Who are they?

Eena, Meena, Anju, Manju or Madhu?

Who are they? Are you them?

No I am Sheena.

Then why do you do the things they do? Why do you follow a norm like they do?

Come on, look at you, where are you? Why are you here? Do you want to be in the drama of life?

Or just play your role , and move on..

The drama is on, and you are here to play your role.

But remember to know when you are done, and move on to the exit door.

Most of us clamber in, unable to get off, and there sweetheart is the place we are all in.

Well the cycle of life, goes on, its up to you to go on, or get off.

There’s a trick in here, and as I ask,

“Who’s tricking us”, a clock ticks within.

For it is a tick tock without a hop off.

Want to see how? It’s worth a try sweetie,

Firstly don’t do the things others do,

For it’s just not for you,

Yours is to explore the beauty called life, with the eyes of your heart, and not your mind,

For when was your mind ever kind, to let you see even you?

All, along it chattered away without a pause, letting you live in time.

Clouding the today with memories of yesterday, for as soon as you saw the wonderful morn, it brought in the dread of a yester morn.

Time never stopped to let you rest a while, in the laps of nature earth,

For the minute you did so, it drew you back into its realm of the unreal.

A prisoner you were to it, knowing no way out.

But then you grew smart and wise, and with wisdom came the now, and with it brought in awareness, and then dear friend,

You did the impossible, you attended in your awareness,

That is when you could scamper out, and meet the person you were meant to be.

For sitting beside the fireplace, you see the sparks on a winter evening, and your heart warms up to the special warmth you have from within,

Your heart just took over…

Nurturing you in its warmth, and telling you to just be, was all you wanted dear friend.

You live to be the person you are, and to naturally do what you’ve come to do.

And then new avenues open up, the right ones, and you’ll know they’ll take you, to where you ought to go.

And, then you leave the circle behind, leaving Eena, Meena, Anju and Manju, and no please don’t take Madhu with you, leave her behind too.

Then you’ll see, people of different shapes and sizes, all united into a magnanimous whole.

The pieces of puzzle fit together, don’t they? and no longer are you puzzled, as you see this wonderful picture of life unfold in front of you.

So as you traverse this journey of life, you see the things you would never have seen, had you not moved away from the maze of life.

But no we ” the so called intellectuals” don’t see, instead we follow the path of the outer circle, where one is ahead of the other,

One has to race ahead to keep the others following, and in our race to do so, we remain within the never ending cycle of space and time,

Never ending, never being, just becoming and becoming, and becoming.

What ? A bundle of stupid intellectuals, who run a course,with courses and courses,

The online ones, and the offline too.

The career ones are okay as they course your path for a living, but then you are not done,

As everyone does that, how could you be the better?

Go ahead sweetheart think hard,

Yeah you guessed right, knowledge darling,

Isn’t it the winning edge?

You could tutor or learn, both seem good, as one entails the other.

But I think otherwise , for it’s all the matter of the heart.

Don’t you think you need to give yourself the luxury of time, and stop running so hard,

For within you, is the genius you’ve never ever met, the one who’ll set you on,

On to the path, of the end of a cycle, for the beginning of a new life.

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