When you arrive, at the Eve of Life..

Life is all about how you welcome the eve of your life.

Eve is the time when you sit back and recall your day’s work, satisfied and content with how it shaped out, and when you can now relax, and pass on, over to the next.

Evening to me has always been fragrant, and as I reminisce,

I see it as I saw it at age 5.

The fragrance in the evening skies, gave me a sense of freedom, which made me, oblivious of everything around, except the green grass, making me somersault in them, play hide and seek with  companions and cousins, who were with me, (our journey was then together), and  getting carried away by our friendly balloon man who held different colours of balloons. Just whiffing away in the evening breeze, the pleasant smell of the evening fragrance, gave me a sense of belonging and attachment to mother earth.

Now as I reminisce, this is how it feels, at the eve of life, which to me is the Final Drive, before you park at the porch of life and disappear into the wilderness you came in from.

Well here at the sunset of life, I’m at the back seat of a car, driven by my son, ( we were driving to Indiana polis when this occurred to me),who is in strive to reach pre set goals.

However,  this time , enriched with experiences, and guided by masters, I realise that life is no longer a mystery, nor is it a strive to material success. It is a strive to be. The real success is to be yourself as you are in the moment. The precious moment now…

Nevertheless, I solely believe that to reach here you need to pass the earlier stages.

Without going through the 1st and 2nd drive you cannot reach the Final 3rd.

The 1st and 2nd being the dawn,and midday, before you reach the dusk of life.

If I were to go back again, I would still drive the same , excepting with more consciousness and less heartaches, as the accidents would be less and the dents in the body too.( I can say this now, through the experience and accidents I went through)

I’m sure we all will make mistakes, and learn, however learning from other’s mistakes, can get us a head start, way ahead from the stubborn ones who refuse to review the other’s.

I wish to share something precious, sitting in the backseat ,at the dusk of life

Could I please get a taker?

I mean this literally, cause you cannot give anything without a taker.

Well to the taker,  on the 1st drive, whose reading this,

“Enjoy the strive along the drive, to success, without heartaches,

As success is in the enjoying of the drive and not at the end.

The end is just a full stop of strive.

The goal is in the day to day moment of the drive.”

In the 1st and 2nd drives of life, the eve of your days,  will spell your success,

Sitting back in the evenings after a hard days work, satisfied with no regrets as to how your day shaped, tells you that the going is good.

Your fight is good, the fight is your inner peace with yourself, content and no conflicts, that is the spell  check to success.

It then leads to, this,

Eve of your Life

You  then sit back in the eve of your life, feeling  the cool breeze during sunset, with no regrets and content with what is, which is the best one could ask for, and that dear friends is the essence we need to carry with us.

Not the essence of regret, anger, hurt and pain.

So as you sit by the setting sun, let go of all that binds you,

As you came so you go free, under the shade of the mango tree.

Yes as you sit  back in the eve of your life, and keep your self content and blissful,

So will you pass on with a head start on your ongoing journey…..to the dawn of a beautiful sunrise.

A new horizon awaits….

One thought on “When you arrive, at the Eve of Life..

  1. ‘Success is in the enjoying the drive and not the end’. This not only speaks volumes about author’s maturity to live life, but also her ability to express her perspective in a very interesting and creative way. Beautifully written!


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