Eat while you eat…….

I am here, sitting in front of the laptop, and typing away to glory.

While doing so, I feel I am here with myself, and all within, is spilled on a fresh note, on Microsoft word.

Really, seriously I tell myself, I am at it…

Wow, it seems nice, did I just think that?

See how I drifted…

I went back to school, and remembered, our teacher telling us eat while you eat, drink while you drink, play while you play, sing while you sing….

Life’s basics, ain’t   it?

These were the rules we were introduced to, then along the path, what happened?

Eating while watching TV, the fun is gone, of the food and the show.

I love my coffee with biscuit or muffin, however the other day, Shals just told me something I had never thought of earlier,

Deeds enjoy the taste of coffee for what it is, and enjoy the muffin for its taste, separately, see the beauty and relish their delicacy for an enriched experience.

Do not mingle them as the magic is lost.

Can we not apply this principle in our daily tasks?

As I settled down with this thought, determined to prioritise my task in hand,

the doorbell rang, and in walked  the maid, who messed up my kitchen yesterday.

I had sworn, I would give her a piece of my mind, and wouldn’t rest till I did so.

However, as I opened the door to her, I made my choice, I was not letting anything come between my writing and me, even if it meant, I would have to clear up the mess she created again.

I could just not mess up my mind again, “yes Deepi get at it, do not give up”, I said to myself, as I resumed my seat at the table, and picked up from where I left off.

Well, well, this is just one distraction, in a world, where to hold oneself, to the task at hand is a task by itself.

Well the minute you are determined to do something, distractions set in, to see that you lose the determination.

So, be it, nothing new, let’s see where we are?

I won over with sheer determination to overcome my urge in the maid scene, however, plop came another, the courier man arrived while I was in the midst of the next interesting line,

Yes, I dealt with him, smilingly, holding on to my new line, and signed the customary form without any distraction.

Phew, Deepi doing good, well , here’s the next.

This one’s a little more severe, got a call for an immediate reply on check of documents required for an urgent transaction.

“Want to give up now, and flow into the stream of distraction or hold up your ground, and stick on”

Well dear, how much time do I have? I ask?

“You could submit in an hour”, came from the voice on the other end.

A quick mental calculation told me I could wind up my piece in half an hour if I gave it my whole.

Good going Deepi, go for it, cool eh?

No not so cool, as I sat down to type again, a thought came in, what if I do not find the docs in time?

Should I get up now.

The voice within told me shut up, and work on the task in hand, and then I shut out all negative thoughts, and lo and behold, I was done in 40 mins, a little more than the stipulated time, but oh yes,  I was lighter.

As I emerged a cooler person, I walked towards the document cupboard, and there I was, fished out all the documents in 15 mins, emerging satisfied and at peace with myself.

This was magical, distractions outside are not the cause of you getting distracted, you within are distracted and so you tend to find excuses for distracting yourself.

Well guys  be undeterred, pull yourself together, lest you get fragmented , as all of life has sensations.

Do you want them?

If you do they are yours by the minute.

Let the sensations pass, they are meant to come and go, you are supposed to be still, and put your whole hearted attention to what ever you are doing at the moment.

First hand experience just taught me, that a job in hand, is the first and foremost priority second to nothing.

Nothing in the world is as important as the completion of your job in hand, with utmost attention, being there in it.

As we learn this simple trick, we seem to instinctively see that we are at the finish line of the race, satisfied and content.

Cause, now will turn to then, today to the morrow, so a job well done takes us to a well taken care of tomorrow, no more worries to haunt us, eh?The now was done in full presence, and is well done , so what is the concern?

If my maid did not clear up the kitchen well, it was because at  the time I inducted her, I was not fully present, my mind was racing back and forth to multiple avenues, instead of stabilising on the avenue of concern right then.

I had a back log then of worries, and messes gotten on me, due to habitual skipping from one post to another.

So today, I realised that my job on hand is to write this note out, for me and you.

” Hi, guys,

When I undertake a job no matter how un important it may seem, to me it is the most important thing in the world, at this time, and I am going to do it as if nothing else exists now, I am here and into this task, of teaching, cleaning or nursing or loving, or playing, whatever I am into at this moment, I am it.

This  is the equation which leads to ” For every job that is to be done, there is an element of fun, when you are in it, and not in the run.

Come shake me, and try to divert me, with sensational news, an interesting WhatsApp message, I am here guys and will be here until my job is done”


So sow your seeds for a brighter tomorrow, by being here now, in a fuller undivided today….




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