Hey Woman!! – Break through…

Pretty Woman, fair of face and full of grace, have you seen the morning phase?

Or are you still quelling in the endless dark night, waiting for morning light?

If you’ve woken up to broad daylight, then cheers pretty woman, we have a reason to celeberate.

But if you are still waiting in darkness, dear one, then this day just seems like any other promising one.

Wake up dear one, the morning light just came over the horizon,

Fair one, be fair to yourself , and swim across from the banks of oppression to the banks of freedom.

Then like a child , somersault in the lawns , looking up at the sky and the grass, as you go up and down.

Have you forgotten to enjoy these simple sweet pleasures?

Break through a life where years of condition and oppression, made you dead to living.

Will you tow the line to oppressors, or will you be the change all world over?

Remember the oppressed created the oppressor, and all you need to do is stand up,

Stand up for yourself, by yourself, for it’s true , your life is yours and not someone else’s.

If you don’t do so, then know you are the oppressor, and not the oppressed.

For years of oppression, and congrats you’ve graduated,

From the epitome, of a self sacrificing woman to the woman who is licenced to oppress.

For today what you see as a sacrifice made, is yet another day, in the history of life.

Turn the tables over, and you’ll see a woman guilty of crime.

For your honour, the oppressed didn’t stand up to womanhood.

To the woman who is pretty inside out, who takes storms and calm in her stride,

Whose wisdom takes the world over, and transforms mankind.

She uses her strengths to love, and be loved,

She’s one who is loving , kind and wise , she’s strong and brave,

For she’s the one whose been bestowed the strength, the wisdom, and the courage to bestow,

Upon the world sanctity, peace and joy, for she’s the woman that rocks the cradle,

She bears for bearing, bearing and nurturing the seed to prosperity.

Patient and kind to learn and teach the game of love and peace.

Nowhere was she to use her wonder gifts, to suffer, and wallow,

In self pity and a false pride.

For in the bargain she created , monsters in the form of oppressors, and as she lived oppressed from within, she forgot why she came in.

Light disappeared from life, and sorrow became a way of life.

Then one day, a few of her clan saw differently, and as they acted, they became the achievers.

As Aditi the master achiever reveals,

“One day crying alone, after being beaten and starved I had no place to go. I wanted to oppress the oppressor, but felt caged .

Then desperate, I was shocked that I had such vicious thoughts,

If I walked out of the cage, would I turn an oppressor?

Was this what I came for?

Then my mind said, ” Oh no, How dare you think so? You are an epitome of goodness bearing it all with grace.”

But I went beyond, and just looked on.

Then spoke my heart, “It’s true, Aditi, look beyond, beyond what you think it is, for far beyond is actually what is.

Then it spoke clearly and in a flash all was clear.

“Why oh why would you bring on yourself, by yourself , someone else’s self?

For is it not just one life you granted yourself? Was it to wane away before it waxed ,for the other self?

For who are they, and do they know what it means to you to being you?

Did you not come down to cherish doing the things you could do in the body granted to you?”

Did you not oppress yourself by being oppressed?

And then after years of oppression, did you not turn the oppressor?

For you forgot how it felt to be free, and knew only these two.

The oppressor and the oppressed, the only validated two.

When you didn’t play one, you were meant to play the other.

From oppressed to oppressor, you swiftly changed roles, knowing no other.

Nipping them in their buds the same way as you were done to.

They never would flower too, cause you didn’t right?

You just became another link in the chain of oppressors and oppressed, and it just grew.”

She saw herself as she would be, and the heart said ” Break through”

The mind debated, ” Oh come on, don’t go through all this , it’s not true, I’m sure you’ll find a way later, it’s just not now.

You are comfortable and used to your zone, so don’t do anything to endanger it.

For now you’ll be in danger, for sure the mind went on and on..

I looked on, and went beyond..

The heart smiled and I heard it say, to reach me one has to go beyond you, and that seems a herculean task to most.

But Yeah you’ve done it, you are an achiever!!

And rightfully so, for achievers do what she did, blown off their minds, and stood up for themselves.

They’ve changed it all, for they are the change, and that is why they are achievers.

They saw beyond what seemed to be black and white.

They saw the different colours and the different hues which life meant us to.

As I see them , a transition begins from within,

And the heart begins to sing as it flies, oh where was I ?

It was dusk, and as the hues fade over the horizon, and in came the dark night, I knew I was the transition, and I saw day.

A day where, we can share space with each other, as equal individual beings, who fulfil their dreams, walking side by side in the wonder called our world..

Come aboard, dear woman, it’s time to achieve the things you want to, the reason you came here for, and as you transform, the world will too..

3 thoughts on “Hey Woman!! – Break through…

  1. ‘A transition begins from within.’ Wow! What an inspiring sentence for women who really want to achieve their dreams! Beautiful piece of work…😊👍


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