Silence is golden, so we learnt in school.

School gave us the best of life’s teachings.

Naughty prancing kids may not have paid heed to most of these lessons.

However, they remained hidden in some corner of our minds, only to emerge, later.

Life teaches you through a series of events, and the ones you consider non favourable are the ones which teach you the favourable.

So what is there in silence that is golden?

Rama was an orator by profession. She could give the wisest speeches, and  whenever she spoke, the audience were spell bound.

So passionate she was of her profession, and as days went by, her fame spread far and wide. Soon she was required to travel all over the country, to deliver corporate lectures.

She was so engrossed in her work, that her marital life, began to suffer.

When her husband tried to speak to her, she would not listen.

She could not listen to him, as she had never known what listening was.

Also it so happens with  passion, that  the compassion required to enhance your passion is lost.

Compassion is kindness and it  is a quality which makes you develop patience, enabling you to look at the other’s point of view and not just expect others to do for you, because you are passionate about your career.

Well Rama did her job splendidly, no doubt, however she did not succeed in balancing her  life to qualify for true success.

Her husband left her , and she was left alone to pursue her career.

She then realised, that the game of life was best played,

when we do not forget to be kind to the persons and situations involved, and when we bring in the other qualities required for true happiness.

To be a good orator, she had to be a good listener too. To listen well, you have to have patience , which then offers you a good ear, to listen.

Listening does enhance your understanding of a situation, and thus enables you to act in accordance, with compassion.

Compassion brings in the passionate element with a bang and ensures a balance in life, centring you and preventing you from swaying back and forth like a pendulum.

Don’t  we all not like to put forth our point of view of a particular situation before listening and understanding?

Haven’t half of life’s problems remained unsolved because we cannot silence the voice from within?

Even if we are not verbal , we cannot succeed in silencing the inner chatter from within, which goes on and on, non stop and the minute we hear something , we connect it within, to some memory we had about a similar situation etc.

Can we not shhh… ourselves, by just observing our reactions, inward or outward, and letting them pass , without making them a guest in our minds.

Can we not listen with an open mind, and bring in compassion, which is a kind understanding of the other.

Try it, it’s indeed wonderful, a passion for compassion, enhances your passionate ventures and brings in more zest in your work, and as you scale, new heights, you steadily remain there, as compassion and passion are at the right balance, and keeps you from swaying up and down.

As she realised the ball game of life, she reached new  peaks where success reigned in it’s true sense, including love and kindness all along.




3 thoughts on “Shhh…..

  1. Awesome..
    Listening has bigger power than speaking something or speaking everything… Just speaking has very little power than doing & doing it right .Doing at right time is bigger & better than doing nothing and speaking everything… So silence speaks more than words itself …great sages and saints solves all problems with a great simile & a simple silence.
    So be a good listener & a silent seeker..
    Wish you a great luck
    & Stay Enlightened always.

    Seekers are great makers.


  2. It was from silence that this whole universe emerged, the first sound that came out of that silence was OM ! Nothing exists without silence! You can have compassion only when you understand this omnipresent silence within yourself and outside in this world. Another brilliant article by Deepika on a beautiful topic!


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