From Dependence to Independence.

Walking down the sculpture park, at Reva, my husband and me discussed the value of Independence in Dependence.

Deepi, see what you can figure out about this one?

Sitting at my favourite haunt, under the trees in the jungle land of Reva, set me thinking.

Feeling the cool breeze over my face, and blowing over my hair, something struck within.

From the Indivisible whole we  as individuals,( undivided whole) enter the world independently, and work our way to becoming dependents.

Naturally we are Individuals who are  independent, then as we enter the world, we become dependent.

What is the mystery behind this?

How did we get into the shackles of dependency and how do we break them?

Initially dependency is not what we asked for, it happened.

In childhood, as an infant who cannot walk , we have to be carried, fed, cleaned, and put to sleep.

Then as the infant grows, he or she is still dependent on his or her parents, to guide them on further, and to take care of basic and financial needs.

Now as the child enters adult  hood, they get married and settle down, and each of the partners in the marriage depend on each other .

They then have children who depend on them, at first, and then it is the parents who depend on their children in their old age.

So it goes on and on.

The later two stages of life, happen by choice. We have got used to being dependent.

Here is when we have to gear up and learn to be our individual selves independent of circumstances, or people.

Can we as individuals go about doing our daily activities, by listening to the voice within.

We have learnt to shut off the inner call, by listening to the loud sound outside beckoning us to their call.

Social calls , family calls, habitual calls, are we at their beck and call?

Yes sadly we are.

Our actions are dependent on the outcome it will have on others, may it be society or our closed ones at home.

Also they are centred and conditioned by our habits, which take a front seat, and leave behind the actual intent  we have within .

What looks nice by standards, is what we believe we want to do.

Well stop, look within and you will find a new you, untainted

un affected, independent you, waiting to take charge.

The next time you do something stop, pause and look within.

Ask yourself is this what you actually want to do?

Prim and Proper impeccable, a gentle man is he, is what you oft hear, when you see one.

However, ask him, the  one who sacrificed his independence to reach to these standards.

Maybe he will not know what is independence.

The standards created by a false world, who have been dependent over the years to the mad demands of a society, who know not how to live in the free air of an independent mind not dependent on so and so and so …..

Alone we come and alone we go, is this not true enough for you and you and you.

Do we need to seek further.

All of us have been born cause we chose to, to realise something which can be done through a body.

So when you have come to realise the purpose you have come here for, why shut it off and run behind some one else’s..

Dependency leads to expectations, and expectations lead to misery.

So if you are dependent you expect something from some one, you are no longer your own self, independent of the other.

You have to spend the rest of your life, calculating, judging, assessing and anxiously waiting for your needs to be fulfilled, which sadly are in the hands of another.

Oh, I want to go there but can’t , I do not have the means , or have to wait for my husband to take me, as I feel secure in his company etc etc.

I want to stand up and dance right now, but how can I what will the world say?

Break free when these thoughts occur, and do what you would not do, thus breaking conditions which bog you down, not  letting you reach the light of independence.

Depend only on your self, a dependency on to independency.







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