Am I out of the jumble yet?

As I get up each morning, and bring in positive affirmations for a fruitful day ahead, I am flooded with various thoughts, flowing in one over the other, jumbling my very being.

As if that is not enough, in comes a torrent of messages from well meaning individuals, tips on better living, a healthy life style and so on and on.

Then the media puts in their bit of information, their inputs on the recent situation prevailing, in the country and world, news from all over,  the current scenario, and the state of affairs in our country, the terror attacks, the effects of the attack, and the high alert in the country, and so on and on.

To add to all this opinions on which political party is up to what, and who is manipulating what, and all of it which goes on and on.

To use technology to its advantage, needs you to wake up from your slumber, and use it as per your need, understand your need, and do not mistake it by your want.

When you desire to use it as a tool to be occupied, to kill time or to be entertained with all sorts of information, then sorry pal you are on the wrong footing, you are loosing yourself to life.

You will soon fall  asleep, and even if you put on the snooze button to get you up in a while you still snooze through, blindly in the jumble you call life.

As you wade through all this mumble and jumble, you discover that you are undiscovered.

The brave soldiers at the warfront, and the sacrifices they have made, to protect our country, is enough to accelerate our wakening, then what is it that puts us to sleep in the wake of all this?

Why oh why  are we  dead to ourselves, and live on as a reflection of someone else, that someone, who is someone of someone, and so it goes on and on…

I have a friend who came home last evening, a very jolly, kind hearted and pleasant lady she is, however,  so impressionable that she carries a prejudice of the ruling party, and so stamped is it all on her, by influences who act as stamp pads, unknown to reasoning as they stamp on imprints of prejudiced opinions carried forward by other stamp pads.

The truth no one knows, its hearsay all along, passed on from one to the other, over periods of time, from generations down the line.

The so called intelligentsia, try to argue on these topics by reasoning conjured up through conditioning  of their mind, refusing to listen to any one, and having that attitude and air of righteousness.

Now if you want to get out of this jumble, step aside and look , you will see clearly, a division of sects, arguing and fighting like dogs and cats over matters which actually do not matter when you stand away.

If you are in it, then all that matters is who pulled the last string, and who won the argument, or whose team won, and whose lost.

See who you are, you are them, they are you, those brave soldiers, we are not different from them, they are brave at the war front, we are the ones who are them at the home front.

Bravely face life, giving each moment to the need of the moment.

As our soldiers wage war at the battle field, ours is to hold ground here, praying and sending positive energy to them, negating anything distracting us from our cause.

Let’s hold ground and hold peace within, in order to secure their safety and well being.

Holding ground is to search within, and do the work we have an aptitude for, with the right attitude, positively calmly contributing to the well being of the society as a whole.

No amount of distraction should distract, and nor should we be swayed over by emotions, desires or undue influence.

The diversity of life offers each of us roles as per our aptitude.

Discover yours, and enjoy the work you choose to do, with gratitude and positive force, your energies reach where required and transform the world from a volatile zone to a   peaceful calm area, where consciousness prevails.

Then no matter who the ruling party is, all that matters is the faith and confidence we hold and have in the universe, to tide us across the shore and into the land of bliss and harmony, where nothing matters excepting that truth  which is harmony and peace for all.








2 thoughts on “Am I out of the jumble yet?

  1. I agree with Deepika a 100% here. As we have a war like situation in the country, there is so much going on all around us-discussions, debates, arguments- instead of falling into this never ending trap, we can at least give positive affirmations to our brave soldiers and pray for peace & harmony in the country…a very thoughtfully written article indeed!


  2. DEEPI,,,, today for some unknown perceptions I myself created jumbles in my mind ,,,,,, I went through your this blog ,,,,,, it gave me new positive perception through gathering of my all energies,,,,,,,, your writing is lightning of torch in darkness….. god bless you…..


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