Do you get a chance? Or is the impulsive Devil always the one to win the race.

Well life is a race with the Devil, and the Devil can catch us unawares, if we do not catch it so.

Radha’s  little story told me how so

Radha woke up one fine morning, with a thought, which brought jitters down her spine.

She was in love with Krish, and Krish had just told her a day earlier, that he was planning to settle in America, and asked whether she would join him.

Radha had her roots in India, and was enjoying her work immensely as a Sales Manager in a multi national company.

Going with him could uproot her whole being completely, and she knew she could not live without him.

“What should she do?”She asked herself this fine morning whether she would be able to give it all up, to be with the man she chose to be with.

Pondering and worrying over this since morning, she was lost in thoughts, and did not realise it was 12 noon, and in the next quarter she was due for a meeting with her boss.

Luck was on her side though, as Revati her friend,  came up to her and in her cheerful demure, exclaimed ” Hello are you here? I’m calling out to you for the past 15 mins, where are you? It seems you’ve found another land on this one.

“Radha, don’t cheat!! You cant land on to somewhere else, while your on this one.

Come back now!”

Radha  came back as she suddenly snapped out of her thoughts, and decided to land back here where she belonged.

Lucky to be bailed out by Revati, who saved her otherwise messed up day, she pulled herself together, and got out of her distressing thoughts.

She told herself  to snap out, as it was time to get back to work, and to take things and situations as they come in, prioritising on what has to be done,  as per the need of the hour. One at a time, they will come in and as you do the one which comes in at the time it comes in being in that space,  the mystery gets unfolded as when the moment for the crucial life decision comes up, you will work with it as it is, one to one, thus opening up your intuitive sight, which will guide you on, to the next step ensuring you do not trip over.

There will be no intruding impulsive devilish thoughts, interfering with your present activity.

So whenever you  prioritise what you have to do, doing what has to be done, when it is to be done, then you will do what you have to when you have to.

The Devil will stop prompting you, with unnecessary suggestions, and chatter, which it always does to keep you from doing what you have to.

Radha worked on as per the need of the hour, and put all disturbing thoughts aside.

Guess what?

She was pleasantly surprised, when a few days later, as she sat by the window sipping her cup of coffee, the doorbell rang and Krish walked in, telling her that his love for her made him reconsider his decision of going to America, and as he decided to take each day as it came, in came the day when he was offered the post as  a general manager in a reputed company.

They won over the Devil as they stood up and listened to the silence within telling them to just do what has to be done then.

The Devil had  urged her to take a decision, and kept coming in her way, through disturbing thoughts, urging her to take an impulsive action, but as she silenced her mind, by doing intuitively what was required then, well being took over and decided what was best for both of them

Does this not sound simple in a complicated world, where complications arise, due to our complicated minds run by devilish thoughts.

The next time you get into the thought jungle, and if you have no friend to bail you out like Radha had, remember Radha’s Revati, and leave the thoughts alone, and they’ll go away, out of the land that is not theirs, bringing in  cheer in your everyday life, doing just what has to be done, just then.

Then and only then your race with the Devil ends as that will be the end of the Devil within.

No longer will there be an idle mind, carrying the devil’s workshop.

You will prevail then without the Devil, and that you, will be a cheerful energetic real you with vigour enough to move mountains or to cross them over with ease.

That is when you will know that you have won the race with the devil….

Then Cheers will be in the air at all seasons, forever and ever….

Its time to party ain’t it?

When you arrive, at the Eve of Life..

Life is all about how you welcome the eve of your life.

Eve is the time when you sit back and recall your day’s work, satisfied and content with how it shaped out, and when you can now relax, and pass on, over to the next.

Evening to me has always been fragrant, and as I reminisce,

I see it as I saw it at age 5.

The fragrance in the evening skies, gave me a sense of freedom, which made me, oblivious of everything around, except the green grass, making me somersault in them, play hide and seek with  companions and cousins, who were with me, (our journey was then together), and  getting carried away by our friendly balloon man who held different colours of balloons. Just whiffing away in the evening breeze, the pleasant smell of the evening fragrance, gave me a sense of belonging and attachment to mother earth.

Now as I reminisce, this is how it feels, at the eve of life, which to me is the Final Drive, before you park at the porch of life and disappear into the wilderness you came in from.

Well here at the sunset of life, I’m at the back seat of a car, driven by my son, ( we were driving to Indiana polis when this occurred to me),who is in strive to reach pre set goals.

However,  this time , enriched with experiences, and guided by masters, I realise that life is no longer a mystery, nor is it a strive to material success. It is a strive to be. The real success is to be yourself as you are in the moment. The precious moment now…

Nevertheless, I solely believe that to reach here you need to pass the earlier stages.

Without going through the 1st and 2nd drive you cannot reach the Final 3rd.

The 1st and 2nd being the dawn,and midday, before you reach the dusk of life.

If I were to go back again, I would still drive the same , excepting with more consciousness and less heartaches, as the accidents would be less and the dents in the body too.( I can say this now, through the experience and accidents I went through)

I’m sure we all will make mistakes, and learn, however learning from other’s mistakes, can get us a head start, way ahead from the stubborn ones who refuse to review the other’s.

I wish to share something precious, sitting in the backseat ,at the dusk of life

Could I please get a taker?

I mean this literally, cause you cannot give anything without a taker.

Well to the taker,  on the 1st drive, whose reading this,

“Enjoy the strive along the drive, to success, without heartaches,

As success is in the enjoying of the drive and not at the end.

The end is just a full stop of strive.

The goal is in the day to day moment of the drive.”

In the 1st and 2nd drives of life, the eve of your days,  will spell your success,

Sitting back in the evenings after a hard days work, satisfied with no regrets as to how your day shaped, tells you that the going is good.

Your fight is good, the fight is your inner peace with yourself, content and no conflicts, that is the spell  check to success.

It then leads to, this,

Eve of your Life

You  then sit back in the eve of your life, feeling  the cool breeze during sunset, with no regrets and content with what is, which is the best one could ask for, and that dear friends is the essence we need to carry with us.

Not the essence of regret, anger, hurt and pain.

So as you sit by the setting sun, let go of all that binds you,

As you came so you go free, under the shade of the mango tree.

Yes as you sit  back in the eve of your life, and keep your self content and blissful,

So will you pass on with a head start on your ongoing journey… the dawn of a beautiful sunrise.

A new horizon awaits….

Why are we here?

Life’s a balance..

To experience and evolve, and to experience we take what we need to experience.

Give back what you take?

Isn’t that why we are here?

The core values, I just read on the Oberoi International School Bus this morning, got me thinking.

So beautifully imprinted were Knowledge, Social Responsibility, Respect, Creativity and Celebration.

Indeed wonderful!

Pondering over our duties as citizens over quite sometime now, the 2nd value ” Social Responsibility” just struck me with such an alarming bang, that I skipped my aqua class to pen the following down.

Accept it or not,do we even know the S of Social Responsibility, or do we think we have all the time in the world to know it?

Well the minute one enters the world, one lands in a society, a specific one which one is designated to.

This society forms our world for years to come.

We grow, we learn from it and guys what do we give back?

Not a penny nor a dime.

Well ok, a rupee, then.

“No, Fend for yourself,  Didn’t I just do it to get what it takes to be successful.”

Did we just say this and forget the people, and the things which were instrumental to getting us where we are.

As we shut ourselves in our cosy shelters, oblivious of the world outside, a voice within tells us to be aware of our surroundings and the people who are associated with us.

“Do not go far away, the ones to whom you have a social responsibility for are well within your reach.

It could be your help, or a poor person at your door step, or the gardener’s son, or the watchman who serves you.

It could also be your immediate surrounding, which needs your care and attention.”

says the voice within

So as we open our door again to throw  garbage out, are we aware that the garbage thrown by us, needs to be done with care and thought, so that it helps preserve the atmosphere, and not create pollution.

Or are we the who cares type?

Chuck it and shut the door, to enter our cosy space within.

Without a bat of the lid, do we grow immune to commotion  outside.

Yes we may be the cause, but how do we care.

We’ve made space for ourselves  by encroaching another’s.

We are world wise ain’t we?

We beautify our homes, empty it of all the filth, by using our society as a dump yard.

Well after all it  is our right, had we not bought a home in this society, and do we not share it with the rest?

So what if we are cleanliness personified, we boast of a beautiful home, with plush interiors, and put up that straight face look, and expressions of ” Oh seriously what to do?” and even shrug our shoulder in dismay, at the state of affairs outside our homes.

Our space is our home, right.

Then as we open our doors and step out,

“Stop, go back in”, a buzzer sounds,

“You are treading on alien land, this is not your space”

“Go in Go in”, the buzzer sounds.

“Oh no” says a voice within, what have I reduced my plight to?

Well, then go out, and accept with an open mind and heart,

The responsibility of the outer world, which is responsible for our existence, of which we are surrounded by, and on which we tread, and are a part of.

Yes guys,  our interior worldly space, is akin to our exterior self, and the exterior space we live in is our inner self.

Now guys, can we see how mucky is our interior, as is the space outside our homes.

How much time will it take us to rise above, and be like the lotus who unaware of the muck, beautifully glows with the message” Rise to the clarion call, and never will you fall in the melee of the glamour of the false, wherein beneath the muck, quick sand prevails never to let you free.

Friends its just as simple as can be.

Walk when you can run, as the energy you save from the run will be the energy you need to give back in your own special way to the society you take from.

You will be able to see the things you need to as each one of us has something special, within, and you will see with your special eyes.

The fact that you are here is  that you are special.

Then your  pure intent and your aptitude will surge you ahead, to do a little thing, which will benefit your society at large.

You could be good at creativity or administration, or organisation.

Believe me, all you have to do is to put your aptitude with the right intent to work.

All of us need a purpose to live for, your right intentions will lead you on the right track to the purpose intended, and not to the superficial rat race we run in and make it our purpose.

Please friends, do not run, but walk your path, and pick up on your way stubble, which can cause one to stumble.

That is all it takes to make one’s life meaningful.

You do not need to run an organisation, or join one.

An aerial view of Mumbai, from an aeroplane at night, all lit up, and glamourous can want one to land in here, but one who has lived in here, knows for sure, that beneath the glamour is the muck too.  Take it or leave it, and if you have to live here, live like the lotus unaffected by both.

Now as we land into our homes, where our roots are,  here’s to you and you and you, let’s do our bit, to keep the balance of give and take.






Who am I?

Did you ask yourself this too?

You did, didn’t you?

I’m sure you did.

cause you and I are no different.

Well Congratulations!

We are moving a step ahead in consciousness.

Loving buffet breakfasts for their fantastic spread, especially their fresh bakery products, I usually go in for the customary egg whites, trying out different preparations, each day, with a toast.

Then visiting their bakery section, I fill a plate of a piece of different products like a croissant, a muffin, an apple pie, etc.( Of course I see to it that I share it with my companion)

In between I grab a bite of the other variety from either my husband’s  plate or from the plate of my companion.

So this morning at the Leela’s in Goa  was no different.

I picked up my customary plate of savouries, when I realised the waffle counter was very attractive, and seeing a lady pick up one, topped with cream and chocolate sauce, and to top it she also had a kiwi crush as well as a raspberry sauce as accompaniment, I decided to go in for that too.

In the bargain I ended up wasting the savoury plate.

Without giving it much thought , or feeling any rremorse I happily walked off to my room.

Now deciding to balance our food intake, both of us( my husband and me) decided to go light on the lunch.

So ordering a stir fry veg, with mushrooms, and water chestnuts, and a burnt asparagus garlic fried rice, we ate it blissfully, feeling its original flavours and relishing the taste, and discussing the graciousness of the hands responsible for us to get  us such tasteful food.

It was then that all of a sudden, I happened to notice the people sitting on the next table,  they were eating with plate fulls, and not knowing what food they were eating, they went on trying out new varieties. ( Well buffets always seem attractive, however in reality it is not so).

As a result, ended up wasting too much food.

In the beginning I felt disgusted but soon realised that they were a mirror of my own image.

Well looking at them, I only realised that I was no different, I had done the same thing in the morning.

So this incident did make me conscious, and I swore I will never waste food.

Though wastage is not acceptable, and we know it and try to implement it, there are times when we slip.

It is not you and me it is us.

So as we observe around, we see things, and people behaving in certain fashions which do not appeal to us, but as we observe closely, we are them, we are the same.

In actuality I am the common consciousness of man, no different.

The day I realise this, and the day I change for the better, I know for sure, the consciousness of mankind will also take  a turn for the better.









When It Should Be meets It is….


First Spring, followed by summer,  then the fall, before we go into the  cold winters.

We all know it , and the season’s of the year beckon us to get into their spirit, and enjoy them while they last.

As we all know, in order to get into their spirit, over the years, the wise have created festivals marking the seasons, so  we accept them and go along…

Well as we accept nature’s seasons, why do we forget the seasons of our life?

They are demarcated as  the trying season, the prosperous season, the critical season, the learning season, the relaxing one and so on.

Why do we go off, when we get into the trying, critical phases of our life.

As I pondered on this, a few days ago, the answer came in, when J. Krishnamurti

mentioned in his talk on Conflict.

He said that Conflict and non acceptance comes in when the Should be meets the It is.

Then came the big bang, when I went to meet a dear friend, Soni.

She was upset, as she felt her daughter in law (Anya) did not give her due respect, and as I met her, she blurted out,

“Do you know, I really love and care for her, but she has the audacity, to ignore me, and does not even inform me of her important achievements.

I get to know only very later, from the other members of the family.

This really upsets me.”

As if to add on how she was wronged,  she went on describing all the events which took place over the years and how each time despite her best efforts to make sure Anya would confide in her, she was always left dejected.

I realised then , that the conflict was not in the outside, the conflict was within her.

She had like most of us do preconceived notions of right and wrong, memories of yester years, habits and conditions, which cause us to see things as they should be, in accordance with what they actually are.

So when the Should be meets the It is, then is the conflict within us.

Our life is filled with conflicts, and most of it is based on our relationship with each other.

We have specific ideas on how we should behave, and equally expect the other person to reciprocate appropriately.

Most often this does not happen.

When a conflict arises , and you can see it come up, pause and observe, watch yourself and you will see how magically it will vanish, when you realise, that things are not the way you see them, each one has their own should BE’s, you cannot change them, but you can observe yourself and change your should be into an acceptance of It is as it is.

Just like we do not expect winter to step over and take over summer, even though we prefer it to the hot summer months, nor do we expect the summer mango in a winter month.

Soni got the hint, and as conflict within her, slowly diminished, and acceptance took over, there was a warmth and beauty around her, so much so that when I met her again a few months later she whispered something in my ear…

“Deeps that little advice was so magical, something’s happening, as I look at myself in the mirror, I feel I’ve transformed, my features have softened, and I feel I’m, glowing, that the other day Anya, came up to me, and out of the blue, I felt the warmth in her as she hugged me, and confided in me.”

“Dear Soni, all is well but never ever let should be enter the space of It is”, is what I retorted.

Well guys, when stuck, with something you think is in the outside, take a pause and change the direction, go inward, and there you will find the root of your problem, just observe and let it come up, and as it flowers so will it wither.

The withering of the should be will be the withering of conflict from within.

Believe me, it will be easier done than said, because is it not easy to change yourself rather than the entire world.?

You are within your reach…