When right equals wrong..

When the mind tricks you into believing you are right, watch again, for the same mind tricked you earlier into believing you were wrong.

Right and wrong are just figments of the mind, like the two sides of a coin.

Remember school and the tick and cross of the teacher’s marks on our answer papers.

Many a cross you would like to justify to her, and tell her to tick it right, but were there any ticks you would justify and ask her to cross them wrong?

That was yesterday wasn’t it?

All that matters today is to enjoy your cup of tea or coffee, or whatever you are doing, the ticks and crosses do not count anymore.

Are you’ll with me?

For if you are, let’s just enjoy the cup of coffee and tea, enjoying beauty around us.

Yes there you go, you are indeed in joy enjoying the coffee, and then all of a sudden, the mind intervenes, reminding you of the yester.

It feels left out, as you’ve left it out, so vehemently it reminds you of that day when you were wronged, “Doesn’t your heart bleed, remembering the trauma you faced in your youth?” it cries out imploringly.

“Remember the times you were trapped in a relationship and you felt you couldn’t get out? You were wronged again.”

Good Lord, you fall for it, don’t you? I would too.

The awesome cup of coffee no longer tastes awesome now, for the memories of suffering take it’s place.

Then we feel betrayed by life, by our environment and by all around us.

Now as we get trapped in the depths of our mind, we lose out on the very beauty around.

For around us sits the ego mind, ensuring we never let go, as then it has no place to go.

It establishes its presence at the cost of our joy, and do you know why?

For, ages ago it found a beautiful home, in the minds of the innocent soul, who knew no pride or prejudice,

For he was born in life to learn, evolve and rejoice.

Then what just happened on the way? For he saw night in the light of day.

The voice from within said “It’s alright , suffering is inevitable, for in the dark of night there is light.”

The ego felt threatened for the voice was wise, so it sprang up, making it’s presence felt, ” Don’t you listen dear friend for your suffering is one of it’s kind. There is absolutely no light.

Then the ego stifled the voice and said ” Shut up!! Do you know what suffering is? “

In fear of losing it’s presence, it clung on to the innocent mind, till it succeeded in it’s goal.

For it converted the conscious to the unconscious, so as to secure it’s hold.

Then came the wise, and saw through it’s vice, but the ego was vicious and unkind, it played on the mind. Knocking loudly at our doors again, it pretended to be the wise and said,

” Wisdom dear friend is when you see your suffering, put it in your memory, and play it on, till it takes a grip on you, for is it not why you suffered?”

The poor man suffered yesterday, carried it today, and ensured it’s company for the day after today.

The wise he could not recognise, for he felt he was a threat, telling him to let go, of the suffering which was his identity.

He couldn’t lose that could he? For the ego ensured so, and the chuckling ego sure had it’s way.

Till one day, as the man sat on his bed, filled with woe, not knowing where to go, he saw a wise angel before him and told him to let go.

It was difficult for him to do so, as the ego solidified within ensured so.

As he was about to weep, the angel took a leap, and stood by his side and said ” Shhhhh, just be here with me, and see what I see.”

The man in his desperation sat still and saw his sorrow, and in it’s midst something cracked, the ego fled and he saw clearly that his sorrow was not his, but that of the entire mankind.

He wiped his tears and looked around, all like him, were all around. Then a strange but beautiful feeling came in,

“Why didn’t I see this earlier?”, he asked the angel earnestly.

You were smitten by the ego sir.

Then came hope, and with it love, encompassing all. Was this compassion? he asked.

Yes said his true self, and then the wisdom within looked at the beauty around.

He had risen and was above all. The ego quashed, and it was time for him to rejoice..

Children and Immensity… Dedicated to all parents.

Why do you want a child? Why do we have children?

Is it for a social status, or security of continuation or just mere curiosity.

I for one, couldn’t imagine a life without children, for more than anything else, it gave me a sense of fulfilment.

Now when I ask myself what this was? Pat came the answer from within,

It was a feeling of wholeness, but mind you, it’s not necessary that everyone thinks the same.

I know a few close friends who have chosen not to have children, and I more than respect the choice they made.

They are happy and content as they are, and live the way they wish to be.

A fair proposition indeed.

But now may I ask “ What about us the major rest”?

Do we have children for the sake of answering back to curious passers by who are like FI agents, doing a background check,

1. Marital Status? Married.

2. How many children? None. Now most of us do not like to leave the blanks empty.

For turned up noses say, “how awful,” and inquisitiveness creeps over..

Then for the next question “Can’t have them or don’t want them?”

Can’t have them ?

In earlier days, “Oh you can’t have children, my god, how will you live through?” a pitiful look comes your way.

and then whispering tongues, suggest you are unlucky and not fit to attend auspicious occasions, as your bad luck may rub off on other prospective contenders.

Now for the don’t want them ones,

” Look at their cheek, aren’t they self centred and pre occupied? They boldly say they don’t want children. Oh God what is the world coming to?” This is what we’ve all heard all along.

Now what would you say to this? I’d say they need to have their heads examined.

And it’s sad to know that the ones who need to have their heads examined are a part of the majority who have kids.

It’s natural to have kids, and aid creation, but it’s equally important to know the implications of having one.

Are you willing to be a medium to bring them into the world, and play the role of a parent, till need be?

If so listen to this:

In a child is the universe in all its immensity.

Observe and you will know..

Nature nurtures, the fusion seed, and gives it all it needs,

Till it’s ready, the baby boy or girl.

Then with a forceful thrust,

It’s out into the world, where nature provides again,

For 2 pairs of arms, called parents, rock him in, to rock the world or roll in.

The nights were tough, and so were the days, with absolutely no respite, except for one,

The fact that they were the chosen ones.

They were to show the little fledgling the bright of day and the dark of night.

Then what just happened on the way, is there need to know?

For as a caretaker nurturing and caring was their role, but while holding on to the little fledging, they mistook him/her as theirs,

Well the able pair of parents, proudly held their fledgling, till it was ready for flight,

But on the way , did they sway or did they hold him right?

For were they ready to let him go, and follow his dreams, or was he even allowed to dream?

No, for before this fledgling knew to fly, his wings were clipped with fantasies, superstitions rights and wrongs, for his parents possessed what wasn’t theirs to possess, and then began the same old era,

The era of the strained relationship of a parent and child.

The immensity of the potential of the child was quashed under the possessive parent, who left him with no choice, to even dream his dream.

For he was their child, and they dreamt for him.

And that is when their heart lost out to their head.

The head that reminded them of the sacrifices they made all the way, of the pains and struggles they went through on the way,

The head that brought forth their ego telling them that after all they’ve done for him he cannot have his way.

It has to be their way or the highway.

Dear Parent,

You sacrificed but did you not volunteer to?

Were you not born to traverse your path in the journey through time and space, and in the journey did you not ask for children?

You asked for them because you felt you wouldn’t be whole without them.

Then why crib? Why make children feel bogged down under the weight of obligation.

Instead they obliged you by coming into the world through you.

They let you develop emotions of love and care, and gave rise to the most wonderous feelings of joy and bliss in their innocence.

The house turned into a home and haven with their spritely voices and pit pattering feet,

The home was full with the fragrance of innocence and bliss, which kept intact your childhood.

But when they grew up you forgot to mention the joys they gave, and instead focussed on the toil and pains you took to bring them up.

For when you decided to be parents, you signed the contract, of being the medium, to a new life.

Remember you too came in through a medium, and all you did was to give what you took.

Nature has its ways, to teach you, flow along, with it’s song, the song of life,

the song of the heart, as eternal love gets it’s due, in the form of a love so true,

For underneath the form of a child, yet to be formed is the spark of love and grace,

which when ignited, will embrace you and the world with love and compassion and a respect unasked.

For it’s the respect out of love, not out of fear or power.

Not conditional but totally unconditional,

So just watch your young one bloom, and as you do so,

You’ll know you played the role of the parent you chose to be.

And then as you look at yourself, whole and complete, you’ll bloom a final bloom.

Friends, we do things in good faith, so let’s do it with faith in ourselves, in the universe, and in the natural laws.

The river flows on, forward never backward, and so does a tree shed it’s fruit, without expecting to possess it, and as you follow their example, so will you flow on..

When she was, I wasn’t..

Was I there when she was?

Asking myself this today, let me assure you I am here right now.

I am absolutely sitting in the same place she was, a few, years ago, where I saw her die slowly but gracefully.

That was mother wasn’t she?

Wish to say, that is mother, do I?

You bet I damn well wish it, as anyone of you would do?

Then ask yourself as I ask myself why don’t we wish it then.

Why weren’t we there when she was?

Always scrambling away to another zone, a territory unknown,

But I didn’t go in to hers, as I made my zone different from hers.

Well mother,I’ve learnt it,and I am right here. Now with an open mind and open hand I write it all.

Spirited and bold was mother, an epitome of grace and love,

Yes, she too was a prey to conditions, which set in early, during her hardship days.

Brought up by a single parent her mother, she survived the partition and her loneliness, with the same gusto as she enjoyed her simple moments of fun.

The fun days were her school ones, where she bestowed great courage, and skill,

When at the age of seven, she crossed the Shivaji Pul bridge on a monsoon night, to deliver medicine to her sick grandpa, and his smile when she delivered it stayed with her all along.

The college days when she turned the clock an hour behind to get an extra hour of badminton time.

Switching from medical science to art, following her heart, did not seem to her a bad deal at all, though when her mother found out, she felt she was meted a raw deal.

Then in college, mum was the heart throb of many, and she thoroughly enjoyed the attention.

But her heart was set on only one, the shy, dashing, dark handsome man from Bombay, my father.

To him she gave her all, her heart and mind, when he made her his.

And as she walked by his side, she was proud she was his wife.

Her huge joint family consisted of cousins and their wives, affluent and rich,

Her husband was the only son, to a father whose wealth left him in mediocrity.

So though they lived together, in a huge sprawling bungalow, her portion was little,

But as she rode behind him on his scooter, she felt the wind tell her, you have it all,

That is how she shrugged their invitation to ride in their huge cars, preferring her husband’s lambretta to their impala.

Then came the worst, when her husband took her away to Coimbatore, where they struggled for years to come.

They didn’t know the language, and had two small daughters, me and my little sister.

But mum was spirited, she laughed and smiled her way out, learning the new dialect, and mastered it as she mastered the art of cooking and housekeeping.

She learnt to laugh and play, for the afternoons were hers , aha those were her rummy days.

She played with the affluent Naidus and Swamys of the south, women spoilt and rich, buttered with hovering butlers.

Yet they chose her home over the rest, for mom had a style of her own, spontaneous and spirited . A gracious host she cooked tasty fare.No matter what, she was happy, and was proud of doing the things she loved.

She had no pretence, or nothing to fear, so when her father in law visited her, she hid nothing

She gave him all her attention and love wholeheartedly, for he was the father she never had.

But when the clock struck two mum was out, playing her game of sequences and trios.

Granddad said nothing, he secretly admired her, and many a time when she came home tired, he would ask her winking at us” Oh beta, have you lost?” And then she would grin and say “.

Yes dada”

Aw come on, he’d reply, I’ll take you’ll out for dinner, the treat is mine, and we would all bundle up into dad’s old standard, where dada would insist on driving, and I’d bend my head down, afraid of being seen.

For he would start with a screech, sending all heads turned towards us.

Well this was it, the difference between mum and me, she didn’t care and accepted everyone for what they were.

My father died pretty young, and she lived alone for years on her own happy and content.

A happy go lucky woman with a golden heart, and now as I tell you this I see her during her last days, playing Antakshari and singing songs with my husband.

Yes her ill health did give her painful moments towards the end of her life, but she took them in her stride.

During her last years, she had absolutely no regrets, yes her house which is disputed, till today, did cause her concern.

But then as she always said, some cards aren’t played well.

And as the game of winning and losing continues on, there are days when all is well and others when things just don’t seem right.

The important thing she taught before she left ,” Go along with your heart, for your journey is yours and no one else’s.

Don’t you get into that bullshit of “ Oh what will the world say”

She would just shrug it as “HUMBUG”.

For within you is that beating heart, telling you to walk on your special path.

Walk on till you reach your end, and then as I saw her go, her looks told me she was about to fly away,

And as I told her to go and fly to freedom, I saw her fly away…..

She flew with them along, , her heart and her soul together..

A Conversation, between G and M…

G stands for the government, and M is me, that is commonly you and me..

M: We trusted in you and voted for you, do you think you have even delivered a quarter of what you promised us?

Or did you just appease me, to be appeased?

I didn’t elect you for nothing, did I? For I gave you my valuable vote, didn’t I ?

I did my duty, and now’s your turn, for I want it all set right.

The promises you made, before you were on the chair?

What were they? Good roads, an enviable economy, education for all , democratic policies to be kept in place. Freedom of thought , speech and belief.

Well you got to be kidding, if you think you’ve achieved this, for instead we’ve just witnessed a massacre, haven’t we?

The massacre of equality, of thought , speech religion and belief, which the flames of desire caused.

Did you stand, beside me and witness the burning of our nation, or were you and are you still in the illusion, that we are prospering?

You are answerable, so please answer now.

G: Please do not forget that I am the governing body, and have done all within my capacity, to govern the country rightly.

Let me see.. Infact we need to review the situation, don’t we?

M: Hahaha … Why am I involved here? You sure seem conceited.

Before the elections, you promised us a free country, absolutely democratic, where constitutional laws would be followed, and there would be no dearth of anything for any one.

Anyway you want a review so here it is

Are you not the government? Is it not your responsibility to work for the nation?

But sadly, the moment you came in power, something struck you, like a hurricane would, shredding you of the last vestige of kindness, and compassion and a moral responsibility, which comes with the chair.

For did the chair spell something else to you? If it did, step down, and work like the ordinary.

Look into it now, it’s you who are corrupt, isn’t it?

For corrupt officials, they are yours, they are the ones, who have given money, an unimaginable power, where the gap between the rich and poor can never be bridged.

The poor remain hungry, and the rich are overfed to the point of indigestion.

For is it not your officials who are the cause? Aren’t they up to mischief of a devious kind?

Standing on your side of the plane you see things as plain, as you want to, don’t you?

For you overlook the atrocities of your self, and give contracts to builders not for their skill, but for their will.

Their will to pay you the maximum than the other, and that is when you favour him to the exclusion of the other.

Then you assist in reclaiming land, unauthorised by natural law, because you decide to turn a blind eye to the deeds of the powerful.

Oh and to remind you, we have other two categories of people, the middle class and the upper middle class too.

Both whom you prod with sticks of thorns, for whichever way they go, they are sure to fall.

Surely you remember all your fancy policies, don’t you?

Don’t you think it is a a loser game?

For on one side of the pole is the underprivileged, who once privileged will lead us to a growing economy, thus securing our nation, forever.

So see what you are doing?

If you looked at it the this way, you would push them up the other half as you saw them reach half way up.

But you seem to be only interested in filling your coffers, so you only safeguard the fillers of your coffers.

What sort of a demon are you?

Your schemes and cunning plots will lead nowhere, except to darkness.

For in the light of the false right, your so called righteous ways, are a sure path to the dark.

What have you to hark?

The light or the dark, and if it’s the light you are to hark, then look within and observe….

G: Ah, yes I admit, there are corrupt parts of me, attacking and gnawing through the system, destroying it’s very foundations.

I am greedy to get, and in return I’ve sold a part of me to you.

And that part dear friend, had all my essential qualities, by which I could enhance my being.

But then you came on, and flashed the glitter of gold right in my eyes, and me a wanderer who refused to recognise the purpose of the chair, grabbed it as it seemed right.

Before I got the chair, I was one like you, who thought I’d work towards the betterment of man.

Then I played the game of the poll run, and won it hands down.

For no matter the stiff competition, my hands were focussed on the purpose.

Then came the day, I sat on the chair, and that was just dooms day.

For something sprouted from within, and it was then that sensation set in,

The sensations which brought in the thought for a desire of more.

So now my friend, I’ve lost it, for the hunger for power is unsatiable,

And I have lost the light to my purpose, and as I grope in the dark,

I commit the darkest of crimes, in the name of law.

M: Thank God you admit it, so now can you change your wayward ways?

Can you go back to the times when you worked towards your purpose?

When you saw sorrow, and a feeling of love and compassion came from within you,

That was when the money and power game was not so important to you, as was love for your subjects.

G: You are all right, but wait a minute dear friend, let’s review a bit further, can we?

I am on the other aside of the plane, but once I was on your side, and then you said I was like you, I had compassion, love, and could empathise with people in their sorrow, right?

But did you notice that when I went on the other side , I looked at life from that side.

For is it not true, that everyone who goes on the other side behaves the way I do?

I can tell you sirs , that this is really true, for from the side I am in, I see you, as me.

For you are as corrupt as I am, so some of you want everything greedily for themselves, earn more, pay more to us.

Then there is one lot of you, who do not want to take any responsibility whatsoever.

You think you owe us, as you’ve voted for us, but let me tell you something, that unless and until you take responsibility for your own deeds and actions, no one else will.

You’ve given me the total responsibility to be responsible for you, so here I am doing it the way I deem right.

For you can’t have the cake and eat it too.

You litter, and pollute the streets and the air, making me your clean up guy.

Have a heart you heartless being, for all you can think of is your only being.

Being asleep all day long, day dreaming of a better country, with you having no hand in making it true,

Because is it not the responsibility of the government servant?

For haven’t you given him your valuable vote?

After all haven’t you appointed him to do so, and you did this so you could sleep all day long and through the night too.

And mind you, you also remember to do your bit, backlash him every time he doesn’t do his bit,

For is he not supposed to take charge and clean up the mess you made,

Whether it is to the environment or to the neighbour, he is responsible for it all.

Then you teach him how to take a bribe, which indeed is justified,

For flaunting the law and damaging the environment, it is just a small price you pay, for the fulfilment of your desires.

You and me both think so too, until their comes a day when we realise its a big price to pay.

We’ve sold ourselves into slavery , as slaves of pleasure and desire, there seems only one way out ,

Out of the cave of darkness,

The 1st is to understand no matter what we are one, the giver and the receiver,

And to eradicate this darkness, let’s be the change we want to change,

No you and me, no slander or defamation,

Change first, and be the change you want in us, and in the world.

Do not bribe and I shall not be bribed, take responsibility of you ,by you, for you, and I shall take responsibility of me.

No longer will we be divided, for united we’ll stand.

M: Well said friend, you seem to be right, let’s walk hand in hand, and be the might to the real right…

Do your part, and the rest of the parts will find its way in to solve the biggest challenge we are all facing today. Please dear friends just do your bit.. God Bless.

As life just Blindsided us….

As life blindsided us, we are in a strange predicament,

For the known just turned unknown, and the unknown known,

As all we knew until now, was to live in the space of the outer,

where superstitions and cultural beliefs, false persona etc, took away the space that was ours.

And then life played up and dealt us a severe blow on our blind side, forcing us to see the other side.

Now as we move our vision to the other side, we just saw what was in the blind.

Wondering on what I’m about to unfold, there’s a lot in here, if you remove that blindfold.

For life just blinded you to the side you always saw, and opened up the window you were blinded to.

However, it’s up to you to open up the blinds and see the side blinded in you for life..

But if you’re one who feels you’re ok as you are, then don’t read further down, for what is below, will definitely have you mellow.

For the ones who want to mellow,

Did you know, that we are into more than 430 odd days into a pandemic, which does not seem to end?

That nature looks upon us everyday, trying to find a trace of evolution, trying to seek a positive answer to the question ” Will we see beyond the bend?

The period has been tragic, some lost their loved ones, some their friends, some lost on strange paths, seeming never to end,

Economy crisis, retrenchment, some have seen it all, and to the others the fear of it happening lurks over.,

But what do we make of all this?

Do we know, that all is on stake, for us to just see,

That no matter what, we all slept in the nights, no matter when,

Some in the wee hours of the morning, and and a few lucky, at ten.

But sleep we did, work we did, cook we did, eat we did, and worry we did,

Locked up in our homes, for some the morns never ended and for others the nights just didn’t pass,

Yet days passed by, not one, not two, but a good four hundred and twenty nine,

Yet this game seems to go on, and even though the sun doesn’t always shine,

The days it does brings hope to our every bit, however this is still just not it,

As every time I sigh, I know we are still not on the high,

For deep down we want things to be the way they are, the way we want them to be, but nature says there is another way,

It will not relent, unless you consent, for it’s time to let go,

Let go of greed, appearing as need,

Let go of that ego and look beyond yourself,

For as you go beyond you, you see a broader world, one where you can cohabit with the rest.

And as you expand in the expanse, you see your true “I “, the one that made you happen.

It is there and was always there hidden beneath the cluster of “I”s, which beckon us all the time.

One tells us to go ahead and live life king size, the other says “Oh just shut up and stay put”,

One says “Freak out”, the other says “The neighbours are watching put up a good front”, one hates you, the other loves all, which are we?

They confuse us, and round and round we move around in circles, until one day, comes this pandemic, and says,

“STOP”, and LISTEN , Mend your ways, and find yourself or else….

Or else what says another defiant “I”.

“Just stop where you are, go no further”, nature beckons,

For you’ve done enough damage, and now’s my turn,

We pay no heed and listen to our I’s ,

What is this we hear, there are some I’s telling us, “take advantage of the situation,

They’re not yours who’ve gone, so don’t worry, there will be better days,

Just hoard and play safe, for these days will pass,

Your lucky, all your dear ones are safe, it’s the others who suffer, it’s theirs that are gone.”

“Oh it’s their karma, what can we do?”, popped in another one with it’s say,

As it went on endlessly chattering, I spent the rest of my days dwelling in myself and my “I’s”.

Till one day I reach the end of the tether, just in time to realise my lease of life is just over, and what is left are those staggering moments,

Grasping them, as I gasp my way to an end, but then wait, did I see a light at the end of the tunnel?

No I didn’t, cause I was busy trying to hold on to life even more.

“Hey it said , your stay ends here,”

“Why so? I’ve not seen you yet? This is just not fair,” I retorted back.

It replied, “What was that then, the endless days and nights, as you huffed and puffed , trudging your way through thorny paths,

I asked you to look at the pleasant sights, but you, couldn’t do so, for the minute you looked at a pleasant sight, you wanted more,

And then you ran yourself sore, trying to grasp more, until you huffed and puffed again, and then reached the end of the tether holding you to dear life,”

It snapped taking me far beyond, into oblivion, and I woke up.

Oh was it a nightmare?

Awakened, I suddenly realise that I can’t let this happen,

We’ve lost dear ones, and nature’s fury is at it’s peak,

Can we look within, and take a peek,

for are we really demons in the guise of angels?

Then I knew something was wrong, for all along I wasn’t the actual me,

I had to look for my real one, the one with compassion and love, the one I came in with,

As I looked in, I found it, sitting beneath a whole lot of false” I’s”, and there it grinned at me as it said,

” Welcome home” You wanderer fugitive, and it sat me down.

Listen it said ” You may not like me much as you’ve been away long,

Impatient my other I’s were, assuring and cajoling me to walk away, but now I knew I had to hold on,

For I wanted the truth, only my real “I” could reveal, so I sat put and here I go.

Congratulations!! For if you’re reading this your blindside too is lost forever,

Strong and calm , wise and bold are you, to face the world of storms,

For whether we like it or not, the storms will come and pass.

You are here, in the midst of a crisis, and remember till you are here, stay on, in this moment,

Whether in heat or cold, every moment just hold,

For in the passing time, as we pass on, leaving all behind,

We go on, content , for we’ve seen the whole, the storm and calm, and no matter what,

We lived on, living life, moment to moment, day to day,

With no qualms, no pain, no pleasure, just the satisfaction of seeing things as they passed.

Undaunted you stood with the knowledge that your turn could be next, yet relentless, you didn’t flicker, for you knew the ways of the world.

Then when the times up, you know you made good use of your lease to a life so rich, you lived it wholly, without a flinch.

The goodbyes would be enriched with the essence of pure life, you carry back to your source.

Wake up friend for you are here, and blind to the side of the dark,

Open your eyes for now is when you can see the light, through the darkness of the night,

For it’s dark in here, what with Corona and it’s effects,

But you are in light, for you’ve opened your door, to the side not dark,

You’ve blinded the one who blinded, all along ,

The one who put my real self in the blind side of life..

So for now on know,

Lockdown or not, you will get your daily bread, if you intent it so, yes your bread not the others,

If you know the difference, that will be your inference, of the truth from the false,

For what once seemed to be true, was all false,

Running and racing, we lost the race to grace, only to fall in disgrace,

But then nature is kind, as a divine force intervened, and drastically shut us down,

Till we pushed the side we groped up, down,

And in the bargain as the blinded side thrust up, we were no more locked up, in the perceptions of the mind,

For then is when we could see, lockdown or not, the even flow of a common consciousness.

This consciousness beckons you to see it, “please it cries exasperatedly, where are you?”

Stop and see, what I want you to.

Enjoy me as I am, don’t turn me into what I’m not,

For from the roots of the trees, the leaves, the branches and the fruits, I am all but one,

I beckon you to enjoy me, and not cut me down, for I live here just like you,

The birds beckon too, and so do the animals and fishes, we live here too, let us be,

It’s our home too, can you not see?

The wind and the breeze, depict the free mind of the universe, cool and refreshing, inviting you to partake too.

“Please enjoy all of nature as we are”, humbly requests nature to all of us, for the laws of nature are the same for all of us.”

Believe in the provider, and know you will be provided,

For have you not embarked into this journey of time, to experience and evolve?

Not to stay and ask for more, for there is where you divest out, out of your arena into one of pleasure and pain.

But if you stop a while and taste my fruit, the sweetness in it’s taste will linger on for ever,

That is when you’ll have your fill and not need more.

See your self as you are, then you’ll know why you are here.

Then you’ll dare to live life without a scare.

The darkness just got blinded by the all pervading light.

When the Destiny of Death meets life..

That’s what miracles are all about, and the story I’m just about to narrate is nothing short of one.

Who says there is a dearth of nice people? Who says there is evil and no good on this planet?

Well whoever did, will know they were wrong, and terribly so.

There is only evil and good in the eyes of the one who see them so.

Well my explanations can wait, as they seem bland, in comparison to the real life story I’m just about to narrate.

The story of two young children, Rahul and Kadu, aged 5 and 3 years respectively.

They were at the end of the tether, which held them on to a miserable life, and was it better it snapped?

Not so for these little boys, as they had strong life energy within them, and it strengthened their hold on the tether, refusing to let go.

They were not going to give up, and that is when they had a tryst with life.

Jyotsana , their mother was left to fend for herself and these two small children, when her husband left her for another woman.

Poverty and exploitation, superseded all, and she decided to call it a day.

She lay in a drunken and unconscious state, with her two children near a roadside gutter in Surat, when a disgusted tempo driver, passing by, picked them up.

He dropped them off on the outskirts of Motafafali, a village near the Narmada river, and they were brought to the Chotubhai Hospital Charitable trust, when Mr Ashokbhai Patel received a call from 108.

Something seemed to change, was it a turning point in their life?

Not yet, but yes a transition began, for Ashokbhai and his son, Dr Nirav Patel were instrumental in giving these children and their mother a new lease of life.

The mother and children were brought in , cleaned up and treated for their ailments.

It turned out that the mother’s liver was damaged and the hospital treated her for the same.

When she was better they offered her a place to stay in the hospital premises, and offered her a job too.

The children were being prepared to be sent to the school run by the trust, which is just opposite the hospital.

Then all of a sudden this lady disappeared again, taking both the children with her.

But surprisingly they returned within a few days, as the elder son Rahul and mother were sick again.

Ashokbhai & Dr Nirav, took care of them, with the help of their staff, and they were well on their way to recovery.

A rehabilitation programme was set up for Jyotsana, who could not mend her ways, and under the pretext of meeting someone, she ran away with her kids again.

However, Rahul knew that they would be safe in the hospital, so he confidently told a taxi driver to drop them off to the hospital, ( Ashokbhai had ensured that he always had the address and telephone no of the hospital with him.)

The taxi driver was reluctant at first, but Rahul confidently assured him, that he would pay him his wages once they reach the hospital.

He dropped them off, and Rahul went promptly up to Ashokbhai, asking him to pay Rs 200/ to the taxi driver.

Ashokbhai willingly did so, and was glad that Rahul treated the hospital as his home.

Jyotsana was so wayward, that little Rahul, though just 5 years old, was accustomed to being the head of the family.

He took charge, and initially had even offered Ashok bhai some money for their upkeep.

He had a few rupees which he had earned begging on the streets of Surat.

Ashokbhai laughingly mentioned this to us, and we were as stunned as he was, when this young little kid had offered him money.

Beneath the innocence was this little boy’s responsibility to his family, and though Ashokbhai took his kind gesture in good humour, he was sad to see the boy and his brother in the state they were.

However not sure whether their mother would not run away again taking them with her, he told the boy to give him a call from wherever she took them.

A few days later this was exactly what happened, and Rahul called Ashokbhai from Surat, asking him to get him picked up.

Ashokbhai willingly did so, and got them back for the last time.

For soon after, their mother, who kept inviting the destiny of death to overpower the new lease of life given to her, passed away, leaving her children orphans.

The children too had to be sadly sent to an orphanage, as per the law.

But dear kind Ashok bhai did not give up, he kept contacting the orphanage, for their well being, and insisted they be sent for adoption together.

Then it seemed as if all their energies worked together, for destiny’s plan worked on their positivity.

A young couple from France, Christine Nadia Lapinsonniere, & Vincent Pierre Marie Pedel, adopted both the brothers.

You will be glad to know that today, Henri Rahul Marie Pedel, and Emilien Kadu Marie Pedel, reside at R/O, 72, Rue Achille, Viadieu, 31400, Toulouse, France.

Here it is amazing to note, that these two lovely souls, Christine and Vincent, stayed back in India, to learn about the children , their eating pattern, their lifestyle etc.

They wanted to be doubly sure that the children feel at home in a new land, and even joined cookery classes to be able to feed them as per their palate , until they get used to the cuisine in France.

So thoughtful and noble.

I was speechless, and all I could do was to write this down.

It seemed a if destiny worked for these boys, instead of against them, and I know why, cause they worked along.

The innocent boys, accepted their mother for what she was, and accepted their situation, not in despair, but as it was.

They somehow seemed to know that behind the underlining cloud of darkness, was the shimmering line of bright light, and it did come with their patience and faith.

Kudos to Ashokbhai, Dr Nirav and the staff of Chotubhai Charitable hospital for being as patient kind and trusting in the goodness of the universe.

And Kudos to the most amazing selfless new parents to these children, Christine and Vincent.

May there be more like you. May your tribe increase.

God bless you and your wonderful new family.

The boys awaited your coming here, for you’ll belong together.

Positive energies attract, and they got you near, no matter how far you were.

For the destiny of life smiled on you all, and brought in pure light and love, as you’ll got together, one that is destined to make wonders in the world together.


The Pedel Family

Hey Woman!! – Break through…

Pretty Woman, fair of face and full of grace, have you seen the morning phase?

Or are you still quelling in the endless dark night, waiting for morning light?

If you’ve woken up to broad daylight, then cheers pretty woman, we have a reason to celeberate.

But if you are still waiting in darkness, dear one, then this day just seems like any other promising one.

Wake up dear one, the morning light just came over the horizon,

Fair one, be fair to yourself , and swim across from the banks of oppression to the banks of freedom.

Then like a child , somersault in the lawns , looking up at the sky and the grass, as you go up and down.

Have you forgotten to enjoy these simple sweet pleasures?

Break through a life where years of condition and oppression, made you dead to living.

Will you tow the line to oppressors, or will you be the change all world over?

Remember the oppressed created the oppressor, and all you need to do is stand up,

Stand up for yourself, by yourself, for it’s true , your life is yours and not someone else’s.

If you don’t do so, then know you are the oppressor, and not the oppressed.

For years of oppression, and congrats you’ve graduated,

From the epitome, of a self sacrificing woman to the woman who is licenced to oppress.

For today what you see as a sacrifice made, is yet another day, in the history of life.

Turn the tables over, and you’ll see a woman guilty of crime.

For your honour, the oppressed didn’t stand up to womanhood.

To the woman who is pretty inside out, who takes storms and calm in her stride,

Whose wisdom takes the world over, and transforms mankind.

She uses her strengths to love, and be loved,

She’s one who is loving , kind and wise , she’s strong and brave,

For she’s the one whose been bestowed the strength, the wisdom, and the courage to bestow,

Upon the world sanctity, peace and joy, for she’s the woman that rocks the cradle,

She bears for bearing, bearing and nurturing the seed to prosperity.

Patient and kind to learn and teach the game of love and peace.

Nowhere was she to use her wonder gifts, to suffer, and wallow,

In self pity and a false pride.

For in the bargain she created , monsters in the form of oppressors, and as she lived oppressed from within, she forgot why she came in.

Light disappeared from life, and sorrow became a way of life.

Then one day, a few of her clan saw differently, and as they acted, they became the achievers.

As Aditi the master achiever reveals,

“One day crying alone, after being beaten and starved I had no place to go. I wanted to oppress the oppressor, but felt caged .

Then desperate, I was shocked that I had such vicious thoughts,

If I walked out of the cage, would I turn an oppressor?

Was this what I came for?

Then my mind said, ” Oh no, How dare you think so? You are an epitome of goodness bearing it all with grace.”

But I went beyond, and just looked on.

Then spoke my heart, “It’s true, Aditi, look beyond, beyond what you think it is, for far beyond is actually what is.

Then it spoke clearly and in a flash all was clear.

“Why oh why would you bring on yourself, by yourself , someone else’s self?

For is it not just one life you granted yourself? Was it to wane away before it waxed ,for the other self?

For who are they, and do they know what it means to you to being you?

Did you not come down to cherish doing the things you could do in the body granted to you?”

Did you not oppress yourself by being oppressed?

And then after years of oppression, did you not turn the oppressor?

For you forgot how it felt to be free, and knew only these two.

The oppressor and the oppressed, the only validated two.

When you didn’t play one, you were meant to play the other.

From oppressed to oppressor, you swiftly changed roles, knowing no other.

Nipping them in their buds the same way as you were done to.

They never would flower too, cause you didn’t right?

You just became another link in the chain of oppressors and oppressed, and it just grew.”

She saw herself as she would be, and the heart said ” Break through”

The mind debated, ” Oh come on, don’t go through all this , it’s not true, I’m sure you’ll find a way later, it’s just not now.

You are comfortable and used to your zone, so don’t do anything to endanger it.

For now you’ll be in danger, for sure the mind went on and on..

I looked on, and went beyond..

The heart smiled and I heard it say, to reach me one has to go beyond you, and that seems a herculean task to most.

But Yeah you’ve done it, you are an achiever!!

And rightfully so, for achievers do what she did, blown off their minds, and stood up for themselves.

They’ve changed it all, for they are the change, and that is why they are achievers.

They saw beyond what seemed to be black and white.

They saw the different colours and the different hues which life meant us to.

As I see them , a transition begins from within,

And the heart begins to sing as it flies, oh where was I ?

It was dusk, and as the hues fade over the horizon, and in came the dark night, I knew I was the transition, and I saw day.

A day where, we can share space with each other, as equal individual beings, who fulfil their dreams, walking side by side in the wonder called our world..

Come aboard, dear woman, it’s time to achieve the things you want to, the reason you came here for, and as you transform, the world will too..

When the G in Grace gives way….its a race all way…

Grace got us here, into the realms of earth.

The baby’s soft cry , announcing his arrival , is grace telling you its arrived.

Accepting the little  bundle of grace, beckons you to handle him with care, and you do so with grace by your side,

For the baby has graced your home, with a grace unknown.

Then comes the day, when the baby grows up into a toddler, and that is the day, you let grace fly out.

But why? I ask so, and I hear the inevitable,

“She had to go, for there isn’t a place for her here now,  she graced our home long enough, so its time for the next phase in our lives, and  the new tenant, apparently is  race.” says you.

As the baby goes out into the world, the race of life, enters in, for we as parents have carried it all along, right from our days, and we refuse to let go.

The tradition of comparison, the conditioning which teaches us right and wrong, we carried all along, bringing in yesterday in our today. 

So now you can turn around and tell me I’m wrong,  I learnt too what you did and believed like you do, that life is a race, and  the end goal is to win it.  Isn’t this what we were taught all along?

“She seems to do the job better, so I need to improve on it”, says a voice from within, so go on strive harder till you reach where she stands.

And then as you stand where she is, pleased with yourself, that you’ve done it, you get an adrenalin rush to better.

But sweetheart did you see what I see? You measured yourself by a scale of her standards,  yours could be much higher, oops sorry, much different.

This is just what we all do, all the time. Race with one another, thinking we are winning a marathon, and our whole life goes in racing, till we reach the finish line.

“Oh yeah you think you’ve won, you duffer ,for you’ve been running on a wrong track”, says a voice from within.

The finish line in the game is not reaching the end, but walking towards it with grace all along.

The other day as I took my evening walk in  joggers park at the backroad, I enjoyed overtaking an  X , Y and  Z. Enjoying the  adrenalin rush every time I overtook someone, I noticed I was equally dismayed  when someone overtook me.  I then noticed that all along in the course of the walk, all I did was  a mental calculation of the ones I bettered to the ones bettering me.

Was this the scale of better or worse? Don’t we do it all along?.  Comparison kills you, as life is not a race.

You may be faster than me in walking the track, but then I may be a faster and smarter decision maker, does it matter?

We all walk at our pace in the game of life, so there is absolutely no measure .

You may earn a lot of money, where as I may have just enough to sustain, so how does it matter?

You conducted a grand wedding for your daughter, and now its my turn, so I need to do it better,  who says so? 

“Yes it does,  ’cause you are going to be living constantly in our midst, and you’ve attended so many nice ones, now its your turn , so how can you back off?” said my neighbour. But then does it actually matter.

You could lay off if you want to, or get into the measurable state, and that is when Grace is definitely out. 

Vanita tells her husband, ” Sheela’s got her house renovated, with all the latest gadgets, and her furniture is just wow, should we too go ahead and commence with our renovation?”

Well we live in a society, where race replaced Grace, so the husband relented even though it was beyond his means to do so. 

Why are we racing all the time, is it right or wrong?

Right for you and you and you, am I right? Yes, you are ,said all unanimously…

But then I’m out. For, I choose to differ and  society demands conformation, and now I am ousted,  an outsider, who is not in the race of life.

So as I step down, I knock at Grace’s door, “who is it?” She asks softly, I tell her its me, and invite her over to stay with me. 

She then whispers softly in my ears, “Sweetheart, before I enter your space, I want to know what it is filled with?

Is it filled with your so called benevolence, for all man thinks ,is that he has a race to win, a purpose to fulfil, and he the benevolent soul has all there is in him, to be good and do good”.

Do you belong there? For if you do I can’t come in.

However if you know, that you do  things , for you and not for the other,   I can come in.

For as you take responsibility for yourself by yourself, you have a chance to live life  the way it was meant to”.

“Yes I understand what you mean” and welcomed her in, so now dear friends, 

Out of a rat race is just being, what you are, how you are, and a you who is you. That is when  grace comes in, and as you surrender to life,  the  magical door to paradise  opens up, showing  you its hidden treasures.

Here  there is no conformity to rules, made by traditions, beliefs, culture, and division ,where  you are free to fly high in the open sky.

Here there is no you and me, no division, and that is when  you become an individual, ( undivided whole) in the true sense of the word. 

Then you live in a land of no suffering , pain , anxiety, anger and greed. 

 A higher living is graced by grace itself,  and as you surrender to what is, you will reach the finish line to the end of a saga well done.

Wow, smarties! which did you choose? I chose Grace, in the one life I have, for it indeed is the right heir to the kingdom of paradise.

Who are they?

Eena, Meena, Anju, Manju or Madhu?

Who are they? Are you them?

No I am Sheena.

Then why do you do the things they do? Why do you follow a norm like they do?

Come on, look at you, where are you? Why are you here? Do you want to be in the drama of life?

Or just play your role , and move on..

The drama is on, and you are here to play your role.

But remember to know when you are done, and move on to the exit door.

Most of us clamber in, unable to get off, and there sweetheart is the place we are all in.

Well the cycle of life, goes on, its up to you to go on, or get off.

There’s a trick in here, and as I ask,

“Who’s tricking us”, a clock ticks within.

For it is a tick tock without a hop off.

Want to see how? It’s worth a try sweetie,

Firstly don’t do the things others do,

For it’s just not for you,

Yours is to explore the beauty called life, with the eyes of your heart, and not your mind,

For when was your mind ever kind, to let you see even you?

All, along it chattered away without a pause, letting you live in time.

Clouding the today with memories of yesterday, for as soon as you saw the wonderful morn, it brought in the dread of a yester morn.

Time never stopped to let you rest a while, in the laps of nature earth,

For the minute you did so, it drew you back into its realm of the unreal.

A prisoner you were to it, knowing no way out.

But then you grew smart and wise, and with wisdom came the now, and with it brought in awareness, and then dear friend,

You did the impossible, you attended in your awareness,

That is when you could scamper out, and meet the person you were meant to be.

For sitting beside the fireplace, you see the sparks on a winter evening, and your heart warms up to the special warmth you have from within,

Your heart just took over…

Nurturing you in its warmth, and telling you to just be, was all you wanted dear friend.

You live to be the person you are, and to naturally do what you’ve come to do.

And then new avenues open up, the right ones, and you’ll know they’ll take you, to where you ought to go.

And, then you leave the circle behind, leaving Eena, Meena, Anju and Manju, and no please don’t take Madhu with you, leave her behind too.

Then you’ll see, people of different shapes and sizes, all united into a magnanimous whole.

The pieces of puzzle fit together, don’t they? and no longer are you puzzled, as you see this wonderful picture of life unfold in front of you.

So as you traverse this journey of life, you see the things you would never have seen, had you not moved away from the maze of life.

But no we ” the so called intellectuals” don’t see, instead we follow the path of the outer circle, where one is ahead of the other,

One has to race ahead to keep the others following, and in our race to do so, we remain within the never ending cycle of space and time,

Never ending, never being, just becoming and becoming, and becoming.

What ? A bundle of stupid intellectuals, who run a course,with courses and courses,

The online ones, and the offline too.

The career ones are okay as they course your path for a living, but then you are not done,

As everyone does that, how could you be the better?

Go ahead sweetheart think hard,

Yeah you guessed right, knowledge darling,

Isn’t it the winning edge?

You could tutor or learn, both seem good, as one entails the other.

But I think otherwise , for it’s all the matter of the heart.

Don’t you think you need to give yourself the luxury of time, and stop running so hard,

For within you, is the genius you’ve never ever met, the one who’ll set you on,

On to the path, of the end of a cycle, for the beginning of a new life.

And the award goes to…..

The best man, of course!!

Do you need to write a blog on this? I asked myself.

I swear I wouldn’t have needed to, for if it were not for these two little children, Vivaan and Sohana, I wouldn’t have anything to say.

We were holidaying together, and it was at the breakfast table, when these 6 and 7 year olds expressed their wish to explore around.

I offered to go along, and this little exploration, led on to a revelation.

Oh and what a revelation that was!

As we climbed down the stairs, off to our little adventure, they noticed that I was limping down.

That is when the cute little pranksters decided to take charge of our little outing.

Caringly they held my arm one on each side, helping me down the not so steep steps till we reached flat ground.

The weather was quite pleasant, and the view breath taking, so we decided to walk down instead of taking the buggy.

We had planned to go to the recreation area, and as I walked down with them, I noticed something that touched my heart like never before.

Nearing 60, I hadn’t experienced anything like this before.

On the go, and actively taking pride in my activeness, I had developed a subtle sense of ego.

By subtle I mean, one I was unaware of until now.

Now as hard as I tried to keep pace with them, I was unable to.

So we had to stop at every corner, where I found a bench to sit on.

Constant walking stiffened my joints, and to rejuvenate them I had to take little breaks to sit down more often.

Expecting children to be a little impatient, wanting to reach their destination soon, these two were otherwise.

Instead of complaining, they joined me in them, sitting around, laughing and joking .

I felt joyous and 6 again.

Enjoying our walk, we climbed a few steps up, and then a few steps down, till we were in the game room.

A few shots at table tennis, then off we went to the carrom board, the best game for all ages.

Since we were a trio, the winner was the one with the maximum coins.

Vivaan and Sohana had a special bond, one difficult to understand, for when we began our game it was strange to see them play.

Each played consciously, not trying to get into the territory of the other.

And also amusing was that if one had already won more coins than the other, and if they had equal chances of striking a win, they considerately let go.

This was a game, and we had always learnt to fight tooth and nail to win.

They showed me a different way.

For as I saw Sohana reaching out to strike a coin, she looked at Vivaan, asking him if he wanted to strike it.

I asked her why so?

She retorted back, ” I don’t like him to sulk”.

I like it when we laugh together.

I told her to strike it, and as it went into the pocket, Vivaan who would have been perturbed, just let be.

He looked a little dismayed at first, but then thought better of it.

He let her enjoy the glory of winning, and as he played his shot, he gave it his best.

Neither did Vivaan nor Sohana intrude on a coin in the other’s territory, thus making the game enjoyable.

I enjoyed myself, playing just to be in the game, enjoying their strive and spirit.

For as we got up it was a win win situation.

There was no winner or loser, there was us, enjoying ourselves.

Then , as I caught a gleam in their eyes as they looked at each other, I knew for sure, that it was their win.

A win over life’s illusions, which were made of lose and win, of achieving and hoarding,

Here there was none.

This was a sure win.

A win which had no lose.

These kids taught me something today,

That there is abundance, of everything for everyone,

Just focus on your needs, they are there within your reach.

For the minute you go beyond, these,

You steer off the guiding radar,

And step into another’s land,

Where you are lost to your own forever.

And now we can say the award goes to them,

It is without any strings attached,

No fame and acclaim,

It’s just there, beyond the illusionary one,

For those who know their pick.

It was there for these two little innocent pranksters,

who though cried and laughed, like all did, were yet so different.

And as we took the buggy home,

I knew the award went with them. The best men…

The breeze brushing against their smiling faces could tell,

They’ve reached home wise with a message to spell.

That life is no race to win.

The win was not to be in the rat race , but in being out of it.

The very watching was the win.

And as I discover this its cheers all the way,

To these naughty pranksters, who lead the way,

To the award which can be ours too…

The unsaid award, with no acclaim, fame, possession, none at all,

But when you receive it, you know your there..

You’ve won the game of life…