Into the Unknown..

What is unknown?

Is it what we cannot perceive, or feel or is it what we perceive and what we feel?

I first felt like all of us do feel, that it is obvious what we do not see or feel or experience that has to be unknown.

Pondering on this for a while, I realised that this was far from true, because we do feel and experience and see ourselves and all around us, we can see nature and beauty .

We also know of the wonderful machinery , within ourselves, working to keep our body, fit and alive so we can experience life and evolve.

So then it is not unknown to us as to how we use this machinery and enrich it so that it helps us in our purpose of evolving.

Lucy brought this to my notice, when she mentioned to me, about a strange thing that just happened to her.

She was teaching her 5th standard student about the functions of the body, and all of a sudden, it dawned to her, that she had known this earlier, when she was in school, on the functions of the endocrine system, and the digestive system, the respiratory system  and how the blood is pumped from the heart to the different organs, etc.

She had just taken a note  of all these facts, not with the purpose of knowing it, getting aware and adapting them for a healthy lifestyle, but learnt them only for the sake of passing in the examinations.

Aren’t most of us like Lucy?

Are we not unknown to the known, and do we not choose to be unaware and blinded to most of the things around us.

Can we not see that our environment is getting polluted, as we have all that takes us to know, we can see, feel , breathe,  in pollution, but we choose to be unknown.

Why do all of us want to run away from polluted places, to hilly greens or forests, for a holiday?

To breathe in fresh air, get rejuvenated and come back fresh to start back into our life of mechanical thinking.

Why can’t we do our bit in changing our surrounding, and making it a pollution free zone.

Do you think even 1% that you do not know how to work this out?

If so please rethink.

Think you are in the midst of a forest, and you are being chased by a tiger.

Your instinct to defend yourself, will spring up and will make you climb the first tree in sight.

Imagine you did not know how to climb one but you did so. It was because you knew the danger you were into ,and the unknown just became known.

Now, do not wait for such a situation in your life, where you are forced to know the unknown.

We all know where we are heading to.

Right in the mouth of the tiger.

But we choose it to be unknown.

All of us are working to accomplish goals which are futile, all of us work to secure ourselves, and our families.

What security? For whom.

Are we unknown to the catastrophe we are brewing up to, and still do  we think we are securing our families?

We are leaving a   legacy of ill health, sickness, weakness, breathlessness.

Can we all not wake up to working in the right direction , towards a goal which will lead all of us towards a healthy living, both mind and body.

Is that not why we are here?

We did not ask for a body to abuse it, but to use it for the purpose of evolvement.

Gear up and do your little bit, yes there definitely is space in your time line for it.

Increase your environmental awareness and avoid wastage of natural resources.

I’m sure all of us can do our bit, by just being conscious and educating our young ones.

Each one of us can contribute to giving back what we take from nature, thus living a guilt free existence.

 Knowing the Known Are We Going Into The Unknown??











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