In the amusement park of life.

Amused, are you? well don’t be so, for we all are on different rides, in this amusement park called life.

It’s the biggest, and that is why we find ourselves at different levels with multiple rides.

Some may be exhausting, some may be frightful, and others may be enjoyable, but eventually they are just rides we will one day step out of.

The question is whether we step out voluntarily while still in life or involuntarily at the end of it.

Bhanu tirelessly stands in the kitchen and cooks and cleans morning to night without respite, then Rhea gets no relief from her irate husband and inlaws and gets whacked by them almost every other day. She lives in fear and gets up at 4 am in the morning to clean the kitchen before her mother-in-law gets up.

Just what is this? Did they choose the rides? The turns and twists seem never-ending, a merry-go-round which nudges you to breaking point every time it takes a round.

Then there is this professional friend Gautam, who works hard for a living but refuses to take help from his father, wanting to prove a point that he is a self-made man. He struggled hard day and night and grew old wearing horse blinkers.

Well, it’s that game in the amusement park where you are blindfolded and asked to walk around unaware of the road ahead.

We have Anand, who takes so many risks in life as if he were attempting the free-fall ride, and there is Anu, who enjoys her life to the core, asking for more.

She ends up depressed after trying all the pleasant amusement games, and even after many repeats, she is unsatisfied.

Then Chetan dies of a stroke all of a sudden, as he could not handle the stress of business

Sickness and terminal illnesses have become common, and one doesn’t know where to go.

whether to get out of this park or to remain in it till we depart.

The most amusing part of this park is that one remains and is a part of the place, playing his/her role to amuse the other.

But some want to get out and are not worried about where they’ll go, and then some want to get out but are concerned about where to go.

“What is this, dear friend? Where do we go from here?” asks Premila, who wants to get out but doesn’t know how.

She’s been working her way around and opting for a change from the daily grind with its pain and sorrow. She looked pleadingly at Pramod, as he smiled at her.

“You know, Premila, we are all in the same boat, but there is a difference, and you’ll know it if you stop pleading with me or another or look for respite from anyone you see or imagine to be more sensible and powerful than you.”

The day you just look at your situation like an outsider, you will also observe that the ride you had been on is just futile leading you back to the starting point where you restart again. All the way you try to amuse yourself by amusing others.

But the day you stop all of it and watch, then that third window opens up, where as you look in, you find the key to your way out.

Believe me, it’s only difficult until you pause and then stop. But then you don’t pause, stay in fear, and cannot see anything beyond your sorry state on that scary ride,” for someone says,

“Don’t stop Premila, for as soon as your motion ends, you will fall into a dangerous dungeon just below.”

Who said this to whom? Pramod asked her, and then he continued,

“Remember those short questions in our exams and those we learnt at the end of each lesson.

In the exams, I would scramble to answer those questions first, as it ensured we got full marks in those.

The paragraphs were given, where so and so said something to so and so, and I would answer them promptly; Alice told  Dinah her cat, etc.

 But however brilliant I am in getting this part of the answer paper right, I can’t get this one right. I guess it’s time to pause and look, for this is not in any textbook. Do you see this one?  Are you scrambling to reach out to which passage you read this or where you heard it?

Well don’t do so. Stop and see, and feel the senses, and as you pause they seem to be passing on this message to you,

“Feel, look, taste, smell, and hear, remember to use us all as we were meant to operate, not experiencing us with the sensations of your mind. So be present as you sense through us, and then you will pause to feel the warmth of the glowing sun and see its wonderous glow as you look at it, you will hear birds singing in their melodious voices, and that is when the taste of nature’s fruits tastes like nectar, and as you stand under the jasmine tree solely within, you will experience its fragrance.”

There you go, for now, you know, as you hear your heart, beat in rhythm to nature’s tune, and then in the same breath, you hear it say, ” Stand on your own feet, and when you fall, get up on your own, for you have your back to back you up and rely not on the other’s.

That is when the free fall of life will be a free fall of free will and not some frightful fall filled with fear and anxiety.

“So here we go, the answer to who said to whom is :

The mind told Premila, to frighten her into relenting and living a frightful existence, but the heart came in and showed her the way out, out of the fearful park of life where one lived a heartless meaningless existence.”

Pramod stopped and looked at Premila, who just looked at him silently, unable to answer. Still, it was clear that she knew the answer, for she had to turn to none other than her heart to guide her along the mysterious paths of life and across the various so-called amusement parks and themes, which led to frightful fearful and disastrous journeys.

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