Women’s Day Special..

As much as I abhor this title, I felt the need to title this blog so.

I did not want to mention this, but the many videos and articles I received on Women’s day, describing the many grievances of women, and how they should fight back for their rights, incited me to write this.

What do you mean by Women’s day?

Is it  just the day you want to be coddled, cuddled pampered and appreciated for all the suffering you have taken, and do you also want to just have your back patted for being the martyr you have been?


is it that day in your life when realisation comes in as to what is the hidden meaning of a woman?

If you are in with the first option, and will be satisfied with all the freebies, and previliges being a woman you can receive for the many sacrifices you have made, in life, then go ahead and enjoy your so called Women’s Day.

And if you are in for the second option, where you feel a lot more is there to it than just the above, then do  read the letter below:

Dear Women,

This is an open letter to all of you, who are women of substance.

I love being a woman, the woman I am.

Female energy, is symbolised as Maa Durga,

The embodiment of Maa Saraswati, Maa Lakshmi, and Maa Kali.

Knowledge- Saraswati, Lakshmi- wealth, and Kali  the divine, though fierce is the goddess of creation, preservation and destruction.

Together is what we’ll define as a woman.

Women empowerment dear friends, Heard it but do we know it?

Well it stems from the correct use of all these powers.

Knowledge bountiful, stems from within, as wisdom does, which empowers the woman of those qualities, which only she can possess.

Cool, Calm, patient, she is the one who can top all when it comes to crisis management in the family.

Well, she can thus sustain the wealth in the family, by ensuring, health, happiness and love, the true wealth.

And to top it all she and she is the only one, who can create an environment of  peace and good will, empowering the younger woman to flower into a woman with a free will and free spirit, and create a haven on earth free from oppression, supression, and free from the mass screaming of women who shout and demand for their rights.

Women’s lib they call it.

Well how can they be liberated when sustaining their down trodden status are women suppressing them.

Women are the enemies of women, and they appear in the form of sadistic mother in laws, elder women, who happen to gain a status in life, after being suppressed all their life.

Now they take sadistic pleasure in suppressing the younger women, seeing that they wither before they bloom.

Come on women, whom are you trying to fool?

The world? or are you fooling yourself in believing that some one else is responsible for women being down trodden?

“We have suffered all our lives, and now we have a right to live on our terms”, say the women of many seasons.

Yes you  do , I agree, but as you grow you are wise enough to know, that you can live the years you lost,

In the lives of your little daughters, daughter in laws and all the young women who are about to bloom today.

Please use your position today, to help them bloom, realise your dream in theirs, isin’t it one and the same?

Think about it .

For eg: If you are a mother in law, then understand that your daughter in law needs the space and freedom, you never got, and give it to her, by offering her a helping hand with soothing compassion so that she can follow her dream, and in seeing her realising hers, you will ultimately know you have realised yours too.

Instead if you live with a vengeance feeling victimised all the time and so with a vengeance want to hit back by making her the punching bag, then sorry to say you have contributed in creating a society where women will continue to be down trodden, and suppressed because the beasts are not the men, but women of your kind.

It has happened earlier and will go on for time immemorial, as you do not want to be one of those who can step down, thus breaking the chain of a never ending cycle.

You can be a trend setter, step down and claim your true position, by being a  true women, a woman of substance,  and stand up for women, cause women in power can do wonders like the goddess Kali, only see that goddess Saraswati moves along with you, and then as goddess Lakshmi assists you in holding on to the wealth of your knowledge, that is when you can create a new world and destroy  evil from a society like the goddess of Kali.

Come on dear women wake up to the clarion call, our women need to bloom into the beauties they are.

Liberate yourselves from old conditioning and embrace the new generation with warmth and love, and then the passion that comes in with compassion will make the world spellbound as  it will be filled with blooming flowers of love and light everywhere.



5 thoughts on “Women’s Day Special..

  1. ‘Embrace the new generation with warmth and love’. That’s a beautiful message from this author to all women in the world. Fantastic! Very thoughtfully written.


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