The Timeless Shore

Am I at a loss of words?

Yes I am. No thought coming my way, so what do I write.

All I can see now is a vast wide zone of emptiness,

And here am I  a sole traveller, traversing the path of life, unknown to my shore,

I observe passers by, moving ahead,

Ushering me on, “Come on” they said,

Or you will be left behind,

I have no wish to move on,

For I pause and ponder as to why I am here

As I wait for an answer,

I mistakenly pressed the thought button,

which sucked me into an unending whirlpool,

And there I am swerved off into a current so strong,

Which drifts me off to unknown shores,

So as I grope around looking for my shore,

I bid goodbye to my true self,

The self known to  timeless shores.

Then I accidently switched off the thought button, and time stood still,

Here I felt a divine will,

Lead me on to the path to paradise,

Where the shores of time merged, into the timeless,

Where  no one, and nothing mattered.

Slowly as I merged within this blissfulness,

I was pulled out with all rudeness,

Again the mind played up, as it was not one to be forgotten,

How could you? it asked, ignore me,

Do you not know who I am?

I am the might you cannot fight,

So surrender and accept me as Might is Right,

I sneered at it,

For now I knew,

To surrender was the biggest blunder,

No matter what, I would hold ground,

And live in the bliss I had newly found.

The battle rages on, the enemy is strong,

Backed with an intent,

Steadfast and sure,

I assure, my presence at the timeless shore.














3 thoughts on “The Timeless Shore

  1. So lovely, Deepika.
    Yes, the enemy is strong. Hope to make it to the ‘timeless shore’ too.
    Look forward to your blogs.


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