Hi Guys!!!

I need to connect.


Yes, for I am here sitting by the window, with the corona virus for company.

I’ve just completed five days in its overbearing company, but trust me when I say it sure is learning to be less wild.

It came with a bang, unannounced, shaking me off my guard,

I had no symptoms but was exposed, so I took the home test at a request.

I was sure I’d tide over like a song, and all would be proved wrong.

But I was wrong, for the T line of the home test glared at me with all its darkness.

Got anything to say? It seemed to say.

At first, I tried my best to shake it off, hoping against hope the test was false.

Aw, that is not possible, said our dear doctor friend. “You are positive”.

But I refused to relent. Then I sat on my bed, wondering another particular tactic to shove it down the drain.

For a minute, some hope came in when I thought to myself, “For all you know, I might be the first one to discover a special technique of warding away corona for good.”

Thinking so I went into dream world, where all over were posters, giving across the message

Come one and all to the show ” Shove Corona down the drain, and rid the world of a never-ending strain”.

As I was being complimented for this fantastic discovery, which even the world’s most outstanding scientists could not do, I was rudely awakened from dreamland by the loud beep on my phone.

Thud, I felt myself fall, from fantasy to reality.

I had so far tried to ward off this weird poky porcupine and had shut my doors tight.

But the more I relented, the more it persisted, and eventually, it let itself in through a small window opening.

Well, it was here standing on my face, and as I looked at it, in horror, it said, ” Aw, come on, I’m here now, and where are your manners?”

Is this the way you welcome your guest?

Knowing it had won, I resigned at last “Be my guest,” I said grudgingly.

Come on, it said, since we are in it together, you could at least smile and appear cheerful.

I thought, ” What audacity this ugly looking creature, has” but I said nothing.

I decided to smile and let go of any ill feeling.

Now it’s our fourth day together, and we’ve mingled as one.

As I get up in the mornings, it reminds me it’s there, but after steam, and a cup of hot tea, it gives me my space.

It lets me decide whether I want to read or write or clean my bathroom but warns, ” Choose one thing.

Do not forget that I am here, and for a reason too.

When you space out your pace, you can do things better too.

By now, we had become buddies, so I confidently took some liberties,

I said, “I think you are mad; I would like to go on with the pace I’m used to.”

“Suit yourself, “it said.

So after my energising cup of tea, I dusted the bed, swept my room, and washed the bathroom. Then for a hot water bath, and I was ready for breakfast.

And then off went the next activity, for I had slumped.

Exasperated, I crouched on the armchair, and the grouch grinned,

I told you so. I wanted to smack it hard but resisted the urge.

Then out of the blue, in the chair of orange hue,

Came this vision true.

Your needs are not so many, but your wants don’t let you be.

For caged in this room, the 5th day on, I discovered a new morn.

The morn of the everlasting sun, the sun which knows no dusk or dawn.

And that is when you know for sure, that every move of yours on the horizontal material world, follows on a vertical plane, subtle but firm.

It gives you buoyancy, a much-needed balance in our world, where needs and wants can be mistakenly misunderstood.

All you need is a little of all, but more demands the needs of the want.

That is when tables turn upside down.

Outbursts of various types, from tycoons to goons ,

Seep into our so-called peaceful land.

Shattered we fall as I did as Corona struck,

A tug of war ensued, out fell the wants, and the needs grew sparse.

Hidden in each other’s guise, guys, it’s recovery time.

That’s when you know you are living on the horizontal physical with the awareness that the horizontal has a vertical all along. As you look at them simultaneously, you are aware of your being.

The horizontal of life makes up for the world around me, my special relations with all of you fellow beings, and the vertical my being with it’s spirit and awareness, always by my side.

5 thoughts on “Hi Guys!!!

  1. True ,,,, Nice to know All New Variant Of Mind To Realise The Fact ,,, No One Can Stop What Has Come , N One Should Stop Putting Accusations N Logical Reasoning On Others .


  2. Very well expressed! Hope you’ve recovered completely. May God bless you with lots of happiness & best of health. šŸ‘šŸ’


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