A Change in your life.

Are you one of those many, whose life seems to be grunting and groaning under pressure and threatening to  slowly rumble to a halt.

If so , read on….

Grace, a pretty young girl, whose confidence was always at a peak, suddenly found herself in doldrums.

She had a successful career , and by the grace of God, she married the man of her dreams and settled down to a life of domesticity when she became a mother.

However, things didn’t turn out as she imagined they would.

Staying in a joint family, she could not adjust to the needs and demands of her in-laws.

They had weird ideas, as to how she should look after her children, and a list of do’s and don’ts followed her wherever she went.

This did not go down well with Grace, as she was an independent lady, and so full of life was she, that these rules bound her to the point of suffocation, so much so , she had reached a point of resentment, which also reflected  in her behaviour with her children.

How would one look at this?

A bird’s eye view of this situation, just tells us that it is situations like these which bog us down and turn our lives upside down.

This seems trivial, however on reflection all of life’s problems are.

You know what.

The solutions are simple.

Guess how?

You do not have to look beyond yourself to know how.

Like in this particular case, if Grace brought in a little understanding,it would change her thought process.

She could just view it as ok, my in-laws are habituated to think this way, because of past unpleasant experiences, which have created a groove in their memory , and so let me just go along as they mean good.

Automatically it would not be so heavy on her, and as her attitude would change, so would her demeanour.

When things do not affect you any longer, events containing the same stop coming to meet you.

You move away from the line of accident, that is the line which bogs you down.

Suddenly a whole new world comes to meet you, as it came to meet Grace, she understood her in-laws and they in turn stopped treating her as alien, and slowly as she merged with their thoughts, they let her be, as if she was one of them, and didn’t need further schooling.


She could choose to hold the resentment, and complain about them to friends and relatives, trying to prove her view point, and momentarily satisfy her ego, without making any effort to change her self. Then this could and would be a pattern of her life which would never change, and she would wonder why?

Why oh why am I going through the same situation again and again?

Most of us choose the latter, we do not change our habitual behaviour and rise above.

We are in the same horizontal line, where these unfortunate events lie.

Events do not come to meet you, you invite them. How simple yet profound.

Change your thought process and   Lo and Behold.. your world changes…







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