I Pray to thee ….

I am mankind, well known as the most superior of all living beings.

I was given a higher intelligence, and sensitivity, unlike the other  beings on the surface of the earth.

I was far superior and I knew it.

But what I knew was just this.

I didn’t know or stop to think, that my higher intelligence was given to me for a reason,

For the evolution of the world.

Did I evolve?

Instead , I slowly transgressed, from the higher intelligence to a lower form.

As much as I want to deny so, I have to admit I have..

How may you ask?

It is so because, I was never in gratitude, never felt thankful for what I had.

Took for granted, the blessings I received,

For when I came on this earth, there were things I had earned.

I had earned the right to life, the access to all the essentials required to sustain it.

It was only as I grew, did I take them for granted,

and moved on to greener pastures,

where I was given access to much more, than was rightfully mine.

That was when I enjoyed eating that extra sweet, of my fellow man.

Yes  the art of intelligence , instead of using it to evolve, I used it to snatch what belonged to the other.

Then slowly it became a habit I couldn’t shed.

I always wanted more and more,

Sweetness shifted from the harmless sweet, as it was from money, fame and power did I now extract nectar.

To do so I plundered every sector.

I plundered mother earth, and extracted more from her than she could ever give.

The fruits from her trees , slowly diminished, and were contaminated by my regular pillaging,by chopping trees, and creating space for my devilish activities.

Yes I thought I was the master of the world,

I ruled it and could do as I wanted to it, in it.

None of the other species was spared,

and the ones that survived lived a life of low quality.

There were small messages sent to me by the earth and the sky,

“Let us be , and it is only then can you be, but I could not hear their cry, as I was smitten by my strength and power, and lost no time, in creating a gigantic world for mankind.

A gigantic world so I thought, as I could fly all over the globe without wings,

Sitting at one corner, of the earth, I knew what was happening at the opposite pole.

Was I a magician?

There were times, when I felt so important, and busy, that I had no time to stop and see what was happening all around.

My intelligence invented for me the latest technology,

And now as I flew high, I realised with a sigh,

That the wings that gave me flight, were chopped,

and from the soaring heights as I dropped,

for as I was attacked by none other than the angered nature,

Who bore my atrocities till it  firmly decided it was time for a full stop.

I knew that it was my turn now,

To make amends for the disaster done,to

all of existence.

Now has come the time,

I’m shown my place,

And here I sit still behind the window sill,

Of the fanciful house I built and watch outside, the trees and birds chirp happily in the fresh sunlight,

The sky is cleared of all its dust, and looking above, I can see the stars at night.

The clearing of fog outside, has cleared the fog within,

And as my vision clears up so I see,

A bright tomorrow for you and me,

Where all of life flourishes.

Hence I pray to thee, cleanse me of the dirt I accumulated,

And as I am cleansed,

Out emerges the true me,

Mankind, which is kind, and compassionate,

For everyone, and all kinds,

And as I pray with passionate compassion,

I see the sun emerging on to a new morning.

Yes it indeed is a new beginning.







3 thoughts on “I Pray to thee ….

  1. ‘The sky is cleared from all its dust’ it’s so right in present situation. It’s time to learn lessons before it’s too late…very well written!


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