The Sunny side of Corona…

Governed by the side in you, which takes prominence in your life, is what makes us what we are.

No I am not theorising , but am telling you what I know.

The 13th of march, 2020, a day in my life, where Corona did manage to engage me for the longest period of time, creating a dark phase in the otherwise, light side of life,

The more I dwelt the more darker it became, until a time when the phone rang and from the other end sprang up a cheerful voice,

“Hello aunty, how are you?”

“Well whose this, is it Aarti?”

“Yes, aunty, just called to ask how are things with you?”

“Fine darling”, I replied. ( I was lying, I was far from it.)

Well, her bubbly voice, resonated with a tangy tingle from my within, which was associated, with childhood memories of our tangy snacky  chaat, comprising of sev puri, and bhel, India’s age old chaat, enjoyed with the evening chatter, the most sought after period of the day.

So my next very spontaneous  question to her was “Hey, would you like some chaat”?

Sure aunty,  I’ll be right there”, so she said.

Aarti, lit up my otherwise dark evening and as we chatted over chaat, she handed over to me a book by Sark ” Juicy Pens and Thirsty Paper”,

I was half way through the book, when I paused to write this to all of you, I was indeed thirsting to write.

Well here I am penning down all of this, which lay in the dark, within, and bringing it to light by toppling it upside down, so we have that side up which is sunny, that it indeed seems funny , that  a flip over is all you need to come out of a dark spell.

Guys ,as the night ended bringing in the promise of a new morning, so did these few revelations , bring in the sunlight of the day like never before.

Corona came in like a gust to bust the activities we’ve been performing with gusto.

Is it not true that we do not know who we are?

Or what we are doing ,in the world of a strong movement, where all of us whirl around like in a whirl wind?

Look around and you will see, that we have succeeded in creating a world of pollution, by the numerous activities we rush around performing from dawn to dusk, running around like mad hatters, and the more we rush and have no time, the more important we think we are .

Stupid mindless fools!

Its time nature took things in its hands.

Pause a while, get off the giant wheel swaying you back and forth, and round and round,

Look around and as you do so, you will realise you could do without the flamboyance you are living.

Now as panic sets in , you stock up your homes.

It will do you good to remember to pick up the essentials only, as now is not the time to splurge, but to save for the rainy days ahead.

Save  resources, and space out your sources,  enjoying your solitude like never before.

For soon will come the day when you will know the worth of actual living.

Live naturally, live well, eat sufficient and save energy for a better cause,

Cause right now you and me, and all around,

Have to keep still and lie low,

Till the tide passes and wisdom arises,

Where parties and social gatherings, will know their place,

and will occur when ” All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, and not where Jack makes jobs out of them, and so weary does he get, that he forgets, there is a day without them”

Yes, social commitments are so many, that your commitment to yourself  lies far behind.

Today  we all accept a social responsibility as the turn of events suggests we do.

Don’t you think like I do that someone out there, up above, is winking as he smiles at us from above  telling us” Sorry guys, you didn’t see sense , I tried all tricks but they didn’t work, as all of you thought it couldn’t be you.” Now you know it isn’t true,

As Corona can reach out to you and you and you…

So beware friend and learn fast the secret I want to share,

Life is at its best, when you are at rest.
Stress, commitments, competition, all of which the ego fancies, can you stop it all?

As status and power are defined by this madness, and if you dare to oppose so, you are not only looked down at but ridiculed and isolated.

Well most of us get into the band wagon of the mad hatters and the ones who don’t can have the last laugh now.

Corona has come with a bang ,

A calling to oust ridiculous operations, and negative actions.

Does not the corona spell just this?

As health is wealth, and you have come in to this fine earth , so make sure you are here, for as long as you learn,

The secret you came to learn.

Do not get waylaid and focus on  the core of our very existence.

So now dear friends, in the wake of the corona virus, instead of only looking at the fall and fear in it all, lets see the flip side, that in it  we are together, each equipping the other, some with a realisation that all is not about theatres and malls, and social activity, but is also about a society whose socialising is in its actual care to arrest the virus, and prevent it from spreading widespread.

In this society we call ours, in whose good books we will do anything to be in,  lets rush to its clarion call and arrest the virus each in our own ways.

We’ve heard it all,

“Create awareness among your neighbours,”

“Do not crowd and visit too many public places, to avoid contracting or spreading the same”.

For a change can we all sit back and put our energies into constructive use?

On the flip side this is the best time where we can all gather our energies together and positively join hands to safeguard the world from deadly events and virus.

So what if you can’t party, your party begins at home, when as you flip over, you realise there is a lot more on this lovely planet than the so called party, and abuse of resources, we’ve been continuously indulging into over the years.

As the signal turns red, lets stop and explore all possibilities on this side of life, the side unexplored.

The fusion of religion and science where religion is the gathering of energies to focus positively. Using the higher intellect, to study the structure of the physical and natural world,  is science .

Today is the time, when we gather together, cause we are all of one family, over the world over.

Let’s explore this side, the sunny side up, and as we do so , out pops up the special hidden pop up, there is a funny side here, until now  the division of the entire world was distinct, and today as you see it the unison is distinct. Yes, today we are all in unison, universally whole…

Did it take  a Corona Virus to get us all together the world over?



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