As you bust the block..

Bust the Block that pins you down,

Refusing to let you fly on,

Far away where your heart awaits,

Far beyond you can comprehend,

And far away from the tyranny of the ego,

That ego that never sets you free,

As its gilded cage, is like a bait,

Yes the trap is set, and you fall in,

All along,  you think you do,

All that has to be done,

Well stop a while my dear friend and look around,

Was this the meaning of life?

Or was it the block you refuse to let go?

Urging you on to the path of despair,

Cause yonder comes the day,

When your services are no longer required,

Then my dear friend  do you feel cheated,

Or do you take it in your stride.

Well the ones who feel cheated, have ego by their side,

The very ego that  said, you are the best,

You are indispensable, one of a kind,

Oh what a find,

You always do for others, and never think of yourself,

Oh what a noble soul are you

All along it cheated you to believe, you were a find,

And weary though you were, you worked till your body, gave way,

To aches and pains, and the mind though weary,

Goaded by the ego, and the flatter,

Bent itself till it cracked.

Then came the day , when it was no longer needed,

This didn’t go well with the ego,

It hurt, and protested,

Only to realise it was to dead walls.

Then as it lay, sad and disgruntled,

A voice from within, said to it, please vacate,

I am here to take my rightful place,

Yes the block was busted,

And along with the heart,

Came in the light,

Of love and joy,

As out flew the real you,

Who knew, then, that this was for real,

Away from the image of the mind,

Joyous in its find,

Oblivious of hurt and pain,

As the blocks busted

It opened the doors to the heart,

The heart said ” I am your true you,

Do remember you are responsible for only you,

You have come into this world for you,

Whatever you do it is only for you,

You nurture your children, love your family for you,

You work for a living for you,

you play these roles for you,

Then when you grow out of these roles,

You find others, for you,

Your heart calling, come on now, we are done here,

The next stage is ready,

Well you play it, till you are now ready to fly away,

For ever into that dimension, of time and space, where there is none.









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