On Reason and Reasonability..

Reasonability has no reason, and to reason reasonably seems to me the highest degree of unreasonability.

Now that is my reasoning.

Haw you guffaw, ” You really think so”?

After all the talk of reason and reasonability, you have the guts to bring in what you call ” Your reasoning”.

As I looked around , there was no one. I paused in wonderment.

” Who was this conflicting ?

Eureka !! They were my thoughts contradicting each other.

To do or not to do?

Within reasonable limits, I reasoned with my mind..

(Oh don’t laugh again, I’ve got to start somewhere, don’t I?)

So as I tell it to be reasonable, it replies ” Just what is reasonable?”

Aw come on do I have to define the same to you?” I said.

And as it replied “Yes, you do,” my thoughts went further dense.

All along what I thought was reasonable, suddenly turned out to be what I wanted to do.

I brought out a hundred definitions of reasonable within my boundaries and for my convenience.

I got away with the things I wanted to do by bringing them under the ambit of reasonable.

“How un reasonable “said that voice from within.

For reason and reasonability now appear to be the ball game of your mind.

“Stop don’t go too far, let’s just change the topic” said I.

Why? Are you scared to confront yourself? it asked.

Well infact go further down, and it’s ok to frown.

For today trash it out, so that your trash doesn’t delude you from seeing things as they are.”

Ok so now let’s look at things as they are.

Suddenly the definition of reasonable changed, for everything around was as it is and reasonably so.

The children made a shattering noise, and disturbed me as I sat in quietude.

But then my very self who would have termed it unreasonable, saw the children for what they were.

They were children and they were bound to make a noise, jump up and down running all around.

They were as they were, and reason told me so.

Suddenly it was only reasonable that I maintain my cool and not lose it.

During my hey days,

I got up every morning at a reasonably early time at 5.30 am.

I worked reasonably hard, putting in 85 hours of work every week, that is an approx of 12 hours a day, right?

Then I spent 5 hours a week on the things I liked doing, my me time.

And then all the rest of the remaining hours spent on personal grooming and physical requirements.

That was reasonable for me then.

Yes it was.

Today with advancing age, and the lockdown, I get up at ease, keep my body fit by exercising to keep it going, look into the basic needs of the home , and most important, I look into my mental well being.

But if I continued doing the things I did just because I couldn’t change , and couldn’t see the now as it is, denying myself to myself, then friends I’m unreasonable.

Not only to myself but to all of you out there, for friends, every phase and every stage requires some one to take charge to fill up a position vacant there.

How can you overcrowd a stage, where others befitting the role are awaiting their turn?

Move on for your done there.

Go ahead and occupy your right place thus creating a void to be filled up and filling a void waiting to be occupied.

That is just what is reasonable. So stop being unreasonable calling it reasonable.

Take charge and change, for yonder is the discovery to the wonder called life.

There seems no reason to reason anymore, you had to just be and see.

Like when the first wave of the pandemic hit us , it came as a shock and seemed unreasonable to us all.

But what we couldn’t see was that there was reason for it all.

We had lost our sensitivity towards our mother earth.

Mutiliated it to the very core, and it forced us to just be and see, and that is when we saw reasonability in it’s unreasonability.

It asked us to change, change our exuberant lifestyles and self centred behaviour.

And as we saw, there came a shadow of light amidst the blinded dark of night.

But alas, some saw light in the dark, and the spark caught them in a frenzy.

They decided to do away with isolation, and did the unreasonable, making it look like reasonable.

So they decided to fight the pandemic, gathered together, dancing and singing, masked down.

Well what do you think just happened?

The corona virus spread further, leading to more infected people and a large number of deaths.

Economies crashed, people became jobless, and the homeless walked in large flocks to their hometowns, increasing the risk of it’s spread.

It spread far and wide, but then all we did was to shirk and smirk ,

Wasn’t it the fault of the government?

For as we reasoned, we were reasonable, in wanting to do the things we once did.

Pandemic or no we couldn’t care less.

For we were frustrated sitting at home, and after a whole lot of activities we did to entertain ourselves, and to fight the spirit of despair, we were done.

Now it was only reasonable that we walk out, and so we did things in galore.

For we had learnt to unite and spread the feeling of brotherhood, which would lead to love and compassion for each other.

Yes true but that was apt for the time it was taught.

“So what ? aren’t we carrying out the traditions of the yesteryears?

How can you be so unreasonable as to not carry out the wishes of our forefathers?” said the righteous.

As I heard this a bell rang from within, ” Reasonability has left reason.”

For one can we define reason?

Reason is the cause of trouble, sorrow, trauma wars etc.

A reasoning beyond any reason, is the responsibility one has towards himself/herself.

A love, a care and an understanding, a listener with a ear,

A person who is here, who can hear.

Is this not just reasonable?

When you know you have nothing to lose or win, then you’re not out or in.

For all you do is just be present with the listener, and not let the mind take over,

Then you just don’t say , ” That what is for you, is not what is for me”.

“No Oh no no”.. says life.

I’m the same everywhere, but each of you perceive me differently. One sees my sunny bright side, and the other sees the dark night.

Just be here for when you see my dark side look deeply into it, and from it you will see the coming of a promising light.

But if you shut your eyes and divert yourself from the darkness of sorrow, you will never know the light.

For as you shun away one, the other automatically gets shunned.

Rise above the dark and light, and see how they turn from day to night.

Then the reason for sorrow and pain do not seem unreasonable,

For reason leaves behind it’s reasoning and works on understanding now.

Then the unreasonable .and the reasonable just don’t seem to exist

For Reason and resonability is neither for you or me to decide, it’s the inner sight that sees it right.

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