The Grass is greener on the other side.

When you think you are on the other side of green grass,


You have green grass on your side too.

Climatic and seasonal changes exist, as per the laws of nature, you are not their pick.

You are what you perceive you are.

You have what you perceive you have.

I love Maria, so full of life, dashing and wild, without a thought and without a care,

She sprints in and out her heavenly home, which consists of a 10 by 10 sq foot, small hut.

Looking at it makes you wonder whether it will bear  storm and thunder,

However, undeterred is Maria, and as you look at her, you  do not have to wonder,

As she has passed the test of time in sweet surrender.

Surrendering to her surrounds, is what helps her hold ground,

All odds against her, however she stands for her,

Her brilliant smile washes off all pictures of pain,

Seeing her, convinces me that,

The sorrow we feel is just a figment of our perception,

Change it once and for all, and you will see what Maria sees ,

The grass as green as ever can be.

Maria makes me laugh with joy, whenever I watch her,

She often tells me,

Darling, I’ll tell you the secret of life,

Just before I came into it, we had a deal,

Life and me.

The deal was  as follows:

Dear Applicant,

Before you get into my realm, pls read the following terms and conditions.

Getting on to the next step implies you have read and agreed to the terms mentioned in this contract.

  1. As you enter my realm, you will lose all contact with reality, excepting the ray of light you have come in with.
  2. To let yourself out from the maze of life, hold on tightly to this ray of attention.
  3. Life is a dream, you have to be awake in it, to really be in touch with your true self, which will be otherwise lost in this maze of wonderous terror.
  4. You will like life as well as dislike it.
  5. You cannot choose one, you have to take both.
  6. If you fight against tide trying to choose one, then dear friend you choose to be the lost one.
  7. If you are wise you will rise, above like and dislike.
  8. Wishing you the best in your journey to life.

Best wishes,

Signed Life.

We all signed this before we came in, so don’t forget, hold on to that ray of attention you came in with.

Don’t let go, live moment to moment, attentively in the now, experience life as it is why you are here.

As you experience it, the way it is, your purpose will be fulfilled and there will be no need for repetition.

Once you perceive things as they are without attaching  an adjective of good or bad to it, your situation is clear as light as it is, and then you move on.

The minute you apply your mind to a thought that something or some one is or has a better deal than yours, then you only run in pursuit of an eventuality, and forget the actuality of the present beauty in what you have.

Life is beautiful, not only on the opposite side, but also on yours…

Its beauty is in a balance of both, the sweet and the sour. Taste both and you will see the beauty of wholeness.

Whole is both, the green grass and the dried hay,  and it can never be only one, on any side.. yours or away from yours…,

Beauty is in the acceptance of both. So live life as it is, it can be then said that

” You Live Life King size”.







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