Forever Yours….

The vows of marriage, wow, do they not seem perfect?

A perfectly organised wedding, some big fat ones, the others not so big and fat, but tastefully conducted.

This has been the norms all along, from times  immemorial.

“Get married and settle down, before I breathe my last”, is what we oft hear, from old parents, whose only wish is to see their young children settle down happily in the bonds of matrimony.

True I would say, if marriage held on to its true meaning.

Yes, truly as nature would want it to be, however now it is dissected, bisected into bits and pieces, and mixed up with a lot of glamour masala, making it like a remix of the original.

Compatibility lies in the eyes of the perceiver.

You can differ in all respects, but once you understand  the sanctity of  the institution of marriage, then you may differ by all means, there never will be a division, a division which entails, the  breakdown of  the perfect union of two individuals, who seem to have lost their individuality, in preserving the union.

Well like all said and done, with everyone debating and putting across their views, it can be simply understood, that marriage is a union symbolising unity as compatibility, which is the core of nature, and which is seen all around us, in nature.

Each animal, plant and human being co exist with each other, and with the other elements of nature, which coexist, air, water, fire, ether and matter.

So different are their characteristics, yet they coexist, and bring about productivity and growth all along.

Now , all I want to bring forth, is  that we are all made different, and are by very nature, meant to unite.

So compatibility in marriage just bogs down to one thing, and that is understanding.

With understanding comes love, love is definitely not the strong  attraction, you feel  for someone.

When the frequency and vibrations of the flutter in your heart is the same, whether your loved one, made your day or messed it, then that is love.

When you can stand in the face of a calamity, and remember the best of your times with your partner, and smile, then that is love.

When all is lost, but the measuring scale still tips over heavy at your end, cause you know your partner is always by your side, whether  he or she is physically present or not, then that is love.


That is when you are full, and free.

Full because you never are empty, you’ve preserved that gift of nature well, love bountiful, for you to keep.

Free because no matter what, you have not the fear of losing.

The worst of storms cannot uproot ,

As you are strong in the root.

So dear friend, the roots of marriage stands the test of time,

and gets better like old wine,

When you have the equation, to tune,

The worst of times to the best bloom.

When the shadows of love, tide over the storms,

of jealousy, ego, doubt, fear, want, greed,

bringing in calm understanding.

Understanding that you are different, your roles are different, and it is this diversity which brings abundance , and not division.

So the next time your partner, does not behave the way you would want him or her to, give him or her their space, their individuality, and remember to take yours.

If you are hurt by his or her behaviour, remember it is your ego that is playing up.

When you take responsibility of yourself, then your partner will learn to take responsibility for himself or herself too.

Stop playing the blame game, it sounds great to appease yourself, but in reality it takes you further away,into oblivion, eventually making you a nag, and clouding the very foundation of love, putting you in a dump.

Live life king-size,  enjoy your role to the hilt, play it with your heart and mind in sync.

There is absolutely nothing a man or a woman cannot do, so if you are a man , stop being an MCP, and if you are a woman, stop playing the feminine victim, play along as needed and required to sustain both the need of the hour and your aptitudes.

Walk a few steps to meet him or her halfway, and then hold  hands together,

To cross over the ocean of life, feeling the cool breeze all along,

as you tread the stony thorny path, onto the destination you waited for so long.





2 thoughts on “Forever Yours….

  1. DEEPI…
    understanding comes as an when one partner criticize other vaporizer it with compliment…time comes both compliment each other…. true love comes into being…great.


  2. Calm understanding is the key to a successful marriage…that’s so right. There are so many good and bad phases, ups and downs in this most beautiful relationship, only the one with true love passes all the tests of life. Very efficiently written!


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