The New Beginning..



As much as the name sounds exciting, am I as mankind ready for it?

The beginning is a very good place to start, as afresh, my page is clear.

Looking at what has happened, I know I am not being wishful.

This is a period of retrospection, understanding my follies as mankind, introspection, and resolving with resilience.


In continuation, I as mankind…..

Am into a lock down, one of its kind.

Could I call my now the start of a new beginning?

Flooded all around me by me are messages of awareness, of sensations, of humour, of tragedy of love and of compassion.

Mankind a bundle of memories and experiences,can I see beyond?

As I move away from the elements of my making, a part of me, stands out, to observe another part of me.

Two poles apart.

Suddenly it dawned on me that I as mankind, had within me, all of it.

The silent doers, and the loud doers.

The go-getters, the Samaritans and the no gooders.

But they all comprised within me.

Each of me had a part of them though the proportions differed.

I am under going the effects of a huge devastation, a catastrophe which is aimed to destruct that part of me, which destructs.

Destruct that part of me ,which is filled with guilt and despair, and so destructs.

Guilt at not conforming to the calls of a so called conditioned society, a society bent on bending you off your bend.

The extent you bend in, is the extent you have to go to bend out.

Then this guilt of not performing leads to despair.

Today as I sit in the close confines of my home, I am neither guilty or in despair,

As I grope inward, there is a whole new world there left unexplored.

Yes me, mankind, asking to go back home.

The home I came to,  Mother earth.

Not the world I made around me.

Love, compassion, wasn’t that what I was ?

The joy of living, I had lost, can it come again?

The artificial face of mine, made up all the time, as it slowly fades away,

I can see a beauty unsurpassed.

This beauty attracts all beauty, the beauty of coexisting with the rest, of me, and the rest of fellow living beings.

As I stay in,

I learn

The earth is still providing me with essentials to live on,

The plants, the trees , the birds and animals,  all clearly spelling

“Live and let live”.

They are now living in the space I vacated temporarily,

Yes flying high, in unpolluted surroundings, nostalgic pleasant smells all around.

Still they miss me, I feel it, as a few come on to my window sill, perching cosily as they pick up some food, I left there.

As one of them come closer, looking at me eye to eye,

There is a warmth a love I never felt earlier.

It seemed to be telling me, come out dear friend,

We miss you too.

Though , life seems more peaceful now, we need you too,

You are our most intelligent species, can you come back with a bang,

With the higher intelligence you once possessed?

Those days of co-existing were joyous, where each shared with the other,

Then you switched off, using your mind in things not meant to be.

You diversified into another, making beasts out of man.

Killed your very self, slowly and gradually till you came to this.

Now as you stare at me, and all around, you know as I know too,

You are back, and your strength is the two opposites within,

Whose roles may differ, but they are equal in stature,

And when you look at both with the same eye,

You are back then, mankind,

As then you will be kind to every kind.

So  saying it flew away,

I knew, now I was ready for my new journey,

The new beginning.

So as I begin my new journey, with gratitude to the creator,

I know for sure,

Your pain is mine, as I am the whole of mankind.

For you I am, and I am as I am, a lovely soul in a wonderful body, gifted to me to preserve, until the final call.

And as the call comes in, may I smile and say good bye to all you wonderful fellow men, and creatures of this lovely planet, and leave with a calm, of completing my journey which was living life to the hilt, and giving it all I came in for.

This to me is the new beginning, awarded to me one last time, so that I can lead a life accomplished.






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