The Whirl pool called life.

As a fetus in the womb, she felt she was cocooned,

It felt warm and safe and cuddled and nourished.

She stayed, but then as the days slowly passed by, she grew,

Into an intelligent mass who knew

that her days were numbered in the shelter and that she was being nourished for a reason.

Was she willing to go ahead? or was there another way out?

But why did she want a way out?

Wasn’t she here out of choice, so why were her feet suddenly on ice?

Well, she suddenly felt she tossed her coins to make her choice.

She didn’t know then, and nor did she know now.

She was entering the world again, but without a valid visa; her visa had expired aeons ago.

Then all of a sudden, this mass of intelligence knew she had to get there, for it all came back to her,

In bits and pieces, the story of her previous life, she saw it hadn’t ended.

The truth was in front of her, and she knew she had to get back and end it all.

For the previous end hadn’t ended, it swayed around her, beckoning her back once again,

” Enter the whirlpool once more, and I promise you’ll reach the end of it all.

So it wasn’t by choice that she was here, nor was it the toss of coins that made a choice,

She didn’t have a choice; she was to come again, to end it all once and for all.

So this intelligence mass propelled herself out into the vast world.

She had come in as a fighter, and now she knew why she had chosen this particular womb?

Her purpose was to fight her way out, and the characteristics were displayed by the owner of the womb.

Genetics played its part as nature defined it well. But her fight was different, and so was her destiny.

Out into the vast world, she wailed aloud as she got out.

The doctors said it was a good sign, and her lungs were healthy, but she knew,

She consciously came in, and even as the umbilical cord cut the bond between mother and child, she didn’t let go of the cord connecting her to that universal mind.

She had entered a whirlpool, where every human came in as intelligently and naively as she did,

But it was only when they stepped in, did they know they had blundered, and they cried to be comforted by cuddles and kisses,

Then in the comfort and warmth of love they received, they forgot their blunder and instead learnt to plunder.

The illusionary world had a lot of attractive booties, available only so you could grab and flaunter,

But to whom? To the ones who’ve come in, like you and me.

Then, a few entered the world to leave it at once, the stillborns.

Their intelligence told them, ” Hey, you’ve erred in your choice to enter the world, and it’s a whirlpool here”.

Leave at once, and so they left.

A few of us are born fighters, so we stick on until the end, for we know it is not a midway game.

Easy said than done, for there comes a mid-life crisis when you think you’re all done.

Oh no, no, no, it’s just the beginning of a new adventure, for life’s whirlpool does have its adrenalin rush,

It comes about in a gush, leaving us begging for more, and then that more stalks us until we’re done climbing uphill without the top visible.

Then as we huff and pant and think we have breathed our last, it comes in a warm fresh breeze, inviting us to cool our heels.

Even as we do so, we realise we have cooled off for another day’s heat. Off we go, all of us, chasing, swirling and rotating like never before.

Until a day when our bones crack, our heartaches, and our body says stop.

Then that is the day we stop and look out the window and realise the chase and race was to culminate here, where we were. So was it necessary?

But is it too late, or is there a chance of us turning wise?

Are we connected like her to the universal mind, which says, “stop, my friend, use my intelligence, “

And if we do so, we’ll see that the whirlpool doesn’t exist, for everything is calm and peaceful,

And the intelligence we thought was ours was not intelligence but fictitious pieces of the worldly mind.

Filled with glitter, greed, falsehood and fear, a happiness non existing as it brings in sadness too. desire and pleasure, leading to grief and pain.

She knew it all, for she gurgled through the cuddles and love and found her way out of life’s jungle gym.

As she wandered away, she knew she was there, for, amidst the whirlpool of life, she felt the peace and calm, the warmth of love and the light of intelligence.

She was at the very end and reached back home, never to wander again.

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