Race and Chase away …. The Devil

Cheers is in the season ..

It is the season of cheers, and will always be.

“Do you think you can write anything and get away with it”, said a voice from within?

“Aw what had I done?” I asked myself.

Did I write anything random, or did it come from the feeling inside.

Well before I go further, specifying the voice from within, I have to admit,

They are dual, one proves to you he is real, and the other just watches on,

There is one constantly knocking at you, making his presence known, by making you act impulsively  while the other one, is the hidden intuition, which can be heard only when you silence the impulsive .

Life Is a Race with the Devil

Do you get a chance? Or is the impulsive Devil always the one to win the race.

Well life is a race with the Devil, and the Devil can catch us unawares, if we do not catch it so.

Radha’s  little story told me how so

Radha woke up one fine morning, with a thought, which brought jitters down her spine.

She was in love with Krish, and Krish had just told her a day earlier, that he was planning to settle in America, and asked whether she would join him.

Radha had her roots in India, and was enjoying her work immensely as a Sales Manager in a multi national company.

Going with him could uproot her whole being completely, and she knew she could not live without him.

“What should she do?”She asked herself this fine morning whether she would be able to give it all up, to be with the man she chose to be with.

Pondering and worrying over this since morning, she was lost in thoughts, and did not realise it was 12 noon, and in the next quarter she was due for a meeting with her boss.

Luck was on her side though, as Revati her friend,  came up to her and in her cheerful demure, exclaimed ” Hello are you here? I’m calling out to you for the past 15 mins, where are you? It seems you’ve found another land on this one.

“Radha, don’t cheat!! You cant land on to somewhere else, while your on this one.

Come back now!”

Radha  came back as she suddenly snapped out of her thoughts, and decided to land back here where she belonged.

Lucky to be bailed out by Revati, who saved her otherwise messed up day, she pulled herself together, and got out of her distressing thoughts.

She told herself  to snap out, as it was time to get back to work, and to take things and situations as they come in, prioritising on what has to be done,  as per the need of the hour. One at a time, they will come in and as you do the one which comes in at the time it comes in being in that space,  the mystery gets unfolded as when the moment for the crucial life decision comes up, you will work with it as it is, one to one, thus opening up your intuitive sight, which will guide you on, to the next step ensuring you do not trip over.

There will be no intruding impulsive devilish thoughts, interfering with your present activity.

So whenever you  prioritise what you have to do, doing what has to be done, when it is to be done, then you will do what you have to when you have to.

The Devil will stop prompting you, with unnecessary suggestions, and chatter, which it always does to keep you from doing what you have to.

Radha worked on as per the need of the hour, and put all disturbing thoughts aside.

Guess what?

She was pleasantly surprised, when a few days later, as she sat by the window sipping her cup of coffee, the doorbell rang and Krish walked in, telling her that his love for her made him reconsider his decision of going to America, and as he decided to take each day as it came, in came the day when he was offered the post as  a general manager in a reputed company.

They won over the Devil as they stood up and listened to the silence within telling them to just do what has to be done then.

The Devil had  urged her to take a decision, and kept coming in her way, through disturbing thoughts, urging her to take an impulsive action, but as she silenced her mind, by doing intuitively what was required then, well being took over and decided what was best for both of them

Does this not sound simple in a complicated world, where complications arise, due to our complicated minds run by devilish thoughts.

The next time you get into the thought jungle, and if you have no friend to bail you out like Radha had, remember Radha’s Revati, and leave the thoughts alone, and they’ll go away, out of the land that is not theirs, bringing in  cheer in your everyday life, doing just what has to be done, just then.

Then and only then your race with the Devil ends as that will be the end of the Devil within.

No longer will there be an idle mind, carrying the devil’s workshop.

You will prevail then without the Devil, and that you, will be a cheerful energetic real you with vigour enough to move mountains or to cross them over with ease.

That is when you will know that you have won the race with the devil….

Then Cheers will be in the air at all seasons, forever and ever….

Its time to party ain’t it?

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