Children and Immensity… Dedicated to all parents.

Why do you want a child? Why do we have children?

Is it for a social status, or security of continuation or just mere curiosity.

I for one, couldn’t imagine a life without children, for more than anything else, it gave me a sense of fulfilment.

Now when I ask myself what this was? Pat came the answer from within,

It was a feeling of wholeness, but mind you, it’s not necessary that everyone thinks the same.

I know a few close friends who have chosen not to have children, and I more than respect the choice they made.

They are happy and content as they are, and live the way they wish to be.

A fair proposition indeed.

But now may I ask “ What about us the major rest”?

Do we have children for the sake of answering back to curious passers by who are like FI agents, doing a background check,

1. Marital Status? Married.

2. How many children? None. Now most of us do not like to leave the blanks empty.

For turned up noses say, “how awful,” and inquisitiveness creeps over..

Then for the next question “Can’t have them or don’t want them?”

Can’t have them ?

In earlier days, “Oh you can’t have children, my god, how will you live through?” a pitiful look comes your way.

and then whispering tongues, suggest you are unlucky and not fit to attend auspicious occasions, as your bad luck may rub off on other prospective contenders.

Now for the don’t want them ones,

” Look at their cheek, aren’t they self centred and pre occupied? They boldly say they don’t want children. Oh God what is the world coming to?” This is what we’ve all heard all along.

Now what would you say to this? I’d say they need to have their heads examined.

And it’s sad to know that the ones who need to have their heads examined are a part of the majority who have kids.

It’s natural to have kids, and aid creation, but it’s equally important to know the implications of having one.

Are you willing to be a medium to bring them into the world, and play the role of a parent, till need be?

If so listen to this:

In a child is the universe in all its immensity.

Observe and you will know..

Nature nurtures, the fusion seed, and gives it all it needs,

Till it’s ready, the baby boy or girl.

Then with a forceful thrust,

It’s out into the world, where nature provides again,

For 2 pairs of arms, called parents, rock him in, to rock the world or roll in.

The nights were tough, and so were the days, with absolutely no respite, except for one,

The fact that they were the chosen ones.

They were to show the little fledgling the bright of day and the dark of night.

Then what just happened on the way, is there need to know?

For as a caretaker nurturing and caring was their role, but while holding on to the little fledging, they mistook him/her as theirs,

Well the able pair of parents, proudly held their fledgling, till it was ready for flight,

But on the way , did they sway or did they hold him right?

For were they ready to let him go, and follow his dreams, or was he even allowed to dream?

No, for before this fledgling knew to fly, his wings were clipped with fantasies, superstitions rights and wrongs, for his parents possessed what wasn’t theirs to possess, and then began the same old era,

The era of the strained relationship of a parent and child.

The immensity of the potential of the child was quashed under the possessive parent, who left him with no choice, to even dream his dream.

For he was their child, and they dreamt for him.

And that is when their heart lost out to their head.

The head that reminded them of the sacrifices they made all the way, of the pains and struggles they went through on the way,

The head that brought forth their ego telling them that after all they’ve done for him he cannot have his way.

It has to be their way or the highway.

Dear Parent,

You sacrificed but did you not volunteer to?

Were you not born to traverse your path in the journey through time and space, and in the journey did you not ask for children?

You asked for them because you felt you wouldn’t be whole without them.

Then why crib? Why make children feel bogged down under the weight of obligation.

Instead they obliged you by coming into the world through you.

They let you develop emotions of love and care, and gave rise to the most wonderous feelings of joy and bliss in their innocence.

The house turned into a home and haven with their spritely voices and pit pattering feet,

The home was full with the fragrance of innocence and bliss, which kept intact your childhood.

But when they grew up you forgot to mention the joys they gave, and instead focussed on the toil and pains you took to bring them up.

For when you decided to be parents, you signed the contract, of being the medium, to a new life.

Remember you too came in through a medium, and all you did was to give what you took.

Nature has its ways, to teach you, flow along, with it’s song, the song of life,

the song of the heart, as eternal love gets it’s due, in the form of a love so true,

For underneath the form of a child, yet to be formed is the spark of love and grace,

which when ignited, will embrace you and the world with love and compassion and a respect unasked.

For it’s the respect out of love, not out of fear or power.

Not conditional but totally unconditional,

So just watch your young one bloom, and as you do so,

You’ll know you played the role of the parent you chose to be.

And then as you look at yourself, whole and complete, you’ll bloom a final bloom.

Friends, we do things in good faith, so let’s do it with faith in ourselves, in the universe, and in the natural laws.

The river flows on, forward never backward, and so does a tree shed it’s fruit, without expecting to possess it, and as you follow their example, so will you flow on..

6 thoughts on “Children and Immensity… Dedicated to all parents.

  1. Always your indepth knowledge, wisdom, worth in making us realise the very essence of our roots & the unbound love is always a reminder about our co- existence .


  2. ‘The river flows on, forward never backward.’ That’s how nature works. We must feel blessed if we have children, we should bring them up selflessly. A very well crafted & interesting write up…👍👏👏👏


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