When right equals wrong..

When the mind tricks you into believing you are right, watch again, for the same mind tricked you earlier into believing you were wrong.

Right and wrong are just figments of the mind, like the two sides of a coin.

Remember school and the tick and cross of the teacher’s marks on our answer papers.

Many a cross you would like to justify to her, and tell her to tick it right, but were there any ticks you would justify and ask her to cross them wrong?

That was yesterday wasn’t it?

All that matters today is to enjoy your cup of tea or coffee, or whatever you are doing, the ticks and crosses do not count anymore.

Are you’ll with me?

For if you are, let’s just enjoy the cup of coffee and tea, enjoying beauty around us.

Yes there you go, you are indeed in joy enjoying the coffee, and then all of a sudden, the mind intervenes, reminding you of the yester.

It feels left out, as you’ve left it out, so vehemently it reminds you of that day when you were wronged, “Doesn’t your heart bleed, remembering the trauma you faced in your youth?” it cries out imploringly.

“Remember the times you were trapped in a relationship and you felt you couldn’t get out? You were wronged again.”

Good Lord, you fall for it, don’t you? I would too.

The awesome cup of coffee no longer tastes awesome now, for the memories of suffering take it’s place.

Then we feel betrayed by life, by our environment and by all around us.

Now as we get trapped in the depths of our mind, we lose out on the very beauty around.

For around us sits the ego mind, ensuring we never let go, as then it has no place to go.

It establishes its presence at the cost of our joy, and do you know why?

For, ages ago it found a beautiful home, in the minds of the innocent soul, who knew no pride or prejudice,

For he was born in life to learn, evolve and rejoice.

Then what just happened on the way? For he saw night in the light of day.

The voice from within said “It’s alright , suffering is inevitable, for in the dark of night there is light.”

The ego felt threatened for the voice was wise, so it sprang up, making it’s presence felt, ” Don’t you listen dear friend for your suffering is one of it’s kind. There is absolutely no light.

Then the ego stifled the voice and said ” Shut up!! Do you know what suffering is? “

In fear of losing it’s presence, it clung on to the innocent mind, till it succeeded in it’s goal.

For it converted the conscious to the unconscious, so as to secure it’s hold.

Then came the wise, and saw through it’s vice, but the ego was vicious and unkind, it played on the mind. Knocking loudly at our doors again, it pretended to be the wise and said,

” Wisdom dear friend is when you see your suffering, put it in your memory, and play it on, till it takes a grip on you, for is it not why you suffered?”

The poor man suffered yesterday, carried it today, and ensured it’s company for the day after today.

The wise he could not recognise, for he felt he was a threat, telling him to let go, of the suffering which was his identity.

He couldn’t lose that could he? For the ego ensured so, and the chuckling ego sure had it’s way.

Till one day, as the man sat on his bed, filled with woe, not knowing where to go, he saw a wise angel before him and told him to let go.

It was difficult for him to do so, as the ego solidified within ensured so.

As he was about to weep, the angel took a leap, and stood by his side and said ” Shhhhh, just be here with me, and see what I see.”

The man in his desperation sat still and saw his sorrow, and in it’s midst something cracked, the ego fled and he saw clearly that his sorrow was not his, but that of the entire mankind.

He wiped his tears and looked around, all like him, were all around. Then a strange but beautiful feeling came in,

“Why didn’t I see this earlier?”, he asked the angel earnestly.

You were smitten by the ego sir.

Then came hope, and with it love, encompassing all. Was this compassion? he asked.

Yes said his true self, and then the wisdom within looked at the beauty around.

He had risen and was above all. The ego quashed, and it was time for him to rejoice..

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