When the G in Grace gives way….its a race all way…

Grace got us here, into the realms of earth.

The baby’s soft cry , announcing his arrival , is grace telling you its arrived.

Accepting the little  bundle of grace, beckons you to handle him with care, and you do so with grace by your side,

For the baby has graced your home, with a grace unknown.

Then comes the day, when the baby grows up into a toddler, and that is the day, you let grace fly out.

But why? I ask so, and I hear the inevitable,

“She had to go, for there isn’t a place for her here now,  she graced our home long enough, so its time for the next phase in our lives, and  the new tenant, apparently is  race.” says you.

As the baby goes out into the world, the race of life, enters in, for we as parents have carried it all along, right from our days, and we refuse to let go.

The tradition of comparison, the conditioning which teaches us right and wrong, we carried all along, bringing in yesterday in our today. 

So now you can turn around and tell me I’m wrong,  I learnt too what you did and believed like you do, that life is a race, and  the end goal is to win it.  Isn’t this what we were taught all along?

“She seems to do the job better, so I need to improve on it”, says a voice from within, so go on strive harder till you reach where she stands.

And then as you stand where she is, pleased with yourself, that you’ve done it, you get an adrenalin rush to better.

But sweetheart did you see what I see? You measured yourself by a scale of her standards,  yours could be much higher, oops sorry, much different.

This is just what we all do, all the time. Race with one another, thinking we are winning a marathon, and our whole life goes in racing, till we reach the finish line.

“Oh yeah you think you’ve won, you duffer ,for you’ve been running on a wrong track”, says a voice from within.

The finish line in the game is not reaching the end, but walking towards it with grace all along.

The other day as I took my evening walk in  joggers park at the backroad, I enjoyed overtaking an  X , Y and  Z. Enjoying the  adrenalin rush every time I overtook someone, I noticed I was equally dismayed  when someone overtook me.  I then noticed that all along in the course of the walk, all I did was  a mental calculation of the ones I bettered to the ones bettering me.

Was this the scale of better or worse? Don’t we do it all along?.  Comparison kills you, as life is not a race.

You may be faster than me in walking the track, but then I may be a faster and smarter decision maker, does it matter?

We all walk at our pace in the game of life, so there is absolutely no measure .

You may earn a lot of money, where as I may have just enough to sustain, so how does it matter?

You conducted a grand wedding for your daughter, and now its my turn, so I need to do it better,  who says so? 

“Yes it does,  ’cause you are going to be living constantly in our midst, and you’ve attended so many nice ones, now its your turn , so how can you back off?” said my neighbour. But then does it actually matter.

You could lay off if you want to, or get into the measurable state, and that is when Grace is definitely out. 

Vanita tells her husband, ” Sheela’s got her house renovated, with all the latest gadgets, and her furniture is just wow, should we too go ahead and commence with our renovation?”

Well we live in a society, where race replaced Grace, so the husband relented even though it was beyond his means to do so. 

Why are we racing all the time, is it right or wrong?

Right for you and you and you, am I right? Yes, you are ,said all unanimously…

But then I’m out. For, I choose to differ and  society demands conformation, and now I am ousted,  an outsider, who is not in the race of life.

So as I step down, I knock at Grace’s door, “who is it?” She asks softly, I tell her its me, and invite her over to stay with me. 

She then whispers softly in my ears, “Sweetheart, before I enter your space, I want to know what it is filled with?

Is it filled with your so called benevolence, for all man thinks ,is that he has a race to win, a purpose to fulfil, and he the benevolent soul has all there is in him, to be good and do good”.

Do you belong there? For if you do I can’t come in.

However if you know, that you do  things , for you and not for the other,   I can come in.

For as you take responsibility for yourself by yourself, you have a chance to live life  the way it was meant to”.

“Yes I understand what you mean” and welcomed her in, so now dear friends, 

Out of a rat race is just being, what you are, how you are, and a you who is you. That is when  grace comes in, and as you surrender to life,  the  magical door to paradise  opens up, showing  you its hidden treasures.

Here  there is no conformity to rules, made by traditions, beliefs, culture, and division ,where  you are free to fly high in the open sky.

Here there is no you and me, no division, and that is when  you become an individual, ( undivided whole) in the true sense of the word. 

Then you live in a land of no suffering , pain , anxiety, anger and greed. 

 A higher living is graced by grace itself,  and as you surrender to what is, you will reach the finish line to the end of a saga well done.

Wow, smarties! which did you choose? I chose Grace, in the one life I have, for it indeed is the right heir to the kingdom of paradise.

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