When You send out invitations….


Have you ever thought of looking at life other than you do normally?

Do we not do the same things over and over again, and then wonder why don’t things change for the good?

Well  Shri Rajen Bhai just taught me to see through  life, with a lens which wasn’t mine.

Yes, as Mr Naleen Jeram , brought me on to  a live relay of Shri  Rajen Bhai’s talks in Cape town, something caught on from within…


There was music in the air, a joyous atmosphere all around as it dawned on me, that I was free, free to be able to change the events in my life, free to be able to be independent of situations, which felt beyond my control.

I was not helpless when hapless.

If I was angry on someone or something, it was all about me and only me.

The pent up anger from within me, needed a reason to erupt.

It was clear then that it was not the someone or something that was the cause but it was  my anger from within which was the cause, of events happening in my life, as the material of anger within me needed an instrument to pass through.

Something in life always derogatory and unpleasant kept happening to me, so as to be instrumental, for me  to be able to display it.

I experienced this, as every time I was full on with chores which bogged me down, and deadlines to meet, the feeling of doing everything, on my own angered me, that in order that I express my anger, the phone bell as well as the door bell would ring simultaneously while I was in the midst of some important chore, causing me to express my anger.

Well as I heard Rajenbhai’s talks on how we invite what comes on to us, I decided to observe the same, and as I felt the anger rising from within, I saw it, paused it, and changed its energy, by letting off the steam, and singing my favourite song.

Guess what? Never again did all the events happen simultaneously.

My anger got the hint. It knew it would not have an expression outside, and so it calmed off.

Sometimes observing the small incidents,  in our  daily lives, help us  to observe ourselves and  avert accidents which could befall us due to our negative thinking.

The equation of our life can change once we take responsibility of ourselves.

The onus of everything happening to us is on us.

So if you are down in the dumps or sore due to something some one said or did to you, remember the reins are in your hand. Are you sore from within?

Do you look at life with grey tints where all looks grey and may not be so?

Just look at life with brighter tints, and see the world of difference it changes to your perception.

I just did so.

Its all about how you perceive things, and what is the force behind your will.

Listening to his beautiful explanation on the 3 forces, I deduced that Life’s mysteries may not be mysteries once we open ourselves to understanding these forces and consciously bring about a change in our perception and reaction to life.

It seems easier said than done, to most of us, but to the some of us who are looking for answers in our lives, and who are working on the upliftment of their being, then answers to their many questions could be just right here.

All of creation is the result of 3 forces,

Every manifestation in life happens when 3 forces are at play.  An active force ( Rajas), is generated when there is a desire to do something,  simultaneously creating a passive force(Tamas) in the form of obstacles which come up, to counter the desires.

This indeed seems like a tug of war between, both the active and passive force, and there would be no outcome to anything, unless and until a third force is applied which is called the neutralising force, known as Sattva, the balancing force either neutralising the active or passive force depending on what energy you have created from within.

A very classic  but simple example of the same, given in this talk was about a young boy who was obese and desired to marry a young pretty girl who simply refused to marry him.

Now the boy had expressed a desire which was an active force, and the girl refused to fulfil his desire, so she was the passive force.

So as it is nothing could move.

Then the boy goes to the gym and loses all his weight and succeeds in marrying here.

The gym is the neutralising force, the Sattva which enabled him to fulfil his desire and win her over.

Looking at this, can we now know that the Sattva(neutralising force), he chose to apply was of a positive nature. He worked on himself and won her over.

If instead, he was governed by his ego, and pushed himself aggressively trying to win her over, he may have not succeeded, and  she would have rejected  him, thus the neutralising force would have changed sides, and the passive force in this case would prevail.

The end result of any thing in life is the effect of the neutralising force in our life.

Another amazing revelation is that when we are blinded by ego, we take the neutralising force or Sattva from life.

For eg, if someone insults you, it seems only right that you teach him a lesson so that he does not repeat it again. That is what life teaches us. To stand your ground.

Reverse it man, think out of the box..

Do not react.  Let go of the ego, and do not waste your energies in trying to set him straight, instead ,pause and bring in consciousness,  and  bring in  understanding.  As you do, so you rise in consciousness, thus enabling the neutralising force , Sattva to enter in through a higher consciousness, which as described here is from work, and not from life.

Once we do so, Sattva or the neutralising force comes from work, which is from a higher source.

Atha Yoga Anushasan. ( Patanjali’s 1st Yoga Sutra).

At every stage in our lives, we need to practice the discipline of Yoga.

The discipline of Yoga, where Yoga here stands for work, working consciously on a path, which is not governed by life or the ego.

As we understand this, we will stop accumulating negative energy, and positivity will prevail.


When we work towards fulfilment of desires, with the right intent and knowledge,  intelligently taking into consideration the obstacles which can come our way, and giving ego a slip, we are working in accordance with Yog, and derive Sattva from work, rather than from life. We then reach a stage of accomplishment, thus making the soul stronger, rather than the ego.

Then we invite in our life, positive events, which help us strive towards fulfilment of our purpose.

By now we know we are all  captains of our  ship , the difference   is whether we can learn to steer it consciously and unwavering, through rough waters, to the inviting shore of our true calling.

















6 thoughts on “When You send out invitations….

  1. Do not react, let go so that your energies are saved for better things in life…your inner peace is the most important thing you can preserve…yeah that’s right Deepika! Very thoughtfully written!


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