To Know or not to???

Knowledge is necessary, Knowledge is wonderful, Knowledge sharpens your intellect !!!!

Blah Blah , Blah and Blah!!!!

Did you fall for all of this , like I did too,?

If you did, then you got something new coming, your way..

“What is it? another knowing?” you may ask,

And then you can even scoff at me and look at me with your eyes saying it all

” Oh really, so much on advocating no knowledge, really Deepi.”

But I’m not here to change your belief into disbelief.

Nor am I advocating a cause, or a purpose, for us to follow.

I’m writing this because I learnt, as a part of learning, and not as just knowledge.

For knowledge is what we store into the depths of our mind, and use it later when it is not necessary anymore.

Learning is now, learning is wisdom, learning has the depth of the present moment.

Learning makes you grow, and makes you abandon all that is not a learning.

And Knowledge, what can I say?

Well except the knowledge required for skilful activities, to manoeuvre, your boat through the ocean of life, the rest of knowing stops you from learning.

Knowledge from past experiences, conditioning, belief systems and other forms of teachings which we stored into the warehouse of our brain, blocks our learning.

We can’t learn much from a person we know to be a fool, can we?

But can you see the man with the eyes of today, he’s moved on.

Yesterday he displayed foolishness, but learnt thereon.

And today he has wisdom engraved within, but we can’t see it, can we?

For we knew he was foolish, and carried it on, for we don’t want to learn, now, we already know.

Here guys that’s it. You may take it or leave it, the choice is yours.

If you choose to learn rather than advocate you know, here’s one for the road..

Well friends, learning is a different ball game altogether.

It is an understanding a deep understanding of what is, and when that happens then you act on what is, you act now.

You learn now and when you do, it’s a new learning, for you see things with the freshness of what they actually are.

For all you know, the person you knew yesterday, learnt a lesson or two on his way, and today as you proclaim you know him, you actually don’t.

Yesterday he was mean and rude, and today he is a cool dude.

He learnt to be cool and abandoned being rude.

However you were ruthless to carry his rudeness, for the past stored your experience with him, and you carried the knowledge on, unable to break free.

” Let the dead past bury it’s dead”. A Psalm of life, By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

How on earth are we to learn when we can’t let go.

How on earth do we abandon the pride which makes us pat ourselves on the back, proclaiming ” I know it all”

But you dont know, for you cant see, can’t listen and can’t smell.

You can’t see the person for what he is , and not what he was.

You can’t listen for everytime you try to do so, your mind chatters away bringing in the dead.

The knowledge of the past haunts, and mars the bright future, and the fragrance in the air

is marred by the stink of the past.

Grow up, let go, of the yesterday, and play a fresh game today.

Learn the rules, they are simple , play wholeheartedly, and enjoy.

Then fulfilled move ahead, well equipped for the ball game of the morrow, where the simple rules of the play apply again.

Play within your ambit, if you are a good bowler bowl, instead of looking at being a batsman too.

For the fun is in the game, not in trying to be something you are not .

Well friends, each stage of life equips us to go through it, and as we move through it we learn with each passing day.

Here knowledge is the barrier, it acts as if it equips you to face it, but dearies don’t fall for it.

For it only comes with a bundle of another’s perceptions & experiences , and none from the book off the hook.

So don’t pls get hooked to another’s book, and not even to mine.

Just go ahead and see with an open mind.

That is when you listen to the actual mind, which tells you the way to go.

This little piece came to me, as I’m learning..

Learning to make peace with what is, and not with any knowledge, of what should be..

Cheers dear friends, as you cheer all the way home..

6 thoughts on “To Know or not to???

  1. Perfect understanding of the wonderful journey of life, in fact that’s how one should grow in life…very well written indeed!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


  2. Learn , un learn & re learn through your personal experiences & practices.. can lead to such a perfection & enlightenment.. Only Real enlightened souls can Master such experiences of let go , … More power to you & your words of real Excellence which are v true in nature and content always … A real Masterpiece once more..


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