An International Anthem please….

Dear readers,

It’s great that we celebrated 75 years of Independence, but have we accomplished independence?

75 years ago we were weak, and so we were usurped by the strong, the usurpers.

Yes we were Indians then, and Indians now, so what difference did we make?

Or rather what difference did our strength gain us today, excepting 75 years of India’s independence?

We were meant to be independent in thought, speech and action.

Are we independent and free?

As I see it,

Today patriotism is not just a nation you stand up for, or to just stand up and sing for the national anthem, or be teary eyed for our martyred soldiers.

It is much more, though not a lot more. It is the ability to be human rather than just remain an Indian, or British, or European or American and so on.

For today nations are burning, and the innocent are killed all for the sake of nationality.

Each nation has their share of good and bad, their share of innocents and treacherous.

So what do we say, and do?

As we go out protecting our nation, unknowingly we create a divide.

For the issue is bigger, much larger than we can see.

To protect humanity, let’s just let the “my country” slogans take a back seat.

My country , can be replaced by our world..

Those were for those days in history when the spirit of nationalism was inculcated in order to ward away foreign reign.

God we so carry it on don’t we?

It was the need of the hour then, and today our need is different, but we can’t help it can we?

We repeat yesterday, without understanding the needs of today, and so history repeats itself, and we go round and round in circles, till the time comes for us to get off.

So let’s just stop right now and just go about spreading good will and warmth all over, to all.

We are humans first, and let’s remember what our forefathers taught us.

In those days, we were required to secure and protect our nation, so we were taught to call ourselves Indians.

No division in terms of caste and creed, no division on where we were geographically placed.

” From the north and from the south and from the east or west, we belong here together,

And we are delighted that we are united into God’s own family”.

A chorus song we sang in school, still rings through my ears..

Earlier it was from the north ,south, east and west of India, for then India was burning, and that was the need of the hour.

Today each country is protected only if we unite, and look at the world as a whole.

Today it is the world, and all of us in it. It’s the need to be together as one whole family.

Maybe some laws may be strategically necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of all the nations in the world.

Just like divisions just based on convenience, but that is strictly for convenience, within we are all one.

Many families, many nations all converging together as one.

Oh what fun!!!

Cheer up all of you worldwide,

For today is not the time of a divide.

We are all on the map of the world, the one and only whole -Globe.

Then why the gap in the whole?

It did start eons earlier, but the gap widened until it was difficult to bridge,

How did our math go wrong?

Slowly different ideas and thoughts infiltered, when keepers of scriptures,

Redefined and interpreted our texts, the way they saw it.

For in trying to protect each one’s nation, as the world leaders suggest, we’ve crossed all bounds and endangered our very species.

The only one truth is that we are all humans, and are one.

Please let’s not be divided internationally.

Defining and naming countries as per geographical limits was done for the sake of convenience, so what was it that blew it out of proportion.

What made us believe that we could divide it into my nation and yours?

When we were in school , we were told not to divide our selves into castes and creeds, like Hindu , Muslim, Sikh, Christian etc, but to introduce ourselves as Indians.

The concept is right, our elders, and teachers, worked together not to create a division, in the nation.

But unknowingly a divide was created in the world all over, as humans think alike, and nations felt the need to keep themselves secure from the others.

Well we all know that gaps have widened and today the need of the hour is to bridge them.

It is clear, we are all one here, and as much as we feel loyal to our nation, let’s stand up to the clarion call.

A call to all,

We are all together in the midst of a crisis, where come what may, we cannot get out,

All our brave soldiers, and all the ammunition, and remunition, cannot bring us respite,

For in the deep down common consciousness, there is a state of unrest, brought about by fear, anger and violence,

Where all the energies of mankind are wasted in planning, strategizing and scheming, one nation against the other,

Man’s intelligence is wasted in the unintelligent, for no matter what, we live in division.

Let’s join hands together, and sing an international anthem, for world peace?

For today what we begin, will continue on for centuries to come,

Let’s leave a legacy behind where no soldier needs to sacrifice his life, where no parent loses their child,

Where every child and grown up can breathe and be free,

where the scare of being captured and killed, no longer lingers,

The lurking fear and danger, wiped out of minds never to return.

Then the fragrance of pure air and love will fill the space, we pace on,

And all of us here will see the day, where we can all have a say,

That is when we will sing to the same tune, the tune of the pure consciousness of man.

And that is when man’s common consciousness will progress, and move from fear, hurt, anger, frustration, possessiveness, violence to a consciousness of love, intelligence, patience and peace.

Let’s begin today, for it’s never too late,..

I implore you all, pls come along, let’s not hurt any long,

For as I hear this call, I’m sure you’ll do so too.

So let’s walk together, as one, and as we walk the peace march,

Fear hurt and anger retreat, and in marches a higher intelligence, a wisdom that’s as divine as old wine,

It is in it’s nectar, that we swoon away, surging ahead, to everlasting peace.

4 thoughts on “An International Anthem please….

  1. Aano Badra kratwo yantu vishwara Rigveda – (let noble thoughts come to us from every side).
    वासुदेव कुटुम्भक .. we are always proud & preveliged to live in a Nation where seers & sages have taught us how to become Human frist .. The essence of such great rich inhertience & values has made it possible to survival possible despite foreign aggression & rule for centuries together..
    we value it … & should pass on to gen nxt … whole world now is becoming more chaotic with more aggression of expanism than ever before..due to blind race in so called supremacy & superpower hood.
    we can just pray & hope for better prospect of tomorrow without any more agony & hurt..

    More power to you & your words .. as always Awesome 🌷


  2. Very thought provoking, relevant & well crafted piece of work by the author! Congratulations to her for writing such a masterpiece!💐


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