A tribute…to the heroes of the world..

Addressed to:                                                                                                                              Doctors of the world,

Of all states, and countries,

All pin codes

The world over…


On behalf of

Citizens of the world,

Of all states and countries,

All pin codes,

The world over….


Dear Doctor,

A word of thanks, seems just too little,

For as we grope, for something to say,

we are speechless, as, we’ve lost our tongues,

Groping on , we found this page, to let you know,

What goes within..

Overwhelmed are we, as we watch the doctors today,

Caring are they, as they stand by all along, looking at Corona in the face.

As it attacks mankind,

With a kind word and a smile on their lips, they treat the frightened,

Scaring away thoughts which engulf their minds,

cause closest to the corona do they stand,

Undeterred  and undaunted are they,

As they fight the battle of the might,

They’ve proved it all along,

Come which one, Corona or Sars,

The virus can be at no par,

When they arrive  at the doctor’s bar.

Our doctors definitely have stood by many a crisis,

So stepping back never arises,

And as they combat the disease,

Without a fear, we feel at ease,

For what would we have done, without our brave soldiers,

Who are non other than our  doctors.

Well gentlemen, of the medical profession,

We have to make a  confession,

In our confusion,

We have often side stepped your decision,

But now we know for sure, that your prescription,

Is a health inscription,

For us to read and follow,

Never to wail and wallow.

When you instruct us to isolate and quarantine,

We will take it in like Corona quinine,

Sanitizing and washing hands,

We adhere to, as you say,

Hygiene and care,

We’ll do all in our share,

For we know , you dare

To combat that deadly enemy,

Which came from nowhere,

To threaten life everywhere

We are with you in your battle against the deadly virus and

As you strive , day and night,

The least we can do is stand by your side,

By following your every command.

Rest assured we will stand our ground,

And as you strive hard and firm,

We’ll soon be able to eradicate the deadly Corona, and end its term.









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