Who are they?

Eena, Meena, Anju, Manju or Madhu?

Who are they? Are you them?

No I am Sheena.

Then why do you do the things they do? Why do you follow a norm like they do?

Come on, look at you, where are you? Why are you here? Do you want to be in the drama of life?

Or just play your role , and move on..

The drama is on, and you are here to play your role.

But remember to know when you are done, and move on to the exit door.

Most of us clamber in, unable to get off, and there sweetheart is the place we are all in.

Well the cycle of life, goes on, its up to you to go on, or get off.

There’s a trick in here, and as I ask,

“Who’s tricking us”, a clock ticks within.

For it is a tick tock without a hop off.

Want to see how? It’s worth a try sweetie,

Firstly don’t do the things others do,

For it’s just not for you,

Yours is to explore the beauty called life, with the eyes of your heart, and not your mind,

For when was your mind ever kind, to let you see even you?

All, along it chattered away without a pause, letting you live in time.

Clouding the today with memories of yesterday, for as soon as you saw the wonderful morn, it brought in the dread of a yester morn.

Time never stopped to let you rest a while, in the laps of nature earth,

For the minute you did so, it drew you back into its realm of the unreal.

A prisoner you were to it, knowing no way out.

But then you grew smart and wise, and with wisdom came the now, and with it brought in awareness, and then dear friend,

You did the impossible, you attended in your awareness,

That is when you could scamper out, and meet the person you were meant to be.

For sitting beside the fireplace, you see the sparks on a winter evening, and your heart warms up to the special warmth you have from within,

Your heart just took over…

Nurturing you in its warmth, and telling you to just be, was all you wanted dear friend.

You live to be the person you are, and to naturally do what you’ve come to do.

And then new avenues open up, the right ones, and you’ll know they’ll take you, to where you ought to go.

And, then you leave the circle behind, leaving Eena, Meena, Anju and Manju, and no please don’t take Madhu with you, leave her behind too.

Then you’ll see, people of different shapes and sizes, all united into a magnanimous whole.

The pieces of puzzle fit together, don’t they? and no longer are you puzzled, as you see this wonderful picture of life unfold in front of you.

So as you traverse this journey of life, you see the things you would never have seen, had you not moved away from the maze of life.

But no we ” the so called intellectuals” don’t see, instead we follow the path of the outer circle, where one is ahead of the other,

One has to race ahead to keep the others following, and in our race to do so, we remain within the never ending cycle of space and time,

Never ending, never being, just becoming and becoming, and becoming.

What ? A bundle of stupid intellectuals, who run a course,with courses and courses,

The online ones, and the offline too.

The career ones are okay as they course your path for a living, but then you are not done,

As everyone does that, how could you be the better?

Go ahead sweetheart think hard,

Yeah you guessed right, knowledge darling,

Isn’t it the winning edge?

You could tutor or learn, both seem good, as one entails the other.

But I think otherwise , for it’s all the matter of the heart.

Don’t you think you need to give yourself the luxury of time, and stop running so hard,

For within you, is the genius you’ve never ever met, the one who’ll set you on,

On to the path, of the end of a cycle, for the beginning of a new life.

And the award goes to…..

The best man, of course!!

Do you need to write a blog on this? I asked myself.

I swear I wouldn’t have needed to, for if it were not for these two little children, Vivaan and Sohana, I wouldn’t have anything to say.

We were holidaying together, and it was at the breakfast table, when these 6 and 7 year olds expressed their wish to explore around.

I offered to go along, and this little exploration, led on to a revelation.

Oh and what a revelation that was!

As we climbed down the stairs, off to our little adventure, they noticed that I was limping down.

That is when the cute little pranksters decided to take charge of our little outing.

Caringly they held my arm one on each side, helping me down the not so steep steps till we reached flat ground.

The weather was quite pleasant, and the view breath taking, so we decided to walk down instead of taking the buggy.

We had planned to go to the recreation area, and as I walked down with them, I noticed something that touched my heart like never before.

Nearing 60, I hadn’t experienced anything like this before.

On the go, and actively taking pride in my activeness, I had developed a subtle sense of ego.

By subtle I mean, one I was unaware of until now.

Now as hard as I tried to keep pace with them, I was unable to.

So we had to stop at every corner, where I found a bench to sit on.

Constant walking stiffened my joints, and to rejuvenate them I had to take little breaks to sit down more often.

Expecting children to be a little impatient, wanting to reach their destination soon, these two were otherwise.

Instead of complaining, they joined me in them, sitting around, laughing and joking .

I felt joyous and 6 again.

Enjoying our walk, we climbed a few steps up, and then a few steps down, till we were in the game room.

A few shots at table tennis, then off we went to the carrom board, the best game for all ages.

Since we were a trio, the winner was the one with the maximum coins.

Vivaan and Sohana had a special bond, one difficult to understand, for when we began our game it was strange to see them play.

Each played consciously, not trying to get into the territory of the other.

And also amusing was that if one had already won more coins than the other, and if they had equal chances of striking a win, they considerately let go.

This was a game, and we had always learnt to fight tooth and nail to win.

They showed me a different way.

For as I saw Sohana reaching out to strike a coin, she looked at Vivaan, asking him if he wanted to strike it.

I asked her why so?

She retorted back, ” I don’t like him to sulk”.

I like it when we laugh together.

I told her to strike it, and as it went into the pocket, Vivaan who would have been perturbed, just let be.

He looked a little dismayed at first, but then thought better of it.

He let her enjoy the glory of winning, and as he played his shot, he gave it his best.

Neither did Vivaan nor Sohana intrude on a coin in the other’s territory, thus making the game enjoyable.

I enjoyed myself, playing just to be in the game, enjoying their strive and spirit.

For as we got up it was a win win situation.

There was no winner or loser, there was us, enjoying ourselves.

Then , as I caught a gleam in their eyes as they looked at each other, I knew for sure, that it was their win.

A win over life’s illusions, which were made of lose and win, of achieving and hoarding,

Here there was none.

This was a sure win.

A win which had no lose.

These kids taught me something today,

That there is abundance, of everything for everyone,

Just focus on your needs, they are there within your reach.

For the minute you go beyond, these,

You steer off the guiding radar,

And step into another’s land,

Where you are lost to your own forever.

And now we can say the award goes to them,

It is without any strings attached,

No fame and acclaim,

It’s just there, beyond the illusionary one,

For those who know their pick.

It was there for these two little innocent pranksters,

who though cried and laughed, like all did, were yet so different.

And as we took the buggy home,

I knew the award went with them. The best men…

The breeze brushing against their smiling faces could tell,

They’ve reached home wise with a message to spell.

That life is no race to win.

The win was not to be in the rat race , but in being out of it.

The very watching was the win.

And as I discover this its cheers all the way,

To these naughty pranksters, who lead the way,

To the award which can be ours too…

The unsaid award, with no acclaim, fame, possession, none at all,

But when you receive it, you know your there..

You’ve won the game of life…

Ringing in 2021..

Thank you 2020.., for if it were not for you, we could never see 2021 as we ought to.

Now as we welcome in 2021, we know it is just not another new year, its our chance of a lifetime,

It’s a new us, entering a new year, knowing that until now we never lived,

For it was 2020 that showed us, that life was not just what we thought it was,

As prior to it, were we not on the page, where work, money, power and glamour, were written?

What 2020 did was to erase that page, and as it erased each bit of the bold writing,

It rewrote a new one, titled ” Loving Being”.

When we crawled into the 1st quarter of 2020, life’s meaning was unknown,

All we knew was that life was ours to give and take,

For power, fame and money was all, we had and knew.

The ones who didn’t have it, ran the race to reach it, and the ones who had it ran faster, so as not to be overpowered.

The only stop, was a break called rejuvenation, the one which was far from it all.

As it was another show of power and glamour, called entertainment, or even a relaxation, which was not very different from a bulls fight or a boxer’s ring, where all you tried to do was thinking you were enjoying or relaxing, when in actuality it was none.

Either you were in the ring or outside, it made no difference.

Then came March 2020, and what happened then made all the difference.

Nature power took over, and showed us the way,

We resisted a lot before we gave way,

Initially we felt like prisoners in our home, trying to find a way out.

We were all shut out, out of action, money and a crisis unheard of.

But that dear friends, was in actuality none of the above,

It was merely a crisis in our thinking.

Intelligent mankind had grace on his side, when he intelligently developed technology,

However having technology by his side, he thought himself all mighty,

That was when grace gave him the slip, and then technology became a hazard in his growth.

As grace slipped away, mankind used technology disgracefully,

The powerful people used it to gain mileage, the weak used it to think they were powerful.

So the first few months were spent in information received, some true and more false.

As the mighty squandered it away to gain mileage, using it unwisely,

It proved to be a deadly weapon, instead of a powerful arm.

The intelligent man became a mechanical robot.

And that was one of the reasons of this calamity.

As grace was disgraced, it created more fear, anxiety, and fury.

Then what happened changed the scenario altogether.

For a few wise among them realised, that life could not go on, this way,

They went back to distinguishing between needs and wants,

And realised that dropping frivolous desires was all that was.

Suddenly in came back an intelligence once lost,

They let go of it all, and submitted to what came their way.

Then came the break through, for this was not a crisis,

The crisis was only in their thinking, and conditioning, and as they let go,

A new wave came over, to set the way.

For now as we ring in 2021, our hearts sing,

The song of joy, as nature did say in its in numerous ways,

Let go, let be and then see,

You’ll reach the shore of the morning sea,

Where all is bright and light..

A perspective to a new life, opening up new avenues in life..

Let’s welcome 2021 together….

Loads of Love darlings….,.

Living is Relating…

This one’s fresh, as it just came in..

How did it come in? you might ask.

Well here we go..

It all happened this morning, as I watched our 15 month old grand- daughter, relate to the crows and sparrows on the kitchen ledge.

Meher, is visiting us for the first time, and it has been wonderful having her here with us.

Her fresh essence, brought to mind this,

“When you sign the lease to life , you prepare to enter into a world where living means relating..”

Slowly and gradually as you become aware of all things around you, your eyes relate to it all.

The days, nights, summers , winters, heat, cold, pain and pleasure, slowly we relate to it all.

As we grow older, we start relating to everything through the experiences we’ve had.

The sweet smell of rain, may be pleasant to the ones who’ve enjoyed them, prattling in the knee deep waters, and sailing boats in them.

However, the ones who are stuck at home, knowing they can’t step out, and observe dark clouds, from within, find the rainy season dreary and dull.

We accept and go with the flow, yes wincing at times, and then as the wince turns into a smile, there is a relation between both, and that is it.

The cache is for us to catch while we are here,

And Meher did find it for me, this fine morning.

She began to slowly relate , to everything around.

Meher, was fascinated when she saw the crows and birds sitting on the ledge, outside.

The first day she saw them , it seemed as if her eyes would pop out of their little sockets.

But the very next day and the day after, she got so accustomed to them, that she would wave at a far off crow, perched on a tree across the window ledge, inviting it to come over and partake the food on the ledge.

She related to the whole thing so naturally, and got so used to the surroundings around fitting into our routine like a hand in glove.

Having met all of us for the first time, since her birth, it seemed rather amazing the way she took to all around.

A pure fresh soul, she is just what she is, and she relates to all around as if they are one like her.

No pretence of what she is, no assumptions of what you are.

Her little taste buds, explored different types of food, and she wanted to share them with all around.

She hugged and kissed her big brother Vivaan, with love and warmth.

Then I saw compassion emerge from her, when she saw her mother in pain as she hit the base of the table while walking.

Rushing up to her she hugged her and cuddled her warmly, offering solace and comfort.

What was this? I asked myself, and with all earnest, something flashed,

As if like a torch light, which just flashed its light on an unseen object in a dark cave.

That object, which was in darkness always, suddenly came to light.

Like a mirror, which reflected our true selves, as we are, and not as we want to be.

Letting the incident pass, I woke up the next day, and while exercising heard J. Krishnamurti’s soothing voice, as he spoke in one of his lectures,

He just happened to mention in it, that we are moving in a corridor of opposites, as we are in constant conflict, wanting to move from being to becoming.

We could never be there were we are, for as soon as we walked through the corridor, the opposite beckoned, telling you to get better, for eg: An angry you is you now, you cannot say you shouldn’t be so.

You are angry now and that is your concern.

You shouldn’t be so is not your concern.

Aw I had goose bumps,

Oh its just coincidence you might say, but I felt it was much more.

It told me to introspect and accept .

Acceptance to what is.

A relation was made, and before I knew it I related to my anger which is me, and it vanished.

As I came out of my trance, I saw baby Meher prancing away joyously, as she got attracted to my medicine strip.

My efforts were all focussed on getting it out of reach before she could , and gosh I succeeded, only to see her sweet smiling face puckering adorably, as she began to cry.

Aw my sweet heart, what had I done?

With the same gusto, I flashed a colourful attractive bottle at her, and I was indeed pleased to see her smile, as she rushed and grab it.

But Alas, she fell.

Worried I looked at her face expecting it to pucker with pain,

I was astonished to see her pull herself up with a naughty glint on her face,

As if to say, ” There certainly is no gain without pain”.

She won her prize at last, and triumphantly showed it around to all of us,

Clapping for herself, she urged us to do so, and as we clapped,

It brought home the point, that losing and gaining seemed related.

Then were they of any significance?

As I asked myself this , the question seemed significantly unimportant,

As winning and losing , pleasure and pain are just sides of the same coin,

we just can’t let go can we?

For every time we think of doing so, the win and pleasure side of the coin, stares back at us, propelling us to hold on,

Now sweethearts its alright if you enjoy them then, and not ask for more.

And while doing so, remember the Meher way,

Enjoy the win and the pleasure for the moment, and let go,

And relate to the flip side , knowing that this too shall go,

Leaving behind a sense of joy.

The joy of relating to everything, and everyone.

The core of living a “La Meher style”.

The dark night….

“The night is dark and I am far from home….

Lead kindly light, amidst the circling gloom….. Lead thou me on”

This hymn by Saint John Newman, suddenly came in to me, as I once again sat at my desk.

In came this observation, all nights don’t seem so dark, do they?

Well, of course not, came the answer from within.

However, as the sun sets, in emerges darkness.

In actuality the sun never rises and sets, however it appears to us that it does, due to the earth’s rotation.

What seems to be an outward phenomenon, seems to be reigning within too, causing me to realise that the sun never sets..

You just move away, when you choose to ignore it and plunge into darkness.

Nostalgia just set in, and I reminisced my stay at Vandevi, my jungle home, where being close to nature, I got to understand its phenomenon, within and out.

The morning sun rise always gave me a certain high, making me joyously intoxicated as the birds chirped and peacocks squawked joyously around.

At dusk, a sinking feeling arose from within, and as I watched the sun set, the birds fly home, well that was when my heart sank as if all was lost.

This happened for days at end, until one day I observed deeply . The darkness was within me, I had moved away from light.

As I looked deeply at myself, aware of what was taking place from within, and seeing what just happened, a transformation took place.

For instead of trying to find reasons and ways of overcoming this feeling, I looked at it, accepted it and surrendered.

Hands up I told myself, and as I did so, everything seemed so natural as is.

Nature has a way, of teaching you its ways, if you let go and look deeply into it.

Its wonderful and then came in a feeling of ecstasy, one I cannot describe.

On this very note, I discovered another intriguing one.

Accepting the night is one thing, and sleeping soundly through it is another.

A sound sleep at night , calms your body and mind,

A natural balm to the weary mind,

Then why does sleep evade you,

and when it eventually does come to you, why does it robs you of its soundness?

That is when I asked myself,

Did I miss out on goodness?”

Awaiting an answer eagerly, here’s what sprang up,

A sound sleep at night is a gift for the wise, who know how to conduct their day,

For a lost day, leads to a lost night.

A lost day, is one, which starts off in a rush, without any meaning or order,

Doing things you have to do, without really being in them, grumpy and unkind to all around,

And as you go about without the goodness of being, you rob yourself and cause pain around,

Then for sure, you have all night, to brood and repent, and try to put in order, the disorderly day.

And if by chance you happen to sleep, you’ll be working all through the night in your dreams,

trying to change the events of your day, and rubbing soothing balm on the wounds of the ones you inflicted.

As my heart sang ” For every job that has to be done, there is an element of fun, in the most delightful way” ( Mary Poppins, Just a spoonful of sugar…)

I then asked myself, “Could I enjoy work during the day ?

So to me a task well done, with fun is the order needed to straighten up everything.

Out with the tangles of disorder, I told myself.

By order I mean, not a time table day, but one enriched with the goodness of being,

One in which I am aware of my every action, and my every action am I.

And then as the day passes off, into the night,

A strange calm presides over,

Changing the disorder, into an order , and

Now, as I rest my head on my pillow, I am one with it.

Dead to the world, I sleep through,

As my day turns to night, the order of the day, becomes order at night.

Order within and out, and order flows to order,

For can you ever imagine a messed up disorder, suddenly transform into order?

The wise men were the ones who always wanted a good nights sleep to rejuvenate for a new day.

That new day will have all the order, as a well rested body and mind , can never have a disorderly day.

Cheers to the wise, and as you welcome the night, you know that all you want, ever, is to sleep sound.

Wise men always cracked ” Do your job well to have a good night’s sleep”

The connection of the day to the night was never so clear earlier as it is today.

So guys , the crux in life is to know what you want,

And as we wade through life’s ups and downs, all we need is to end it all,

With a good night to fall back on….

Good night to you all…

The Black Cat.

It was a fine, Monday morning, and Elena was busy getting breakfast ready for her little one year old, Andy.

Andy walked around exploring treasure zones, peeking into cabinets, and rustling out all the colourful packages from the cabinets.

These were her favourite things, and as soon as her day began, she enthusiastically, tried climbing off her bed, remembering her favourite things.

Her mother looked at her cute little bundle, with mixed feelings.

She was cute, and spritely as well as naughty and a handful.

Elena looked at her in awe, however the awe turned into exasperation, when she saw Andy run out and ruin the shelf she had just recently tidied.

Andy was a handful indeed, but then, wasn’t that why she was so cute?,

Was it too much to pay for cuteness? She smiled as she wondered what was in store for her today.

As Elena bent to scoop up Andy and put her on her royal high chair, for breakfast, her eyes wandered towards the glass door, which opened into the back yard.

She was taken aback, at what she saw.

For perched on the parapet, she saw a pair of wild blue eyes looked right into her.

The eyes were frighteningly bold, and as she looked at the frame in which the eyes were set, Elena turned cold.

There seemed to be something very blood curdling about this creature.

It was a huge black cat, and it seemed to be menacingly gauging her.

Tired and weary as she was, she realised it was just the start of the day, and there could be lot more in store.

She was home alone since a year, and the prospect of stepping into the back yard with her little daughter, now seemed far fetched with the menacing cat in sight.

She wondered as to its gender, and as if to quell her curiosity, the cat stretched itself out too its maximum, revealing to her that he was male.

Her curiosity satisfied, she went on doing her daily work.

However Andy had other plans. She looked at the black flesh of mass, settle itself on the ledge outside, with its tail curled under it.

She went as close as she could, and would have loved to touch him, but then the glass door restricted her.

Elena heaved a sigh of relief, as she did not even want to think of Andy touching him.

Then suddenly something very strange took place.

The black cat got up, and came right up to where the baby was standing.

She lifted up her paw to hold Andy’s hand trying to shake hands with her.

The two were separated by the glass door, but suddenly it just did not seem to matter.

They looked at each other, and slowly Andy began to babble away in her own sweet language, the cat meowed in unison, and then continued a string of baby blabber and meows.

Elena was amazed as she watched, and it suddenly struck her, that all was not as it appeared to be.

A while ago she had thought

“How could a cat come in and create a nuisance, in her already very chaotic schedule? Did she not have enough on her hands already?

Why oh why was the cat here?

Her mind raced on and on, and before she could know it had crossed all bounds.”

She remembered all disasters which had befallen her, and felt, she was wronged enough.

Then suddenly as she stood still watching Andy and the cat exchange sweet nothings, her whole world changed.

Things didn’t seem bleak after all.

What was this? She asked herself, and then she realised that this was order.

An order she didn’t quite really understand.

For wasn’t it the orderly universe, to have all of nature encompassed within , a place and provision for everyone.

Was not the black cat, Elena and Andy all together in it? Then what was it that she was shying away from?

Oh yes, once upon a time, a few years ago, there lived an Elena, who happened to go on a wild trip, with a few wild friends.

The friends were as wild as the trip was, and the wildness in them was depicted in their behaviour.

They tried to chase a black wild cat, and hurled stones at her.

Well she was wild enough too, she unexpectedly turned around and sprang up at Gerald, the lead bully, and scratched him so badly nearly pulling off his eyes.

Elena was horrified, and that memory stayed on, as she had carried it along with her, and brought it here to where it did not belong.

Today everything was in order, but Elena brought in disorder to order.

Today, had this black blue eyed cat, and Andy admiring each other, as they were.

What caused disorder to the order was Elena’s memory of the happenings of yester years.

Fear gripped her, making her insecure, and she just wanted the cat to go away.

Well, well right now the cat was busy playing with Andy and had no intention to leave.

Elena went about her daily chores, preoccupied with fearful thoughts, that she did not notice, Andy trying to open the door separating her from her friend.

Fortunately for Andy, the door was not firmly locked, and she managed to push it open.

She went into the back yard and towards her black friend who took a few steps towards her.

This was when Elena noticed Andy cooing away, stroking the cat and the cat in turn sat close to her purring in delight.

Oh what a sight!

Everything just vanished away, Elena’s fear, her insecurity, and the cold shudders.

Instead as she stood watching both of them interacting, she decided to let be.

Just as the glass door opened up, so did the barrier between the cat and Elena vanish.

Elena looked at the friends with love and compassion, for now she truly wanted them to be friends.

She just wanted Andy to enjoy and explore the world for what it is, and not through tainted eyes.

Don’t we all have similar stories?

Aren’t we all Elenas, who don’t seem to let go of anything?

Don’t we accumulate, almost everything , which ever happened to us?

Don’t we all live fearful lives, faced with unknown non existing fears?

Does the black cat in our life haunt us forever?

Why can’t we perceive its extended paw of friendship, and move beyond?

Just then Elena knew, she had perceived what is..

She smiled as she picked up Andy, and winked at darky, as she bade him good bye,

For she knew then that tomorrow would be another day,

Where in the backyard, the friends would play,

And she would be a silent spectator, who would look on….

There was a glow of love, all over her, as she suddenly felt a cheer in the air,

The cold dreary despair, had given way to a freedom unknown..

Missed the Bus… Have You?

Of course I have, said Anita, who was struggling over a family property for years, on end, with no results, and after days of waiting, came the day when she felt her struggles would end.

The judge seemed all ears, and things seemed quite bright, when all of a sudden the tables turned.

Her trusted counsel took up for the opposition, and stalled the hearing for another date.

This situation is familiar is it not?

How many times have we faced such situations in our life, and feel that we’ve missed our bus.

I’m sure most of you agree with me, on this.

However, how many of you will agree with me when I say, that all the buses we think we’ve ever missed were not ours to catch in the first place.

I’m sure you won’t agree with me, now, but will do so, when you read the below incident which happened recently .

Simple it may sound, but to me it was far from being simple, as I knew just then that I had missed my bus.

The actual bus home..

Just right now, sitting on my chair, gazing out, is me, a woman I didn’t think I knew a second ago.

I thought I was wise and careful not to fall into the “me” bracket, which invariably invites hurt and resentment.

A second changed it all.

For here I am, sulking as my husband who helped me clean up the kitchen, casually commented , that the kitchen was a mess, and that even the kitchens at hotels would not be as messy with their variety of dishes, as mine was.

This didn’t go down well with me, and I retorted back asking him if he’d ever been to one.

Disgusted I stomped out of the kitchen and walked to my desk.

As I looked out of the window, the scene was all new.

And it was then that I knew, I had missed my bus.

For only an hour ago, everything looked so bright and nice, and now it was all dark and dull.

Well could I not just take it lying down?

Could I not accept it so, and take it in my stride?

Why was everything around me centred in me?

Suddenly nothing seemed real, for what was real?

The bright and nice or the dark and dull ?

Who knows? Who cares, for at that moment I really didn’t. All I knew was that I live on as it is, sometimes in the light and sometimes in the dark.

We all do so don’t we?

Do we dare to look beyond? To a world beyond this, to the actual one.

No we can’t go beyond.

And why?

As whenever we try to do so, the me in me like the me in you, doesn’t let us do so, and you know why?

As if you go beyond, the me loses out.

How oft have we heard this wise crack, ” Come on, it’s not about you or me, it’s just this that is”.

“Oh what wisdom!”, says the listener, and there we go again, the wise man, forgets everything wise and then at the spur of the moment, remembers its all about him.

This is the bus we all miss, and this is the bus we all know nothing about.

The day we stand at the right bus stop, on the route which says” Beyond you”, there will be no bus we’ll ever miss.

As nothing else will ever matter.

Then with your heart and head in place, you will be able to see things as they are, crystal clear.

For as you go beyond you, the me centre then takes a back seat, and a discovery takes place,

allowing you to move on rationally, untainted by any image of the self.

Moving further down the path, the me centre suddenly disappears, and you clearly see what is, and not what appears.

Then what appeared as a missed bus , was just not so, as it was not a bus you missed, it just wasn’t yours.

Suddenly nothing seems to matter, except the fact, that you lost you, in your strive to catch the outer bus.

The deep sense of freedom you will then discover is all that you ever need to hold on to .

Don’t miss it at any cost.

It’s the one you find when you take a route beyond you, and the self in you.

It’s that place , where hate does not meet hate, where violence for violence is not the call of the day, where you can hold on to a love so profound that nothing else exists.

Then the need to do, the need to perform, the need to have a purpose, the need to be occupied, the need to be acknowledged, the need to be important, the need to be useful and so on and on.. just do not exist.

It all just happens, for as you flow along, with an open mind, you are set to go with a focus which naturally comes without the strive.

Everything just happens as it should, as then comes insight, the divine sight which does not let you miss any bus.

By any bus, I mean the ones meant for you, to traverse across the worldly path.

Then you can clearly see that the ones you thought you missed were never yours to catch.

So here we are friends, where we ought to be, in a world where there is enough for you and me,

Where we have no other need but to just be, and enjoy our journey, play our part, without malign and grievances.

Let’s learn to live and let live, without any division of the you and me.

Then together we will journey across the world and beyond, not as you and me, but as we…


Underneath The Mango Tree..

On a Tuesday morning, I was on my way to the bus stand to go to office, when something strange happened.

A strong wind blew away the folder I was holding, and as I bent to pick it up, the fragrance of roses captivated me, causing me to turn my head towards the opposite direction, which was indeed the street leading towards the garden.

Daffodils swaying in the breeze, butterflies flitting from one flower to another, soared my spirits, and as the breeze brushed my cheeks, my joy knew no bounds.

I quickly changed my mind, and walked on the path leading to the garden.

Entering it, I turned right, and headed to my favourite spot, which was the bench underneath the mango tree.

As I walked towards the tree, I thought to myself, “Is this me?

I had never done something so irresponsible earlier, then what had gotten over me?

Was it the pressure of work or was it something else?

Pondering on this I reached the mango tree, only to find to my dismay, that it was occupied.

It was 8.30 am in the morning, and there on the bench sat a young man, in his 30’s. He looked forlorn and sad.

“What’s with him, doesn’t he have any work, or was he also someone like me, who preferred the mango tree to the hustle bustle of the office?” I thought.

However, I walked up to him and smiled.

As he returned my smile, I confidently intruded into his space, by plonking myself into the empty space beside him.

He looked quite perturbed, at seeing me do so, however I didn’t seem to care.

After all, hadn’t I missed office just to sit here, right under the mango tree?

The mango tree was not just a tree, it was my lifeline, a guide to the art of living.

Its strong roots, ground it, and as you sit underneath it, you feel grounded too.

It is indeed transitional, and helps you uproot that part which does not qualify as you.

I have always sought refuge under it and it has given me comfort and warmth, at a time when I have felt lost and forlorn.

It’s deep roots and content stillness always conveyed this message ” Embrace changes, and go along in life no matter what.”

However, today as I looked at it, it smilingly seemed to say, ” Ha ha you found a new work place, did you not?

Underneath me, did I hear it say,?

Oh, my what was it trying to convey?

Now as I sat down , I happened to look at my neighbour, who seemed serious and worried.

He did not notice me, as he was preoccupied.

His phone rang suddenly, and as he answered it, he looked hurt and dejected.

However what occurred afterwards, transformed everything around, for suddenly the whole vision of tranquillity vanished leaving an unpleasant trail of hurt and sorrow.

Looking at him just then, I guessed the caller was a woman, but then how would I know?

The chances of finding out seemed bleak.

However luck favoured me, as he suddenly looked at me and asked me if I would do him a favour.

He said, “Could you just listen to what I have to say?

I smiled and answered in the affirmative.

Then he began his story,

” I’m Dev, an only child to my parents, and have had my upbringing in a joint family , with my uncles, aunts and cousins.

I was the only one without a sibling, and my parents, never ever understood me or my emotional needs.

I was lonely, and looked out for a sense of belonging and love.

So I turned towards my cousins because I felt I needed to be one with them.

Most of the time, I did all sorts of odd jobs for them and went to any extent to save them from trouble.

There was a time I confronted goons, to save my cousin’s reputation, while her own brothers hid behind me, and also went on to proxy all their wrong acts , so as to walk the extra mile, to be in their good books.

I did everything with a smile, so that they treat me as their own, however it was all in vain.

All this made me miserable, and desolate.”

I wanted to blurt out “Wasn’t that their problem? Why make it yours?”

Well but I had promised to listen, so not saying a word, I listened to him.

He then said ” Just a few days ago, I met Janvi, a nice and charming young girl.

I felt I could spend my whole life with her, and felt so secure , and happy ,until now.”

“Then all of a sudden, a few days ago she ignored my calls.

I needed some tranquillity and quietude so I came here to reflect on this situation, when as you just saw, this call came in, and she ended our relationship .

How could she just end it, is beyond my understanding.

I don’t know what to do right now, but your mere listening, gives me comfort and acts like a soothing balm.”

Nature has its ways, it got me here on an office day just to be the soothing balm, and as I looked up I felt the mango tree smilingly wink at me.

I said to him, ” Please don’t be dejected , and for now underneath the mango tree let’s seal our deal, of true friendship, the true friend indeed who is a friend in deed.

We smiled at each other, and I assured him all would be fine.

Then he looked at me and thanked me for being there for him, and we parted ways, that day.

A few days later, I went for a walk, and as I passed the garden, I paused.

I had absolutely no intention of going in, when I heard myself say ” Just go to the mango tree”.

As I went in, and reached the mango tree, I was pleasantly surprised, at seeing Dev there.

We smiled at each other, and I gave him my friendly bear hug.

We sat down and Dev then said, “I intuitively knew you would be here, and this time I am here to listen to what you say”?

The other day I spoke and you listened, today I want to do the listening”

Astonished at this I asked him” What’s up?

He said” After we left the other day, I thought that life would be more at ease now, since I do have an earnest friend.”

He continued, “Everything was alright for sometime, but today I went back to feeling lonely.

Somehow I knew you’ll be here, and I could bank on you.

Suddenly I was gripped with a feeling of overwhelming responsibility, and I was silent for a minute.

Then I spoke.

” Dev, trusting in the universe, is like trusting yourself.

You knew instinctively that I would be here, as something within you trusted in our friendship.

You trusted me, and so here I am, and believe me, I had no intention of being here.

It was as if something pulled me here, and now I know what?

Your trust.

When you felt restless you came here, hoping to find me here too.

It was luck or should I say divine intervention, that we did find each other again at the bench underneath the mango tree.

Actually more than all of the above, a part of you believed in yourself and so you found me here.”

I added, “Dev you are a very nice person, please know it.

Often in our journeys we come across various situations, unpleasant, and sometimes miserable too.

Almost always these episodes in our life, are instrumental in shaping us into what we are, but it is not meant to be that way.

Engrossed as we are in the ways of the world, we fail to see its true perspective.

This is where the mango tree comes in. It has seen storms and calm, but it is rooted firmly to the ground.

It does what it is here for, provides food and shelter, to the weary traveller, and a soothing balm to the lonely wary seeker, like you and me.

This is nature and nature’s call to you and me, to take things in their stride.

Your unpleasant memories have created an image, as to how you see the world to what it actually is.

However the image wall is hard to break, unless a constant effort to change from your part.

We could be friends as you saw me with no image. Time didn’t let you do so, as we didn’t know each other.

You could not see me any other than I am, and that is the whole gist.

Shed that image of the deceitful world, which you had once experienced, and you will find the true world.

Its open and empty, don’t dare block up the space with your delusions and illusions, of your past.

Instead ride in the open spaces with love by your side..

A few days later, Dev with his lady love Janvi, by his side, sat underneath the mango tree, and as it smiled down at them , it seemed that the whole universe smiled too..

Melody in Medley…

Life is a medley, but not all, of it is melody.

Is the medley of life different from the medley in music?

Is there melody only in music?

Or can life be a harmonious blend of tunes tuning into one long medley, leading to melody?

Isn’t it time we think on this one?

As I was looking out for the title of this blog, pop came in a thought

” A bouquet”, seemed apt I thought so, as aren’t we all presented with a bouquet in life?

A bouquet of different people, different cultures, different ideas, ideals etc..

Oh all so different! To top it all ,we are faced with different situations, the good, the bad, the nice the not so nice etc.. but then I thought “Oh no, everything different, where is the blend?”

Then this came in as if a continuous cycle of events in life, culminates into a medley.

This medley however does not appear to be in melody.

Medley to me always spelt melody, then why is life’s medley not in melody?

Rhythm darling said a voice from within.

Where is it I asked?

Then it came to me as suddenly as this question.

The hidden radar, showing you the way to rhythm,

Here it goes, when we move along the twists and turns life leads us through.

Love it as is, with the eyes of the perceiver, who sees things as is, and not through life’s situations.

I know this dear, I said.

So then what takes you away from it”, said the same voice from within.

Ah ha, this is a spot, ain’t it?

Then all of a sudden a Whats App message popped up, and I thought to myself again,

” Thank God for these messages, I need to distract myself from these heavy philosophical voices from within.”

And then it all came in as I read these messages.

One read,

” Happy b’day to you!” on my friends group.

It was from a friend to the friend whose b’day it was.

There were forwards of jokes, and some serious messages too, of the happenings all over the world.

Yet another message read ” I’m sorry for your loss, RIP”.

Oh Oh, who was this ?

Oh Gosh! it was my friend’s dad.

“I’m so sorry “, I wrote to her too.

Then it all came in..

It occurred to me ” Yesterday when I lost my mother, weren’t these the similar messages I received”?

So there we go all over again, as what happens to you or me, will happen to someone else, at a different point in time. So are we not all connected?

One after the other, a chain of events appears and suddenly nothing seemed different.

These chain of events, are different tunes, some of which appeal and the others don’t .They can blend into a harmonious whole, but they don’t and want to know why?

Cause each one of us thinks we are special , different and unique?

As what happens to you, is not something that will happen to me, I’m sure.

Don’t we sleep, breathe and eat on the same planet, using the same resources, irrespective of the other.

Don’t we all thank the almighty, that we are comfortable and sleep in our cosy beds, irrespective of whether the neighbour does or doesn’t?

Is not fear and insecurity, pervading around us all the time, that in our need to get out of them we think not twice in usurping that which does not belong to us.?

Also not to forget the greatest and most dangerous emotion of it all , and that is Desire.

Is not the desire for better, for becoming better, for achieving, for accumulating etc, ever going to let go of us?

Also desirous of nothing, leaves us with a subtle desire to attain something which desire will not let us achieve.

So now where do we go from here?

Life is a chain of events, appearing one after another, like the different tunes in a medley.

Is it not for us to blend in harmoniously, thus creating the best medley ever?

Contrary to the above, we cannot blend, as the different tunes, do not tune in as per our likes. Some of them disturb us and so appear to be out of tune.

Also remember, we cannot change, as we are quite secure in our own zones, and change compels you to get out of your comfort zone.

And mind you, your comfort zone is just the place you are accustomed to be in.

Hence do not be surprised to know that if you are accustomed to pain , suffering and discomfort, and are being pushed to a zone of comfort and peace, you may still hesitate to leave your pain zone.

So here we go, around the mulberry bush, facing all the tunes in life, without ever experiencing the melody of life.

Melody is indeed the lost ingredient of life, as we cannot get into rhythm, with its changing tunes.

Melody can only be when we merge with the music around us, no matter if the sudden unpleasant turn in our life, tunes into one big medley. The medley of life.

Also when we see we all merge as a whole, no one is different, it’s only a whole cycle of events coming in and moving away, depending on the position we are right now .

As the shifts happen naturally, so do we move on to face different circumstances and different experiences, which are different to us, but not different or new to the world.

Oh my God! look at her plight, this is sad, how could it happen?

Well sweethearts, its just the position she is in.

What has happened to her, is in the world, nothing new.

Maybe yes with deep insight, one can be lead to living appropriately , thus one can avert accidents, which occur out of human errors.

That is what I mean by rhythmic living.

And rhythmic living is to flow on , as the medley of life, takes you on , from one shore to the other.

And as it takes you from the cosy to the non cosy, from good to bad, flow on , sweeties, as they are all tunes forming a big long medley, attaching to each other, to make a melody for you to see and know.

So tune in to the tune of today, thus enjoying the medley, of life, and before we know it tune Corona, is tuned in , and has joined the chain of the medley. Does that not ring a bell?

Remember that quote” Hark Ye all to the clarion call”

Is it not a clear message for all of us , calling us to listen to the rhythm of life?

Something you never knew is now a part of you, cause all you knew, is left behind,

and long forgotten as you tread the path, and tune in with life.

Then life just transforms into a melodious note, carrying you along from the dark shore on to the land of light.

On a rainy day….

What do we have here? Yet another rainy day.

Corona Virus, the Lockdown, heavy rains, storms, cyclones, I don’t see anything evading us now.

Yes what I see now is a hope against hope, of evading all of it just now.

Seemingly true is it?

No, it is actually true.

Just sat down on my desk, thinking of the wonderous ways of life, when a message popped up.

It read, ” I’m bored, with lots of free time on my hands”.

I thought to myself “Why do we call free time boring?”

Is it not like a breather, putting you off the hook, and out of the grind of mundane life.

There are no freebies in life, haven’t we heard this so oft?

So today is this free time a freebie or is it time to get free of the mechanical grind life has put us on to.

Does it pass on to you this message as it does to me?

It reads..

This certainly is not free time, it’s time which has come to free you of it.

To free you of time, yes, all that you have learnt and studied just drop it..

Go into what is now, as the now is wonderful.

Learn to establish yourself in it..

This is what it reads….

Succeed and you are successful as

Success means the non access to time.

And time, what is it?

Why have we invented time? Can it just standstill and take us to the timeless zone?

To go into the timeless zone, we need to be out of the time machine, which brings in everything of the past, and carries it to our future.

We see nothing but the images of what we percept, and not what actually is.

Is there something within us, which is beyond our image?

An image is what we have formed for everything, for eg, somebody hurt me in the past, and it stuck on in a corner of my mind, creating an image of that person.

So the next time I meet this person, I will not meet her as she/he is, but as an image that I have formed of her/him.

Similarly society has created an image of the rights and wrongs, the should be’s and shouldn’t be’s , the good the bad, based on religious norms and cultural conditioning.

These norms in society may have been made by wise learned people in the past, who felt the need to implement it then, but then time took over as we carried it over to today.

So time came in , the past ruling our now.

We cannot enjoy this moment, because as I sit back I remember “oh what fun we had the days pre lockdown, when we could freely move out .”

The irony dear friend is that when you could do those things as you can’t do now,

you still thought ” Oh wasn’t it better earlier”

So time moves on to take the place of the timeless.

Today we are not here now, as the past has come in and the future then is the now today.

Where then is the actual now, now?

It is buried under what we would call psychological time.

So actually we are not living now, we are living on the dead, and we are mindless to the saying,

“Let the dead past bury its dead”, from the poem ” A Psalm of Life” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Why do we carry it?

Is there something within us, which is beyond our image?

From, hurt to norms, to images created of you and me, to the good images and bad images created by a society no longer today’s, but as we carry all this, we create time, psychological time.

You may have been a different you yesterday, you have evolved since, but my image of you is the one of yesteryears, so I can’t see you as you are, I see you as you were, thus carrying forth time.

Today we have evolved, and we need to stand up to the need of the hour now.

The need today spells the need now.

The need of the hour is to take things in their stride, maintain a cool and calm balance of body and mind in your own simple way.

There is an element of fun, in everything to be done, and life just asks you to pause, and see it.

Is this not a pause in our life?

It certainly is, and you will see it, as you let go of the past, and future contemplation.

Now as this moment has come in all our lives, and as we sit by ourselves doing nothing, can we stop time from entering our space?

Can we give it a piece of our mind? Can we tell it that as an intruder, it will have to face trial, and then quietly leave our space never to tresspass again.

Then you and me can live afresh, in this moment, and now, seeing it wholly as it is.

Yes this is it, I by the window, enjoying the rains, and writing this down, and you too doing what you are doing and enjoying it to the hilt, without letting the trespassers , called good and bad, right and wrong, sad and happy enter your space.

Thus as you let go of them so do you enjoy this space and zone, which is truly yours?

So do I take the liberty to congratulate you on this achievement of yours?

Well to the ones who are on “Yipee, Congratulations dear friends, you’ve earned it all!