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Deeply Analyze to Know About Our Priorities

Read this article that provides you tips about few things that you should avoid in life to live a happy and prosperous life with your loved ones!

What are we safeguarding every day?

Our near and dear ones?


Our time?

Our efforts?

Yes indeed, but in this rat race, despite our constant efforts, we are losing out .

We are robbed of that which we truly need to safeguard.

We are robbed of this very moment, which we lease out every time to that someone, in the form of unsolicited advice, and suggestions, and constantly judging and criticising the other.

Stop just stop it, says a voice from within.

Then comes another one, telling me to be in the moment and listen to, the song in the Titanic” Every night in my dreams….”

Guys sorry I’m pausing to hear it now, but not before I promise to pen down the best lines…..

The practice of mindfulness is hotly debated.

“Love can touch us one time and last for a life time,

Love was when I loved you, one true time I hold to,

In my life we’ll always go on.”

Rose lived the moment,  she loved Jack truly , so she was never robbed of it.

Years later, as an old woman, even though distances and spaces were far away, love bound them so closely, that he was not lost to her.

Can we hear and feel as clearly as  Rose  ( Kate Winslet) does, in James Cameron’s Titanic.

She lived every moment with her love , Jack ( Leornado Capri),that even after he was no more, she saw and felt him, as she did when he was with her aboard the Titanic.

Weathers came and went, she grew old, but she still had him with her as he was when he was alive.

Then why do we insist on being robbed everyday.

We are always robbed of all our moments,

Our minds mind everything except that which is ours.

Can we not let our mind, take away that which is truly ours?

Can we not be true to ourselves, and make the best of this moment as gifted to us?

I am writing this down, and loving it, as I am here now, penning down my heartfelt feelings.


I know not of the next, and content am I in this, and as this moment leaves me for the next, I’ll seal it within, so that no robber can steal.

All the moments sealed together make up what is mine forever.

Mind your step, mind your work, mind your moment, and please mind if you don’t mind, because it is then that you are getting robbed of what is yours.

All your mindful moments make up you, which you carry forever.

No body can rob you of them, well unless and until you wish it so.

Then if you wish so, go ahead,

In the moment that is yours, mind the others,

Mind their business, and see what they are doing in your moment,

and rob yourself of that which is truly yours.

In that special moment of yours, make devious plans on how to correct theirs.

Then somewhere, you hold on to that which is not yours, and as you do so, you let go of that which is yours.

Dear friends, the next time, your mind wanders into someone else’s moment, stop, and get it back to yours, as you are not authorised to open someone else’s box.

Well the day you are asked to, and authorised to by that someone else, then as you help the other, that moment becomes yours, and being in it, will give you and the someone you help the best results any moment could.

However, until then mind it if you mind others, and you will come back to minding yours….

Good luck then dear friends…. Till we meet again…

2 thoughts on “Are we Robbed? – Deeply Analyze to Know About Our Priorities – DeepSweep

  1. Each word is like a diamond crafted for the 👑 crown .. Absolutely poised at it’s right place & with the Real worth & wisdom … This is a Real Masterpiece & These lines deserve great applause … These words shows you have reached a pinnacle … & Deserve the index page … These are Rarest lines with everlasting value …. After a long pretty time at least I have found a Real masterpiece..


  2. Every moment in our lives is precious, we must use it for self-realisation. In fact that’s the first step towards the super consciousness. This article has a deep philosophical meaning…very well written indeed!


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