When life got the better of me….

When does life get better?

When you better it.

As my being rose, I found life getting better..

The learning process can be a killer, don’t you think so?

No you can’t think so, as life’s got it better.

Life teaches you, if you understand it, but as we take it today, we learn a lot from the verbal of life, without the understanding.

There’s a course here, and here and here, run grab on before it is too late.

Intellectuals teaching you, wow, a master degree in so and so and so.

Isn’t  that great?

A good friend of mine,  Bharat Savur, a writer cum  journalist, one day sat me down and told me,

Know what you want, and then start digging deep at the right spot, it will give you water enough to quench your thirst.

Digging at different spots shallows you down, and leaves you tired, weary and thirsty, as you do not get the magical drink, to quench your thirst.

Moreover, understanding your being, first and then grabbing on to the knowledge to water it, is what is required, for growth.

Suma loved her job, and was satisfied with it, till one day, out of the blue,  she was asked by her boss to quit, as they had found someone, with a higher qualification, and felt that the company would require a  younger and  more knowledgeable person.

The company till date had absolutely no problem with Suma’s work and profile.

However, she had aged over the years, and they felt they could do with younger more knowledgeable  talent.

Over the years, Suma had grown, in maturity and understanding, and though she was at first, a little shocked and sad about the decision taken by the management, she decided to take it in her stride.

So after the initial upset, she took things in her hand, accepted the decision by the management and quit gracefully, all along reminding herself, to call it a day.

Not once did she ever feel she had to be further equipped with more knowledge, in order to win the rat race of life.

The next day after Suma quit, she sat down, and reviewed life in accordance with her understanding of it.

She felt no remorse. She had given the best years of her life to the company, and had enjoyed them too.

She knew that today was the day she was destined to call  a day, and pursue a calling from the higher self, as simply as Rajenbhai put it, a call to work for her essence, and she knew that she was blessed to understand and hear the call, as she had risen in being.

On the other hand, if she had worked on knowledge, and filled herself with more and more, her actual being would have been hidden under the garb of knowledge, that finding and understanding herself  would be as impossible task, and maybe she would have to learn how to get it back, or would be stuck in the cycle of life, where you run the rat race on and on , without a full stop.

Now most of you’ll may very well  think this way and say so,”Now it was Suma’s time to return to her calling, so it is ok for her to think the way she did, and as youngsters in the race of life, we have to gain more and more knowledge.”

Suma had a graduates degree in architecture, and during the course of her work, she did pick up the necessary skills to enhance her productivity, but she saw to it that she did not scatter her energies, to pursue different courses in connected fields, thinking they may help her.

She did take charge of her spiritual and mental health all along, balancing work and life, keeping herself conflict free all along.

She was at peace with what was meted out to her, and  definitely in the course of life, this is what we all need, and  this is the first thing we should aim at.

She got the better of life.

When I grope for more and more knowledge without understanding my being and balancing knowledge to my being , Life does get the better of me.

The choice is ours, better life or let it better you?

I’m sure the choice seems obvious, as we all know we are here to get a better life, one which uplifts our growth and makes it worth  your coming  to meet it, to enable you  in your quest to your homecoming.









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