Focus is the Messiah…

Well being comes when you discover your aptitude and focus on doing a task as per your aptitude, rather than scattering energy on doing for others , and creating a feeling of false righteousness and pride for yourself.

The other day at Chandigarh, we visited Chokhidhani, a beautiful presentation, of Rajasthani Culture.

As we entered this place, there was a beautiful aura around it, live and spritely, as if you could relive history , and feel yourself there.

The statues of Rani Padmavati and an array of other princess, all on horseback, brought in a spirit of courage and valour, and reminded us of the courage and spirit of these wonderful women.

Then the beautiful architectural sculpting of the war at Haldi Ghat, statues of   Maharana Pratap, displaying the hardships of war,  sitting in a tent,  eating Ghas Ki Roti, as the only option, due to scarcity of food.

The valiant spirit of Maharana Pratap,  brings back to memory, the hardships he and his people faced, when they lost the Haldighati war to the Moghuls. However, undeterred was he, and so focussed and unperturbed by the disaster, that he worked his way out in hiding and eventually  when the Moghul army under emperor Akbar, shifted their focus elsewhere, the Maharana came out of hiding and with strong focus and spirit recaptured his domain.

As we move on further inside, where a fireplace provides warmth and comfort from the chill, and also simultaneously, succeeds in  rekindling  a spark from within.

The spark further, kindles into a flame, as we go ahead and see a totally spirited dance performance, by young Rajasthani women, a folklore, displaying focus, courage and spirit, as a young woman dances on knives, a bar with spiked nails, and on broken glass, also balancing herself on 2 pairs of small steel glasses a pair for each foot.

It was an exemplary feet of courage, spirit, and moreover as she danced we could see her full of grace, a charming smile and expressions so warm and inviting, that they seemed to tell us that life’s ups and downs are absolutely the same, she was dancing on the spikes and the knives with as much of gusto and spirit as she was doing when dancing on the stage with her colleagues.

People applauded and she was showered with money.

The dance ended with all of us being ushered  on to the floor, to dance with them and imbibe in their spirit.

All of us got spirited and hugged her intensely.

My mind and body was blown off, far away into another dimension ,where nothing mattered.

As I came back to this dimension,  the dimension of distraction, something  within told me to pass this message on.

Guys, stop before you think you want to do something for others..

Do not make yourself a Messiah.

Doing things for others is a by product of the focus you have on doing what you are doing for yourself.

When you shift the focus from doing for others to doing for yourself , what you enjoy, your spirit and well being automatically passes on ahead, thus imbibing in them a culture of wellbeing, just as that spirited Rajasthani dancer did to me.

She enjoyed her dance so much, and was so focussed, that the other aspects like earning money for the needs of the family were all by products which followed, they came in naturally.

So the next time you are burdened with in numerous duties, stop, and do the one job close to your heart with total focus and no distraction, and as you emerge, your sense of well being, will wade you across the deep waters of multiple jobs, as slowly all of them will merge into the mainstream unanimously …


One thought on “Focus is the Messiah…

  1. Very well said Deepika. Every successful person in the world always had and has one thing in common-focus. Focus within and focus on own goals is sufficient for the well being of the society.


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