The intellect or Intelligence, what is it you are aspiring for?


Today as, the day dawned, the newness in it held my breath.

Looking out of the window at Vandevi,  the morning didn’t seem  different than the rest.

The sun came up the horizon, as it did.

The radiant glow embezzled me as always.

So what was it that caught my breath?

I know now, something within me seemed different.

A new me dawned, bringing the morn with a newness unfelt earlier.

I sat myself down, looking around, thanking my stars that I was alive and kicking, alive to the newness that just dawned from within.

As I decided to follow my heart, and do things I loved doing, which I usually postponed till I finished my customary exercises,  I sat at my study, and wrote to my hearts content, expressions of my impressions from within, and then as I listened on to none other than  my favourite, Rajen sir’s 8th April talk at Cape town, ( The topic of the day was on essence, personality and false personality) his mention on intellect and intelligence opened a barrier from within, causing a flow of a stream of impressions from within the mainstream of my inner self.

Life comes to meet the personality in us,  we come in as essence, our real self, and the minute we get a name, we have obtained an identity, a personality which develops as we obtain the various roles in our life.

Now here is the catch…

To choose between the intellect and the intelligence.’

When we use our intellect and logic in doing things, getting our way around and winning over an argument , proving we are the best, then all we do is to feed our personality, imagining  what a good father, or mother, or sister, or wife , or good doctor, or lawyer or dentist so and so… we are. Thus we develop what is called a false personality.

Now we need to feed it, and if it is not fed, we are hurt, as this is the direct assimilation of our imagination of ourselves as the best in the role we play.

The ego needs to be fed, and anyone shattering it, means we are hurt.

So the next time you feel hurt by someone’s harsh words, remember it is your ego  feeling hurt.

So here you upgrade your personality, and make it false, actually this upgrade, grades you downwards.

Strange darlings, but true.

Yes read on to understand.


When intelligence draws in, intellect does not matter.
A higher intelligence then pervades, and using your intellect in proving your point, winning an argument or showing off your prowess and getting success just does not hold ground.
Intelligence comes in when consciousness does. It comes in from a higher understanding.
You as a soul, have come on to this planet to grow in consciousness, and to do so, you have been presented with a form, and the senses are gifted to you to experience life as is.
When as we move on the path of life, we use our senses to observe things as they are, using our higher intelligence, in seeing and understanding things which come in our spectrum, then something changes within.
That something is the fact that no matter what is seen outside, no matter what you perceive with your senses as gory or scary, or rude or insulting, that thing is not the actual you, that perception comes from definitely an ego, which comes along with us, along with the senses, as we grow, demanding to participate in our walk of life.

So to perceive and grow in life, in the way we had planned to, let’s go with the higher intelligence, the one which consciously allows us to play our role well regardless of the applause and acclaims.

Babita and Sabita,

The difference between both of them is more than the B and S, attached to their names.

Babita is a super performer, who is well acclaimed in society, and uses her intellect, to grow her career in the field of journalism, by latching on to the who is who in society.

Well she uses her prowess in impressing people, rather than in her work, and  her work outshone due to her high contacts.

However, the rat race is on ,as she is dependant on them for her growth,  and her time is spent more on keeping them in her good books, than on her actual work.

Her personality completely is overridden by the false façade she kept on, and had to live by.

Well Sabita is  different, she works with a higher intelligence, which keeps her grounded in the present moment, and she works hard and so the, quality of her work is good and that is her focus.

She is satisfied, and always happy, thus enabling her to perform better.

She played her role to the hilt, and all the experiences which came from them were accepted with an acceptance which comes from a higher understanding.

She was good at her work, and her success was her way of reaching to her true calling, unconcerned of what was success in the worldly term.

She knew it all, she was here for a cause, and the cause was her calling for the experience her role gave her, and she knew she would not fling it away, come what may, as unfulfillment of the same, would leave her incomplete.

Babita’s calling was lost amidst the glamour of what the world thought,  her day and night centred around the false image of a society, who were yet to understand themselves too.

So yes Babita used her intellect, and Sabita worked through intelligence.

So it is intellect or intelligence, on a platter, yours to pick…..





One thought on “The intellect or Intelligence, what is it you are aspiring for?

  1. Intelligence comes straight from superconsciousness…it’s extremely important to understand the difference between intellect and intelligence in the path of life…Deepika has explained it really well in this thought provoking article.


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