For Order in Disorder.

How very much do we like order in our lives.

All of us like a calm peaceful life, with no storms, intrusions or calamities which can shake our very being, and cause blood curdling shudders.

Still on to the latest mishap at Pulwama, and the talks on what is the scenario and what should be done, for instance if you all must have watched lately on why such events occur and almost everyone has a say in how these things could be averted ,and how corruption is on, and what mistakes our leaders made, consequences of which  we are facing today etc,  seems like humbug to me.

Pondering on, I stumbled on J.Krishnamurti’s talk in life, story and teachings of  Krishnamurthi. Listening to his teachings, on order in disorder, inspired me to write on this topic, which happens to be the need of the hour.

Krishnamurthi’s unique way of getting us to look at life’s perspective differently and to really understand the truth, by observing and introspecting, changed the perspective through which I looked at life.

Quoting him I put this across to you

” A human being should bring about, a deep profound change in himself”

Is it possible, he says to bring about a fundamental psychological revolution, a deep abiding irrevocable change, a transformation.

One has lived as a limited contained narrow individual and it is very difficult to see  the truth, that you are the rest of mankind.

In you is the whole of man, you as a human being is part of the world, you are the world, not an idea, not something intellectually  put together by reasoning, but the reality of it, that you as a human being representing the rest of humanity.

Your fear,  anxiety,  suffering, hurt, misery, confusion,  etc is not yours, every human being has this, so it is the suffering of the whole of humanity

Your consciousness is the consciousness of mankind. Consciousness contains mankind’s sorrow, not only your particular sorrow.

It is an enormous perception to see that your sorrow is not yours, but is the sorrow of mankind. Then you will not cry  or shed tears about your little wounds, or failures or anxieties etc.

The ending of sorrow in one human being, represents the ending of sorrow to the whole of humanity, and so effects the whole of consciousness of mankind.

He here asks us to not accept things as they are, but to go deeply and observe the same. For that we have to be free to observe without any pressure, social conditioning, religious beliefs and so on.

Here he  further wondered why human beings all over the world cannot see that they cannot have peace in the world if they are nationalistically divided.

Here comes the point I was wishing to elaborate on.

Division creates conflict.

When we want order all around us outside in the world, politically, religiously, economically, socially, as well as in our relationships with each other, we need to have order from within.

Our inward psychological state is in a mess.

There are divisions within, of culture, nationality, religion, and relationships.

When this state exists from within, we are always in a state  of disorder, as invariably we invite conflicts due to division. We do not consider ourselves as a unified whole, but are fragmented with differences on account of caste, creed, nationality, relations etc.

If the inward psychological state is not disorderly, not conflicting, not contradicting , and that  inner state of consciousness is quiet, steady, clear, and in order, that is the time we can bring order in the world.

The crisis he says is not out there, we think it is in the economical, social, legislative systems outside, but  it is inward and we are unwilling to face it.

So no matter, what we do, in numerous forwards, we send across, share all information,  across all media, we will only succeed in distracting ourselves as well as the rest of mankind, and will succeed in believing we are working towards a noble cause, however in reality we are only doing otherwise.

For order in our world, let’s start by bringing in order from within, and freeing ourselves, of dogmas, conditioning, social beliefs which have so confined us.

Let’s set ourselves free of all superstition and belief systems, and be free to observe the truth, thus bringing in  understanding and peace from within, so as to have a world with calm , peace and order all around us.

All that matters is that we are all whole of mankind, and cannot and will not be divided  on account of any belief or social conditioning.

Let’s free ourselves of disorder, and bring in order.













One thought on “For Order in Disorder.

  1. Our epics and scriptures say that the whole world exists within yourself…you must explore the consciousness ever present inside you and then you will be able to live a fearless & fulfilling life! Very well written Deepika!


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