A whisper in my ear…

A turmoil in my brain, as to what to do and what not to?

Around me, all I could comprehend was hurt, sorrow, conflict terrorism, corruption etc..

Yes it is all around and in this life of which we are a part..

Are you disturbed? I admit I am..

Why oh why can’t peope live as friends in peace and prosperity?

Isn’t there enough for everyone?

The universe is abundant, and infinite, and we are a part aren’t we?

So why the stress and anxiety?

Why is this yours and that mine? Why are we so divided?

Your religion or mine, doesn’t sound at all fine.

Then why do we run from here to there, in search of something not there.

For religion has no region, and no division, said a whisper in my ear.

So how could you use it to inculcate fear?

Fear rooted in the tree of desire, born out of the pleasure for more.

More happiness, more money &more fame.

Was all this needed by the name?

Or was there more to it..

Well said the whispering voice, ” That’s just not all my friend,

You’ve asked for more, so take it all..

I wondered what I had asked for, was I not innocent in my strive?

I only wanted to thrive? What was wrong I asked myself,

That intruding whisper heard it all, for the next thing it whispered was,

” Just your wanting is your desire, and so you invited in,

Anger, hatred, jealousy and all.

You got it all, and with it was born violence and a burning nation.

And while you deem yourself right, you belong to the might.

But stand away, and look again, and then you’ll see that the so called seers,

While holding the torch to lead you on from darkness to light,

Lost their way, stumbled and fell, setting ablaze on mankind,

Atrocities of the worst kind.

But listen whispered the voice from within, ” Just stay still”

You are your own seer and sire.

Am I ? Yes whispered back the whisper, and then out of the blue,

I heard another whisper, I like this , and it is indeed true.

Shhh… Now I know.. that I’ve all I got.

I choose what I am, and will be “

I choose my freedom , over all,.

And then like a lark in the sky so shall I fly.

5 thoughts on “A whisper in my ear…

  1. So true, Deepika. We learn from within ourselves & need to learn to compete with only ourselves. Am I a better person today as compared to yesterday?
    Love your writing always. Simple, pure, straight from your beautiful heart.
    Waiting for more 💕.


  2. Peace, harmony, enlightenment, they’re all there within…you must explore the oceanic depths of your mind & heart to find them…kudos to the author for creating a well composed piece of writing.👍💐


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