Hello! The Earth Beckons…

What’s up?I ask myself, as Whats App beckons, attracting me with its very powerful , interesting, distracting, overwhelming, constructive, destructive messages.

Where am I?

In the realm of dreams or in the realm of  the space, I seek to create around me, to feel sanctity prevail.

In short I am lost. Lost in life to mechanics, a mechanical life takes over, and the tragic truth is that I am unaware of it.

Unaware, that mechanical life has taken over conscious life, and seriously I do not know where this leads to.

During this continuous mechanical life, sometimes electric shocks come in like electrocuted waves, in the form of bad news like for eg the sudden death of a  young close acquaintance , or a turmoil you suddenly face in the calm mid  sea of life.

Well these shocks and waves are meant to kick start our dreamy state to the wake state. If during the shake they do not shake you off your pedestal, urging you to walk down the path, which you are unfamiliar to, uninhibited, then good luck friends, the shocks will be more frequent and intense, goading you all along to wake up.

This is when consciousness comes in and goads you on to see each step as you walk, and the seeing in its true sense is the awakening, of your being.

You could choose to shake yourself up and question your being or you could wait for the tide to pass and brace yourself to face the next shock.

When you wake up what do you see?

Bright pastures of the earth beckoning, you to come and flow in .

They were there all along… you were just asleep.

This is what I told myself as I flew Mumbai -Shannon(Ireland) to my daughter’s place for her delivery.

No matter what, “Life is as it is , not as you think it should be, and right now I know I need to take it as it comes…

“My fight will be good, then and only then” is what I concluded.

Two and a half months later as I boarded the plane back home, I realised the truth in the whole concept.

I had let myself flow on with what came in and surprisingly all was well, my bone health survived the journey and endured the task of helping around with the baby, the household chores and home relocation, which I insisted they do ( the blessed young couple) while I was around.

Though the agenda and purpose of this trip seemed more challenging, surprisingly dear friends it was one of my best, as consciously aware, I lived each moment with an awareness and delicacy, making sure it was the best, so that it led to the next best one.

My son in law ( Dhav) received me at Shannon airport and we drove to Limerick where Dhav and Mehak resided.

The location was beautiful, and though I did get under the weather a bit, however, seeing Mehak all pregnant with gestational diabetes, I slipped into a mode of activity, and surprisingly got into a very independent phase in life, where at the moment nothing mattered except completing jobs in hand satisfactorily.

The young couple, put in  their best, worked hard, setting up the home and environment to welcome the baby, who was due to arrive any moment.

Together I suddenly felt we were a trio playing our specific roles, as per the need of the hour.

I suddenly felt no other role but the one as a helper, friend and guide.

Yes I forgot I was a mother, a wife or a grandmother.

I was just here , there to be precise, and all that mattered was the morning, afternoon and evening of the day it was.

The day of Mehak’s delivery arrived and a few complications later she delivered a beautiful baby girl Meher, through a C section.

Yes I must here mention that I got into realising suddenly that my baby delivered a baby.

I loved the idea, enjoyed it for the moment and let it go.

I would walk down to the hospital to relieve Dhav who would need a break then, and then when he came back later in the evening I would go home.

Just walking up and down the streets made me feel at home.

Soon I learnt to be independent and enjoyed the beauty of Limerick city centre.

Then came the stressful nights the children underwent with their child, and me being a part of the trio, I stepped in and took things in my stride, and soon the three of us were beautifully in sync with each other, taking turns, relieving each other, and enjoying moments cherishing them till they lasted.

Looking back, remembering Dhav passing on the baby parcel to me,( he had received her a few hours earlier, when the weary mother needed a break ) when he had to leave for work early morn.

Then the nights when we would sit around and decide whose turn it was for the 1st night shift( The shifts were divided in 3 parts), then whenever I felt the duo were tired, I would offer, to take care, only to hand her back to them a few hours later.

When Meher was 3 weeks old, Dhav had to leave for America, for some office work, and just when we wondered how we would manage, help came in the form of Drupad, my son, and Mehak’s brother, who was flying out of India for a business meeting to Istanbul, and eager to meet the new born he just came in  right in time to fill up the gap.

Again we were a trio, and as Drupad, Mehak and me enjoyed the baby and Limerick together, Dhav joined us and we spent a week end in Dublin, to see off Drupad, who had a flight back from there.

Then we returned to Limerick  again as a trio.

As Dhav’s workplace was in Oranmore, county Galway, we had to relocate from our present location.

Ireland is scarce for its housing, and though Dhav was travelling from Limerick to Oranmore everyday, we all felt it was time for us to relocate residence, in order that they are closer to his work place.

Now the main challenge was to get a house in the area of his work vicinity, and I was hoping we could find a place before I left.

Everyday Mehak would look for places, but by the time they could even get to inspect, the house was gone.

Luckily this one we got, as Dhav had the presence of mind to go alone inspect it and show it to us on video, so he finalised it on the spot.

Now guess what?

The herculean task of shifting residence with a baby seemed a huge task, however, it was done as if Hanuman and his army lifted us out and placed us there.

Yes, Dhav turned out to be Hanuman, and we seemed to be his army, and together, we managed to complete the whole procedure, in a week end, plus the Monday after the week end.

We reached the new place half past midnight, which was  a  Tuesday morning.

Also amused I am to admit, the Saturday of the week end we spent in visiting places in Limerick before we left, the famous milk market and king John’s castle, our Hanuman carrying Meher in a carrier all over the city.

Great was the spirit and the temperament.

Now as I reminisce, I admit I enjoyed every bit, as I took interest in what was the priority then.

I guess we all have certain jobs to do, certain roles to play, some we like, some we don’t, yet when they have to be done, then enjoy it guys.

It’s not the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down, but when you see life as it is , then it is clear that  the medicine itself is the spoonful of sugar.

Take it or leave it, and as I boarded the flight back, after the painful good bye, ( Meher and Mehak at home) and at the airport as I bade Dhav goodbye, I knew that though our trio was severed, the team at their end would  be a trio again, as Meher just got into their lives, and together they would grow understand and evolve, holding on as team MDM.

It suddenly occurred to me, that an exit, brings in a new entrant.

So one has to die to the old to welcome the new.

May it be people, habits, changes in environment and so on…

Now though their journeys are separate, team MDM, are united to help each of them grow in their individual journeys…

Leaving them in bliss, I wish them a blissful journey together, as I depart.

Intact in body and mind,  armed with a learning of a lifetime,  I was filled with a freshness which came in from the very core of my being. The freshness of a new dawn which was  in no way connected to the past dawn.

Chatrapati Shivaji  Terminus beckoned me as I landed into the space I had known all along. Did I know it? My eyes beg to differ, it saw things in a different light.

There was a feeling of lightness, a flying feeling, as I went into the arms of the man of my life, Yes I was back. My role there was complete, and as I look at myself now, I know nothing comes from nothing nothing ever could, so somewhere in my heart I always know, I learnt something new.

Life comes and goes, situations change, you can see them come and go, the truth is you can stay unperturbed , unaffected, and enjoy the seasons as they are by acknowledging them accepting them and living wholeheartedly in them.

All the seasons seem to be giving us something valuable, so can we enjoy them all, instead of being sticklers to one?

Are we takers?

Eh… Try it before you take this one…..











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