Freedom is not Free. – Experience of Visit to Vandevi – My Forest Home – DeepSweep

Wonderful Experience of Visit to Vandevi – My Forest Home Location

Read this article to know my experience of visiting Vandevi that is my forest home situated at the place have beautiful views!

Vandevi -A new dimension of living.

As I sit here at Vandevi, my forest home, I am transported to a new dimension, a dimension which spells freedom.
Entering the main gates of Reva, the forest resort, where Vandevi is situated, a fragrance so indescribable grips me, that I feel, I’m flying.
The very first time I visited this haven was in 2013, I felt drawn towards this exotic land and the simple yet artistically inclined people residing here. Though the tug towards this place was so strong, however it took me 3 years to be drawn in.
Life to me seems to be a series of mysteries; Yet while closely observing it unfolds as it should.
The mystery is for us, as we are not conscious enough to understand its higher plans.
Somewhere down within all of us, it whispers softly, catch me before I’m lost.
I held that string tightly, though the tug to hold on was a tough one, and the war within was on. What with years of living in the conditions of society, which had cast a spell around me, threatening to snap the string which held me on to understanding its science.
At a time when breaking away from conditioned life seemed impossible, something happened.
Yes, the most beautiful thing one can be gifted with.

As a kid when Mum used to tell me during our adverse times, that adversity has its advantages, I used to think they were sour grapes.
Now as I faced adversity in my close-knit family, a spark rose from within.
A spark which broke down all shackles, of perception.
Though memories, habitual behaviour still played their roles, till one day slowly and steadily it was a full stop.
Like I told myself, “Stop the world and let me off”, as I always felt while hearing the Susan Raye song.
I got tired of going round and round, I decided to stop the world and got down


So here I am, amidst like-minded friends, who discovered this path much too early in their lives and are well on the road to new dimensions untouched by the mundane routine of a repetitive life, lived mechanically, without any consciousness or presence in the present.
I’m sure I have a long way to go, however the path is clear, and as I walk along, I’m supported by spirited souls, who have made it their life purpose to encourage and uplift those wanting to walk on the conscious path.
As I introduce, our dear friends, I sincerely hope I can convey to you all as it is, what is as I see it.
Our dear Ashok and Dipal Patel, A and D , are artists and beautiful souls, whose artistic skills have resulted in the creation of Reva, a forest resort situated, at Damapura, at the banks of the river Narmada.

Toiling without electricity and other amenities, they together have made this place a haven, and it indeed is a delight to the holiday visitors as well as to other artists and spiritual seeker.

Their clear intentions to be within nature and to develop it, thus befriending nature and keeping it alive in each and every corner of the place, has made this place a paradise on earth.
It does help you develop into what you are, and helps you rise to the call of your being.
Their dedication and commitment to the place and its purpose is commendable and we (my husband Gulu G, and I ), have been lucky to be befriended by them.
It is through them, that we have been introduced to Shri Rajen Vakil, whose talks have inspired and goaded us to look within and discover our true selves.

Sitting here in nature at Reva, writing this down, and having all my senses working on to this one thing, that each and everything I look around , the landscaping around the adventure park, the Sitaphal trees, the lovely sculptures on the path of the coming up sculptor park to be set up by A and D, the bamboo trees, the weeds on the grass, the stones on the path, the sparrows, the peacocks, the parrots all calling out in unison. telling me that ” We are all one” .

As my heart sings aloud with them, the freedom song, something within tells me to live in freedom.

So as I envisage and grope towards it,

The following flows from within,

Freedom is not free.

Where had I heard this?

What did I make of it?

Earlier I thought that it just rhymed,

However now the truth is that

Freedom is far from free.

It comes with a fee.

The fee is the change to a new dimension of thought, speech and action,

All activated with another key,

The key to it is to let go of the inflated ego.

Let go of fear that bogs you down,

And does not let you perform,

The things you so want to ,

The reason for why you are here,

As you grow you know,

Do shed the strings that bog you down,

And bind you to the ground.

The lovely jungle home at Vandevi,

Promised me of the freedom I sought,

So as I stayed alone, in this solitary but cosy home,

I was gripped by a fear unknown,

A fear which was founded on the roots of the not known,

Fear of the sun setting into oblivion it seemed,

Of the dark cold nights, ushering me to jump into bed,

For fear of something creeping in,

Oh what could it be?

I fantasised, was it a snake, or merely fake.

Oh Deepi this could just be your fantasy,

Just then, the sounds of the thunder,

Was this my new companion I wondered.

Lightning lit up the room, causing a commotion to the mind, as

It frightened away the electricity,

Which retreated as soon as I had shut the windows and blinds,

Causing me to open them again for want of fresh air.

As I opened the blinds and windows,

To my horror, I saw the dark night,

And all it had to offer, were shadows and shapes of the wilderness,

No, I wasn’t letting my imagination loose,

For the wilderness of it, could comprehend the wildest and goriest scene.

So dear friends, it was a night of horror,

Not to me but to my perception.

Wasn’t I standing away, observing all this and the funny things the mind does,

Or did I get involved in the whole play?

Okay now, I comprehended, conquering sleeping alone in the jungle house,

Did I conquer fear yet?

The fear of walking down the path, alone to the river front, or of walking back alone at 10.30 -11 pm at night from Reva the homestay, which was close by.

Well, I realised if I wanted to be free to come and go as I wanted to, I would have to overcome this.

Well I did walk alone, though my dearest friend D, always offered to walk with me.

I politely declined, knowing very well, I had to conquer this demon called fear.

I walked back holding the key exactly in a position that when I reached home, I would not waste time groping for the right key,

All set and click I was in .

Whew !!!Job done.

Fear gone?

Not yet …

I was uncomfortable.

I did it, because I had to.

I did not enjoy it.


Walking to the river front and trekking through the jungle path.

This was all fine, however the animal phobia bogged me down.

Aw come on Deepi, I told myself you cannot live in a jungle, and remain caged in your home.

So I stepped out, walked to the river front.

A whole lot of monkeys greeted me.

Remembering Meenama’s remedy to chase away the monkeys,(Meenama Dipal’s spirited mother and my dear friend)

I went boldly up to them with a stick in my hands.

Lo and Behold they were gone,

Vanished in thin air.

Wow this sure was magical.

Then walking through the jungle path with monkeys over my head, jumping from one branch to the other. They looked huge gorilla types, however, they turned out to be timid and shy.

One look and they were gone.

So said A, just show them who the boss is.

I thought easy said than done, however, it was easy done than said.

Now as I walked on the jungle path, the branches of trees rustling and bustling all over me.

My shoulder hit a branch, and I felt something slithering towards me.

A deadly snake, my whole body shook tremendously,

Would I be alive to conquer fear, or would I die in it.

This question shook me out of my very roots.

How much time do I have left?

I do not know?

So what has to be done is now…

As I realised this truth, it dawned to me that it wasn’t a snake for now,

it was a tweed.,

Wow!!! Most of my fears were deeds of the mind.

Thanks to the strong support of my friends  A, D and G, I overcame certain obstacles which fear did not let me overcome.

I yet have a few more, but now I know it’s a ball game I’ll play and win.

Well, dear reader I wanted freedom, so this was my first fee to be free.

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