The Size That Fits….

The other day as I entered a store to pick up a night suit,I tried a medium size. Finding it a little tight at the chest, I picked up a larger size, , and then realised it was too loose waist downwards.

They came as a package,I could either choose the medium and stay uncomfortable at the top, or then go in for the large, and stay uncomfortable downwards..

I chose the later as I knew I could alter the bottom and tighten it, but could not increase the size of the former medium set.

As I got out of the store, heading towards home, the great bang occurred from within.

So when we chose our package knowing very well what we can alter, and work about with, then what stops us from accepting the same.


Why oh why do we look out for the cream, of the deal and why does acceptance go out of the window, when the favourable part of the package is exhausted, and the residue is not in conformity, with our likes.

Can we then brush aside our differences and work neutrally.

First and foremost I ask myself, can I live the way  life is, without adding any adjective to it.

Without seeing it with my coloured lens.

My lens was coloured in this case by the fact that a larger size  was not at all becoming of me,  as I’ve lost considerable weight and the fact that I fit into a large size and not medium seemed disheartening.

Exactly that was all I felt. As I pulled off that lens, I realised that my life’s package

has its shares of ups and downs, can I take into stride the downs as I do the ups?

The downs can seem terrible, but only through the lens fitted to see only the ups.

Pull it off, attaboy,  melancholy has a wisdom  of its own.

Nature indeed has provided for the same.

Meeting Prabha, after a long spell, yes I am talking of the Prabha whose life was in the doldrums, with her children mentally and physically handicapped, her topsy turvy life, seemed to gain stability, as she sat beside me explaining how the events in her life, unfolded as they should as she accepted her package gracefully.

Nature indeed has its way, her children are well settled in institutions, meant to care for them.

The staff and faculty of these institutions voluntary chose to work there,  as per their aptitudes, and if some of them had to work for a living, the fact that they were introduced to work there and agreed to do so, meant that they picked up the package, the size and deal they could fit into.

Now,here as I let reality meet itself instead of an image I had created, as I used to do so earlier, I suddenly realised that there was a sense of freedom into it all.

I suddenly did not care, telling myself to take things as they come, and perceive them as they are, keeping aside all the coloured tints I could possible perceive with what should be versus what is.

Don’t we all have an image of ourselves, and are always measuring and comparing ourselves, with the other, making life itself a rat race, where if you stop on the track, you are trampled over by the other, aspiring to win.

Well, as we slow down on our track, lowering our pace, till we come to a standstill, then is only when, you see what actually is.

People may overtake you on the track, but as you see what actually is, you realise, that you have not come here to overtake or be overtaken, you have come here to be one with what actually is. To see life actually, and to act now in this very moment.

Walking through the snow, watching the snowflakes fall on my coat, just puts me in sync with the timeless, thoughtless journey, where death is not a deterrent to move ahead, but it is a means of understanding the actuality of what life is, to die everyday to the known, and as you encounter the unknown, know it, shed it and empty yourself. The known has to shed itself , or else you could use it to form a lens to observe life in accordance with what you know and not what is, and yet the knowing is important for the essence of life. A paradox isn’t it not?

As life passes through us,  the body gets older, it withers away, as if its job of experiencing is done.

Then it is your take dearie, did you use it enough to discover what you had come to for?

Let’s open our eyes and look around, we can actually see with the eyes meant to understand and realise, that life is not a mystery, it gives you those  obvious clear messages, which are non obvious to us with our superficial life and thinking.

So as we fit into the size nature fitted for us, we also go hand in glove with life, and accept things as they are and should be…




2 thoughts on “The Size That Fits….

  1. The Truth is That Which is Very Difficult to Accept BY us …. Good you have put the same in a very easy way of our day to day life….God Bless.


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