Yipee! A message for me…

As we read messages, which come into our mail box daily, we are aware of them, and so we go ahead read them, and abide with or take action in accordance, wherever the message requires us to.

How prompt are we in reading and understanding those messages which make sense to us in accordance with our being, which involves our sense of understanding and knowledge.

However,some very beautiful and subtle messages we miss unfortunately, as our sense of being cannot reach out to them.

So what are they? and how do we unfold them.

Some of them are so important for us to understand and abide by, yet we are left lurching in the dark, due to our inability to decode them.

Yes, life sends us messages every day, as we walk along its path, however they lie unopened in our mail box, and are deleted by our ignorance to understand.

For instance, the latest tragedy being the Pulwana terror attack where our Jawans were killed by a suicide bomber, as they were coming in a convoy of 78 vehicles from a Jammu transit camp to Srinagar  on the 14th of Feb 2019.

All of us know about it, and the heart touching stories are one too many and more than enough to stir our hearts and imbibe in us a spirit so fierce, that it orders us to retaliate.

Then again we all feel we cannot do anything about it but just watch, hear, feel sorry, put in our condolences and appreciate the bravery of these soldiers who gave up their life saving and protecting ours.

After we complete  these customary formalities as we always do on all the media available to us, (media is a blessing isn’t it? ) we carry on with our daily routine and activities, and forget about the whole incident.

It is indeed strange ,that under the Jawan tragedy posts which you see, you will see a 100 other ones, on jokes, on lectures on speeches etc, on good behaviour, suggestions for a healthy life and so on and on…

Please do not get me wrong, I mean well, I am also one who puts up messages, of all sorts.

I just sat back today and thought, that our number totally exceeds the number of terrorists, we out number them vastly, so why is it that they outweigh us.

They keep succeeding in their mission of destroying, and we cannot succeed in ours of preserving and strengthening the spirit of goodness and light which we all have within.

I know now, there is a message for all of us here, to decode, and  focus on.

Focus on strengthening our minds and spirits with the right attitude, compassion, society welfare, in strengthening the sense of well being around, so that we grow as a pure force of spiritual energy, and the ray of the energy is so  strong that it succeeds in surpassing these missions of the miscreants, who actually are in darkness.

So we should do together these simple jobs which each of us owe to the society we live in, the society the surroundings from whom we have taken.

Just give back in your way.

Firstly, let’s be alive to the moment we are in.

Be awake, be aware of our surroundings, observation can avert accidents.

Live life moment to moment, and as we focus on the moment ,we will be doing what is correct and apt this moment.

For instance, if we are aware we are walking down a path, and if we see something amiss on the path, maybe some poor kid has lost his home, or there may be an accident where someone needs help, or there may be a big boulder on the road , which could cause an accident if unseen in the dark, then just let your positive energy prevail, and do the needful , instead of letting it pass by thinking “why should I be the one to do anything”?

Let’s just change this attitude, and then is when each of us will realise our aptitudes,

We will soon observe that all of us will naturally stumble on situations as per our aptitude, and when we work around our observations, positively, the world with our collective positivity, will transform into a wonderful haven, with no place for the dark negative side.

Focus on the positive side of your being, and spread the spirit of well being.

The Jawans did their bit, let’s do ours.

Together we can and together we will  change it all bit by bit…..

One thought on “Yipee! A message for me…

  1. That’s the spirit Deepika! We all can support our forces by strengthening our minds, shedding fear and thinking positive in all circumstances. Atleast, we can do our part of duty if we feel helpless about doing something for the soldiers and our country.


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