And Justice for all.….


“Justice, my left foot,” said Prabha, whose life she says seems to be far from just.

No it isn’t fair, haven’t we heard this often?

Then what is?

Don’t know?

It seems strange, but it all boils down to the one and only thing, and that is do  we really perceive, and listen to learn in life, or do we see things as we want to without listening or understanding life in its true sense.

Strangely as these questions appeared in my mind, (while I was preparing the written arguments of a 37 year old case, of property inheritance, which has been passed on to me from my parents), I hit upon J. Krishnamurthi’s talk on listening, seeing and learning.

The art of listening and seeing is way beyond any control over yourself, discipline as he much abhors it, is not about having control over yourself, and trying to do things in accordance with principles set but by being able to listen without chattering within, without judgements, just listen with emptiness to everything around. Whether it is someone telling you something, or to the birds or to the flowing river or to the trees swaying in the breeze.  When you can observe the minutest things, as they are then you have learnt the art of living. The actual discipline  is the art of living. Living without conflict.

Okay, now as you wonder what this has to do with Justice,  here we go again.

As of date, I had been looking at this case, which has been lodged in the high court for over 37 years, and is now transferred to the city civil court.

It has survived the deaths of both my parents who were  parties to this matter, and now has been passed on to me and my sister.

As I look at it within the jumble, which I had been doing so far, this seems unfair, and justice doesn’t seem to be near, what with dates over dates, as per the cumbersome procedures in court as well as the loop holes of the law cause for more delays and lax the advocates and parties who benefit by delays. This effected me a lot till now.

I couldn’t look at the papers let alone read them, as I chose to be blinded by emotions, feeling the victim all along.

However, I chose to listen, to each direction given to me, rather than to close myself to what had happened and in accordance judging what is happening.

I choose to let go, let go of what happened , as if it was insignificant, so any thought which arises out of this memory is to let it go.

I understood what all our teachers and Gurus told us, now clearly.  “To Let it go.”

As I stand  out of the jumble, an onlooker, I see myself with a  role to complete. To successfully, do my bit, as required and carry on the procedure, diligently with efficiency.

This is what I mean And Justice for all, it is yours for the taking, if you are a taker.

Prabha feels victimised, as she has clung on to past memories, where she was cheated and fleeced of material possessions which were rightly hers. She clung on to those memories, and now in each situation she perceives herself as a victim, with no hope and no means of attaining justice.

Well all she has to do, in this situation is to count her blessings and the have’s in her life.

Justice for one and all, can only be attained by that one and all.

Do Justice to yourself, by looking at the brighter picture life has to offer.

Love what it takes to enjoy life.

The other day as I came back from court dejected after I received a date again, I decided to end the matter by talking to my cousin, with whom I had cordial relations  though  he was from the opposing party. Asked him if we could settle the matter outside court.

He did his best by trying to convince me to agree to a disagreeable figure.

Well, looking at his point of view, he did what best he could to salvage the situation.

Now it was my turn.

Did I think it beneficial or was I just trying to give up considering my situation as hopeless.

Things just didn’t seem to flow as they should .

Then is the time , I decided to  change my stream of thought.

As my son put it so beautifully ,

“Ma don’t give up , he said, life is about challenges, and we all have to take them in our stride, and work about them rather than running away.”

I loved this, and geared up, for I realised then that Life is full of  challenges however to do justice to them and yourself, work on them with a clear open mind, doing your best at every moment, pain and pleasure, are sides of the same coin.

Yes, I am serious, when you manage to balance both the P’s of life, that is when you do justice to life…

So know them closely, accept both and move along with a smile on your lip, which comes from within ,and there you are , there is Justice for you…..

I end here with the note wishing ” And  justice for all”…….











2 thoughts on “And Justice for all.….

  1. Yeah…! Life is full of challenges! It’s your perspective which really matters. Live in silence within, love mother nature, and never ever give up…these are the mantras to live a peaceful and fulfilling life. This article shows the way…thank you Deepika & God bless you!


  2. Big Congrats 🙂
    Big Applause
    Big Moment..
    It is all possible due to your full faith and trust you showed in your efforts & self and your undanting will to stand up against tide of time & v lengthy system of Justice .. This win is a real win for all those who doesn’t want to stand up tall .. we salute for your siprit and determination..Hats off
    Your moral force have made you possible..

    Jai ho to JMD PARVIVAY


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