When Death meets Life…

As I titled my blog, little did I know what I meant.

The title came from within, so now I guess, whatever I am about to write will be an insight from within.

In Simla, watching the snowfall, just outside my window, slowly and gradually all the cedar trees, the landscapes are all covered with sheets of white.

The beauty makes me spell bound.  My thoughts have stopped, I do not know where I am, who am I , why am I here.

I’m just here, sitting, at the desk close to the window and typing away to glory.

The snow peaked mountain tops overlooking the valleys below, give me a sense of belonging, a belonging to the unknown..

Life in the unknown is death, this is what I perceive, death is life after a cessation, a cessation to anything.

So if life is a new beginning, then death is an end to a new beginning.

Death is the full stop to a new sentence of life.

As J. Krishnamurti puts it, so beautifully that the art of living is to live a life without conflict.

So, when we are in conflict within, can we just pause, understand the conflict within, put it to death, and after the full stop, start the new sentence, a new beginning.

Oh yes,  our self centeredness ,   the reason for conflict can it die?

The full stop or end, could be a full stop, a death to  old habits, to a mechanical way of life,  unconsciousness, as also a stop to aches and pains, thus a stop to the functioning of a weary body.

The new beginning or a new sentence could bring in a new awareness, fresh consciousness, as well as the birth of a new body.

For life to meet death the old has to die.

The cedar trees outside my window at Wildflower hall, Simla, are covered with snow, today, while it was only yesterday that they were all green and fresh.

They have a life span of a 1000 years, and wear and whither with changing seasons. they are equipped to face the seasons of life, and come out of each season unscathed, so are we, naturally equipped to do so.

Nature has its ways for providing to each and every species , then as we humans grow, why is it that we shirk this natural phenomena which comes and goes as the seasons do?

Why do we shirk the full stop, and want to continue the sentence for ever and ever.

Not only do we shirk physical death, we even shirk the death of old habits, ideas, customs and prefer to live in an unconscious mechanical state like a monotonous machine, whose bearings are worn out, but yet trudges and trudges on till it is grounded to a full stop.

Can we not have a full stop, and start a new sentence?

We are equipped better than the rest of living beings, and are capable of making the right choices to evolve, so why  the wait?

Instinct tells us that when life meets death, out sprouts a new life.

An example, on how traditions and conditioning have played havoc in the lives of women

Our conditioning and family traditions teach us especially the Indian woman to curb their feelings and commit their life to the welfare of the family they go into.

Play your role but do not become the role, as most women do, losing their identity and individuality.

So they live a life curbing their actuality and embrace falsity, where they are lost in the jungle of customs and lost to their own selves, their individuality buried under the heavy burdens of family responsibilities.

Are we accustomed to pain, and painful waiting seems ok, when the choice is a change

Is it not time we wake up, and realise our true selves,

So when our existing self embraces a new self, a change in one’s attitude , perception, we welcome in the new world, after dying to the old one.

Instead we cling on to the old world, and not only that, we cling on to the past too.

Nostalgic memories, seem like a gold mine, which we dig up every now and then, and appease ourselves, valuing each memory as if we fear the death of them too.

Oh, sitting here and now, the voice within says,  erase those memories which suck up your energy, and keep only those alive, which bring in with a cheer, new life, dead to the old.

Cling not to the bling,

Fling it as soon as you can,

For clinging can stagnate you,

And keep you from discovering life

in its beauty and fragrance.

So pause dear friend, and see life in its entirety, wholly ,

Change the someone or something which blocks your vision.


As you pause, you realise that there can be a full stop.

Life naturally shows you the way, everyday.

You sleep at night, dying to the world, and the morning you are up with a new life, rejuvenated and energised for the new day.

So  die to your mechanical way of life, and emerge into a new life.

Die to cribbing and bring life to appreciating the beauty you see around you.

Die to old habits and bring life to new ways, die to unconsciousness and bring in consciousness.

Then relax, you are there, where you should be, where life meets death, and death meets life, the cycle goes on and on……












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