A new day.

The morning mist has something to tell.

It gives you a hint of your day ahead.

As the sun rose up spreading its warm light into my heart,

I knew instinctively that my day was made.

I don’t have to yearn for anything.

I have just to follow the morning glow, which would flow into the afternoon, and then would culminate into the evening.

All what I had to know is whether I was here, from the morn to the noon to the eve.

So as the sun rose, I rose too, took in the freshness of the morning breeze, and with a smile looked inward to see myself smiling at myself.

Aditi one day asked herself whether she had accomplished what she wanted to?

She was a writer, who after years of struggling, felt the best thing would be to quit her job.

How did she decide?

The norms were right in front of her.

After years of sincere writing, she was unable to publish her first  book,  and though she was hard working, and consistent with her work, she did not get adequate assignments, to sustain her daily needs.

Time was running out and she had to kick start her career.

But what could she do?

She had another love too, the love of fashion designing and personality development.

She had not given this as much serious thought and effort.

Now, she felt it was perhaps too late to change her pursuit.

It would also require extra funds and effort all over again..

This seemed futile she felt.

However, every day is a new day, so is today.

As she woke up one morning and basked in the sunlight, a thought came to her mind.

Should I quit all or just listen to the message from within.

As she chose to listen, a voice within told her,

Watch out for the opportunities coming towards you, with an open mind, be receptive it told her,

You are on the verge of sprouting, you have just made your roots stronger,

For there is always some opportunity coming your way, if you are not watchful you will lose it.

Some sprout early, some later, like the Bamboo and the Fern.

The fern spread out green beauty in the first year of it seeding whereas the Bamboo took 5 years to just sprout out a shoot, however as it firmly rooted itself on the ground it shot to unsurpassable heights.

It did not give up, its purpose was different and so is yours.

Do not measure success by comparison.

You have a different purpose than your friend or neighbour or sibling.

So relax and be watchful each moment.As you are watchful, things will simply unfold with ease, and the path to new avenues will mysteriously open ,leading you on to the path that is yours to tread.

So listening and trusting the voice from within, Aditi knew her day had begun, a new day, of a new world, where all was well and would be for ever and ever.





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