Better than Bitter

Life sometimes makes you bitter. Haven’t we heard this often?

Do you think this is true?

Yesterday, as I was walking in the compound, I observed a young mother, wheeling her child in a pram, on the busy congested road,  which was so overcrowded, that she had to keep steering the pram zig zag, to move on.

The foot paths are filled with vendors, selling bhel puri, sandwiches,  cigarettes, pan, fruits etc etc.

All you have to do is name it and it was there, all on the streets beckoning you.

As if this is not  enough, we have used car dealers. and small café restaurants, all occupying the rest of the lane, leaving no room for a by passer to walk easily without being obstructed by these activities.

Earlier, I used to be perturbed and along with a small group of dedicated citizens we tried to talk to the BMC, but of no avail.

The glamorous side of life  has its attractions, and unfortunately our authorities are caught up in the same.

These activities are fetching them a good sum, so all we said or did went on to deaf ears.

The citizens of our country, are so engrossed in the  rat race of life, that beyond living a life fulfilling their needs and desires they can think and do no more.

Now coming to the point of what is life then?

I understood that it is the sum total of what you are.

People live and die in sleep. While walking , while talking, while eating, while working, we are all fast asleep.

We are all sleeping, from the vendors who face stiff competition, and have to fight to survive, yet they will go on and on without waking up to new prospects, to us who do the same in our lives.

If we were awake, we would be sensitive to the environment, the beauty of nature, and the essentialities of preserving the same.

We are so fast asleep that we do not know who and what is sustaining us, our origin our growth, our preservation is all dependant on the environment.

We think it is those green coloured pieces of paper, and an acclaim from a world who is as blind as we are, that is preserving us.

Yes, we are feeding our memory, and sealing it with these futile patterns, which will sum up to form our destiny.

In short that is Karma, the Sanskars, you imbed within, which play on and on, and you carry them forever.

So you can make or change your destiny.

Its just so simple, wake up to the environment, look around, feel yourself, know your origin, and keep alive sensitivity, to perceive the fine elements of nature and beauty around, remembering you are one of them.

When you understand that preserving and helping around to clean your surrounding, has a deep meaning, then you make your destiny as one which will have love, peace and joy, in it.

Bitter is the side we look at,

Better is the good side we ought to see.

So when you feel bitter, remember to flip over, and you’ll feel better, as you will wake up to this dimension of life, which enriches you with a positivity you’ve never known…

We can change the bitter to the better by doing our little bit to sustain the ecological balance.

It’s a change to a better you.

Remember that everything we do comes back to us.

As you do so, you wake up to the feelings of joy,  peace and love, and are so enriched that you change your destiny .

Wake up friends and rise to your true calling,

“Give your bit to nature from whom you took your bit…”


4 thoughts on “Better than Bitter

  1. Very well said, Deepika. We can start by nurturing our own thoughts first with positivity & also by spreading peace, joy & love. Planting & keeping areas green, conserving energy & water & being responsible citizens should do wonders.


  2. This is so true . All are caught up in their day to day worries no one has the time to think .
    Its like ” SAANU KI “. And just move on . A little effort by everyone can make a difference


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