When you Know The Notes To Sing..

“When you Know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything”

Reminiscing on this lovely song from the sound of music, opens up a  chord from within..

So this is how I reacted at the signal’s  today.

A red sign, stopping cars, all crowded together, on a road,  heavily congested with barricades, due to the construction of the metro rail.

As I approached the signal, I realised that I too, was one in the muddle.

The scene seemed hopeless, a traffic jam it seemed.

However, waiting patiently was what I did, calming the mind to let go of the storm welling up from within, which arose as  I pondered on the various jobs to be done.

So as I relaxed, guess what happened?

The signal turned green, the traffic eased out, and we made our way out of the muddle as if there never was never one.

Suddenly something snapped within.

It dawned on me, that the cross section of life sometimes opens on to us muddles and hurdles, which seem so apparent, that our minds are enveloped with a misty fog of non-doable, unachievable targets , and goals set by us in our path of life.

These goals could be anything as trivial as reaching a place on time to climbing the mount Everest, to consistently work on self-awareness, climbing vertical limits.

Now as I just sat calmly waiting for clearance of traffic, it seemed as if all blocks released, clearing my path of obstacles, enabling me on to a smooth run.

Ease out, snap out of the rigidity that binds you, preventing you from moving on, go, swim across the deep sea, without a care.

Man you’ve earned it, haven’t you?

The very fact that you are here, in this body, is because   you’ve put in efforts to be here.

Is it not?

A conscious decision to be here is why you are here.

So now swimming across the deep swarm, I go back in time, reminiscing, dear Anand sir’s voice as it rang into me while I swam.” Leave your body loose, be conscious of each stroke, and enjoy each moment of the lap”.

If you do not enjoy it, stop, regain posture, start again, and enjoy the swim, rather than focussing on reaching the finish.

Where are we?

Now or focussing on the finish line.

Anand sir our swimming and aqua coach,is an exemplary example of spirit, hard work and consistence, and his words not only had an impact on my very being, they changed the direction of my perception towards water sport as well as to the way I perceived life.

Where are we?

Here now or focusing on the finish line?

When we are just here, now, then the stop signal does not matter, neither does the traffic jam, neither the need to prove yourself, neither the need to reach the finish line.

So then your body can relax, you can break free from conditioning, which bogs you down, and as the fog and mist surrounding you melt away, you wake up as you transit from the unreal to the real.

So relax dear friends, stop and get off the rat race which urges you to run to the finish line of imaginary goals.

The fact is that the goal is here in the now, enjoy what you are doing, and you’ll do it the best, effortlessly.




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