When the fight is good…

Again I am with when calls the heart….

When calls the heart ….. nothing matters,

Neither the win or the lose, all that matters is that the fight is good.

Cause when the fight ain’t good, then the heart loses its calling..

Yes, so important it is for us to know, that as we face life’s challenges, are we living them?

or are we dead to living?

Are we in the mindless world of fear , anxiety, hatred, jealousy and can we be transported to the world of love, compassion, fearlessness, peace and joy.

Well the essence of community living is this.

As beautifully shown in the serial ” When Calls The Heart” based on the novel ” When Calls The Heart”, by Janette Oke”, is an exemplary example of community living, and beautifully depicts the actual meaning of a community.

Through stormy situations do they survive, with love in their hearts…

Doing their best in every situation , as well put in this lovely serial,

We are all soldiers, sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose, however what is important is the fight is good.

The whole essence is beautiful.

When the fight is good, then nothing else matters.

Resonates with the Bhagavad Gita…..

Our soldiers at the war front have showed us so,

Daring and undaunted they’ve stood out at every show.

The show of strength and valour, can we ever forget, grand is their demure, and their hearts are always pure.

So true to themselves and their nation, they put in their best, never to regret that their could be a better best.

Can we dear friends, do the same in all our endeavours,  can we bravely face every tough situation with equal strife?

You and me all live in a community, which expects us to work together, and give our community selflessly, whatever it takes, let’s fight good, and redeem the efforts of those soldiers at the border, ensuring their efforts do not go unnoticed.

As we do so,  the sound sleep at night, is enough for us to know that our fight was good in the day, and there  could be no better good done.

No matter if you work with a scythe or a crown, all that matters is that your job is well done.

Ameeta, a successful business woman, was taken aback one day, when her daughter, Revati, told her, that she had neglected her during her childhood days.

She on her part, always did her duties with an open heart and mind and with focus and attention.

On hearing these words, she pulled herself together, and as she did in all situations, set her heart and mind on understanding what went wrong, instead of letting the situation get the better of her and pull her into realms of stress and deep sorrow.

She was never the one to fall  into such low realms, so as she looked into the whole situation, she realised that her daughter, Revati was stressed due to undue pressure and dead lines at office.

Ameeta instead of retaliating, and arguing , trying to convince Revati, that she indeed was an ideal mother, she let her vent her heart out, and when she finished her venting, just went up to her and hugged her with all her warmth and love, giving across the message of understanding and care.

Revati burst out sobbing profusely, confessing that the pressure in office made her take out the frustration on her mother.

Well, Ameeta smiled at her, and sat her down, caressing her, yet firmly explaining to her that pressure can be handled by taking things in your stride, rather than playing the blame game by letting off some of your steam to another.

Easier done, is to sit down, and let the steam from within cool off.

As you pause from within, and do not react to the situation at once, your deep focus with no negative emotion, sets you on to the path where daylight awaits you, dispelling the darkness for ever.

Yes, she added, then you are ready for the fight and it will always be good.

The quantum of lose and win as decided by us, is none other than what we think it is. Not necessarily it is. The win as we perceive it could be a lose, we do not see then, and the lose could be a win we do not know of.

Yes what we do know and what we should care for is ” The fight is good”.

So care for the actual doing, do it with all your heart, and open mind, unclogged with emotions, then the outcome is what it should be.

The next time you do a job well, consider whatever the outcome as a” WIN”.

It couldn’t get better…..








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