Perceive Persevere.

When things occur in the same fashion continually, is it not a question we ask ourselves, more oft than not ” Why do the same things happen to me over and over again”?

Why do I face hardships on and on? When is all this going to end?

It’s like walking on a rough road, continuously and asking yourself why?

Well who is stopping you, from changing course, and stepping on to a smooth path?

Radha, a middle aged woman, always felt she needed to do something other than her daily chores ,as a voice from  within urged her to give back to the society, she had been receiving all along from.

So, as her roles changed, and she learnt to entangle herself from daily activities, she decided to educate under privileged children.

Having had a very hectic life, working at office and home, she was a woman whose sensitivities were clouded under anger and hyper activity.

Now, teaching young children can be quite a task, and you require a peaceful and calm mind for it.

Initially Radha, along with 2 teachers handled a class of 8 children, as the teachers left, slowly the number dwindled to 4 and then 2.

Rashi and Sakshi, came nearly everyday, and Radha loved teaching them. However, their basic English was very poor, so they faced a lot of trouble picking up difficult words and the sentences they formed made absolutely no sense. Radha was very upset about it, and no matter how much she swore she would not loose her cool, she lost it every other day.

The fun of  teaching suddenly disappeared, and Radha pondered as to how to overcome anger.

As Radha observed within, she realised that she was getting more and more anxious that these children learn English correctly, and in that anxiety, when they were not able to comprehend correctly, she lost her cool.

Desires exists  within all of us,  however not necessarily that the desire is realistic.

In fact desires can never be so, and as Radha realised this she hit upon a fool proof plan.

As Rashi and Sakshi came the other day, she sat them down, and told them that from now on they were friends, in the true sense. As friends help each other they too would do so.

They would help her by just concentrating on their work , and she would just aid them by being there when they require help and not hover over them with the anxious energy of desiring achievement. So saying they shook hands, and  began studying.

Radha at first asked Sakshi to read ,  a poem she was unable to pronounce correctly, since days, telling her to do it on her own, and if any doubt she could ask her, while Radha sat quietly doing her work on the lap top.

Now as the onus of responsibility shifted, and Radha too realised that she was here as a friend to help another, anger vanished and they had a lovely fun class.

So in actuality, things go on the same way and cannot be different as our attitude towards them is the same.

We do things the same way, so how can the outcome change?

This is when we  perceive persevere, are we persevering in the right direction? Perceive it and change the direction of the persevere.

As I was writing this down, our dear Aqua sir, Anand, sent me this wonderful message,

“If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.”

So apt ain’t it?

It is true that when you work with the right intention to make a difference, on your path to a higher goal, nature helps you too, by giving you right guidance, in the form of timely messages.

So pls  dear friends, when you wish to make a change in your life, and seriously intend doing so, then chill, the change is on its way. Just keep your eyes and ears open and be receptive, for receiving these valuable messages.

Hello, message calling, anyone home?

Is this the one you were looking for this morning, if so, you have moved on, ahead crossing a milestone in life, surging towards a new world of your comprehension.

“How Could It Get Better”











4 thoughts on “Perceive Persevere.

  1. Actually she was not a professional so she became upset slowly but obvious
    but her heart she wanted to help these kids
    but as time passed she started getting positive change
    she was incouraged and made herself easy to change her path
    Yes the right knowledge gives results it is not one day effort
    she has taken years to get this
    from rough to smooth


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