A love That I found..

I wanted to write something different.

However here  I am, holding on to the love string, and that is propelling me to write today.

A series of experiences define life, more so how  you experience them defines you.

Will you look at a half filled glass as half full or half empty?

Your choice isn’t it?

This story is the story of a young girl who was born in Karachi, before the partition of India.

Pushpa a young spirited girl, was the elder daughter of Leela a young widow, and had 2 siblings.

Her earlier years were spent in her maternal grandparents home, where she lived with a group of her cousins and uncles who were her age, playing boyish games, like climbing trees, etc. Quite a tomboy she was.

She loved life and was beautiful as well as courageous, living life on her own terms.

After partition, her family shifted to India

Leela, lost her husband when she was very young,  and  she had to fend for her 3 young daughters, as well as protect them from the big bad world.

Pushpa undaunted by all this, would support her mother, running errands, whereas the other 2 siblings helped their mother doing household duties.

Time passed by and Pushpa grew up to be a beautiful young girl, attracted many eligible suitors, however she fell in love  with a dark handsome dashing boy, Kishore, who was bold and courageous, living in a joint family, having well off cousins, though he was not as well placed.

However, love knows no bounds, so they got married and Pushpa entered this huge household, where the rich cousins and their wives flaunted riches, travelled in the best of cars , and she would always travel with her husband on his scooter, and feel at the top of the world.

Pushpa was at the top of the world indeed. She had made her choice.

Her glass was always half full. She lived life without a care, loved her man with all her heart, enjoyed every moment of her life with him, and would not ever want to exchange her life for any of theirs.

Life has its ups and downs, she lived through all of them, content with the fact that she enjoyed her share of ups and so the downs were hers too.

Yes they were hers for experiencing, and she made the best of them too.

She had a natural way of finding love everywhere. A quality of expansion of love, was her forte.

By now, I’m sure you have understood what I want to convey.

Yes, you guessed right.

When you make choices, at the cross sections of life, do take in the sole responsibility of your choice.

If you think your choice is tainted by your circumstances, or by some one else’s cruel treatment of you, then think again.

You and only you are solely responsible for what you are.

Take responsibility of your life, and find love in it,

And as you hold on to the string of love, it will pull you out of the maze of hardships

Leading you on to soar higher into the skies of freedom.








One thought on “A love That I found..

  1. It’s brave to take the responsibility whatever decisions you take in life- right or wrong. That’s the string one must hit to find true love in every moment of life. A thought provoking article by the author!


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