Vivi and the Kiwi.. – Short Story Realted to Vivi and the Kiwi – DeepSweep

Short Story Realted to Vivi and the Kiwi

Read this article based on short story of Vivi and the Kiwi. This article will let you know that the stream of life contains a common consciousness.

As I got up this morning , what did I see?

A lone Kiwi sitting in the fruit basket amidst 2 juicy apples.

Well it sure looked unattractive, but  then what have I to say?

Did it know its true value?

Seemingly it didn’t.

Something seemed amiss,

Yes, his friend Vivi was a miss.

Vivi loved Kiwis and after devouring the golden fruit, his eyes shone like he had won, the battle of the might,

The golden aura around him far surpassed the golden fruit which caused it.

Its alluring taste, tingled on his tongue, leaving an everlasting sweet flavour,

throwing to light, the fact, that appearances sure are deceptive.

Yes, Vivi knew the real value of the Kiwi,

Its sweet sour taste, was an anecdote and a cure to the most deadliest of diseases,

but  instead of basking in its glory, it sat on as a lonesome spectator in the fruit basket, and witnessed, the hands which picked up the rosy apples one by one, and one by one, pairs of white teeth sunk into the succulent apple, enjoying the juice and sweetness,  all along, giving the apple a pedestal, to settle and glorify  itself.


And then all of a sudden came little Vivi, our little young champ, with caring gleaming eyes, and as soon as he  spotted the lone Kiwi, like a flash of lightening, he raced towards it, securing it in his hands.

The Kiwi then realised that the feeling  of being wanted and unwanted are the same, nothing elevates except the feeling of desiring none.

Then was the moment, the Eureka moment, realisation set in, actual elevation took place, not the feeling of it, as felt the apples.

So as the Kiwi elevated, it suddenly felt a gush of free air, welcoming it as it got out of the main stream of life.

It knew now that its days were done, it was out of the stream of consciousness, which until now it occupied, that stream enabled you to feel good and bad, pleasure and pain, love and hate, joy and sorrow, as you were a manifestation of the stream  whose content of consciousness was just that.

Sitting in Vivi’s hands the Kiwi could feel itself devoured with love, and suddenly nothing mattered.


Feeling so , with a wink in the eyes and the curve of a smile, it settled itself in Viv’s hands, waiting to be eaten with love by the boy who was love bountiful.

It knew as it mingled its sweetness with the juice in Viv’s tongue, there would be no morrow, as it had crossed past the tides of time, and into a haven where nothing absolutely nothing mattered.

Laughingly, the Kiwi gave up its life, realised in the fact that the stream of life contained a common consciousness, which was neither yours or mine, but belonged to the  stream, and who ever flowed in it, would be smitten by the same.

Thus it rose high away, out of the stream of life, never to enter it again..

2 thoughts on “Vivi and the Kiwi.. – Short Story Realted to Vivi and the Kiwi – DeepSweep

  1. Kiwi the life in itself…. meaningful…. if it is valued every second without pleasure or pain…. without choice…. great…. god bless you.


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